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If you’re checking out this guide, chances are that you’ve already got a decent understanding of how Minecraft works. When it comes to crafting, clay is one of the many resources in the game and is important to the overall building mechanics of the game. Minecraft doesn’t allow players to craft clay, but they can acquire it by mining clay blocks and smelting them.

In some biomes, clay is a naturally occurring substance that occurs primarily as clay blocks or clay balls when mined. Light gray blocks appear as clay, which players can crush with a shovel to create clay balls. As the player, you can find clay blocks in swamps or rivers. The bottom of lakes and ponds also have a decent chance of holding clay blocks as these are shallow bodies of water.

Players often seek out clay for its distinctive appearance and its ability to craft both decorative and useful items. In this article, we will walk you through how to get clay in Minecraft, covering its location and methods of obtaining it.

Materials Required to Get Clay In Minecraft

Mining clay in Minecraft is fairly easy, especially since there’s just one material or tool required for the component:


Materials Required to Get Clay In Minecraft

The shovel is an effective digging and block-breaking tool. To efficiently mine clay, it is crucial to have one of these in your inventory. Additionally, in the crafting grid’s center column, arrange the two sticks vertically. In the top row of the grid, directly above the sticks, place the two wooden planks, cobblestones, iron, gold, diamond, or netherite ingots. Once you arrange the components in the proper pattern, the crafting table will display a shovel in the result box.

Steps to Get Clay In Minecraft

Players can only find clay by mining clay blocks and smelting clay balls; whereas it is not possible to produce clay directly. Here are the steps to get clay in Minecraft.

#1. Find the Clay Deposit

Where to Find Clay In Minecraft?

Clay composes some biomes, including swamps, rivers, and shallow bodies of water such as lakes or ponds. Look for places where the soil appears light gray or has clay-like patches.

#2. Get a Shovel

Where to Find Clay In Minecraft?

You will need a shovel to mine the dirt. Moreover, with the resource you have available, you can craft a shovel from wooden planks, cobblestones, iron ingots, gold ingots, diamond gems, or jade ingots.

#3. Mine Clay Blocks

Use your shovel to mine the clay blocks as you approach the clay deposit. These blocks can be collected as clay balls when broken.

#4. Collect Clay Balls

Breaking a clay block will produce four clay balls. However, make sure you have enough space in your inventory to collect them. Clay balls can be melted or used for crafts.

And this is how you can get clay in Minecraft!

Fun Fact: If you get the Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft, the mason will grant you clay as a gift!

How to Use Clay In Minecraft?

Clay can be used in various crafting and building techniques in Minecraft. Apart from this, let’s check out some of the common uses of this material in Minecraft.

➡️ Brick Production

How to Use Clay In Minecraft?

Bricks can be made from clay by melting them in a furnace. Create a brick block by placing four clay blocks in a 2×2 grid on the crafting table. Besides, bricks are a robust building material that can be used to create bigger structures.

➡️ Terracotta Production

terracotta production minecraft

Players can make terracotta blocks from clay by melting them in a furnace. Fill the bottom slot of the furnace interface with fuel and clay. The furnace starts to melt materials after adding clay balls and fuel. Finally, after the melting process is complete, the clay balls turn into terracotta. People often use terracotta in architecture and interior design for decorative purposes.

➡️ Making Flower Pots

flower pots in minecraft

You can make flower pots out of clay. To make a flower pot, arrange three cubes in a “V” shape on the crafting table. Planters are a great addition to landscape and home decor because they can contain and display various flowers.

➡️ Dye Component

dye component in minecraft

Clay and dyes can be mixed to create colored blocks of clay or stained glass. Further, to create color variations, mix your favorite dye with clay or terracotta in the crafting table.

➡️ Building Materials

Builders can use clay bricks and blocks as versatile building materials for various construction projects, as well as dwellings, walls, pathways, and decorative features. They give buildings a distinctive texture and appearance.

Where to Find Clay In Minecraft?

Clay is typically found in mixtures of sand, water, and dirt. However, in Minecraft, these components are easy to find next to lakes and desert biomes. Clay is also present near shallow waters.

#1. Swamps

Where to Find Clay In Minecraft? Swamps

One of the best biomes in Minecraft for finding clay is swamps. Swamp biomes include clay above and below the surface. So make sure to search for partially submerged clay patches or blocks that exhibit a light gray coloration in water.

#2. Rivers

rivers in minecraft

River banks and bottoms also contain clay. Look for clay blocks or light gray spots in these places.

#3. Shallow Bodies of Water

shallow bodies of water for clay in minecraft

The bottoms of shallow bodies of water, such as lakes, ponds, and small water bodies, often contain clay. Look for clay or light gray submerged blocks in these places.

#4. Underwater Ruins

Where to Find Clay In Minecraft? Underwater ruins

Underwater ruins such as shipwrecks and ocean ruins occasionally contain chunks of clay. Examine these structures to see if you can find any bits of clay among the debris.

#5. Sea Coast

Clay is often found around island coasts. Usually, this is in areas where the island is on the verge of separating from the mainland and sinking into the sea. Clay is readily available by simply mining the environment in these locations.

#6. Chest

Players can also potentially find hidden clay inside chests scattered around the Minecraft world. These chests can be discovered by players in cities, caves, ravines, dungeons, the Nether, and other locations. 


Clay is a useful and adaptable resource in Minecraft that provides a variety of crafting and building options. It gives players the tools to unleash their creativity and enhance their Minecraft experience, from making bricks and terracotta blocks to gorgeous flower pots and bright stained glass windows. Whether building elaborate structures or adding distinctive elements to their world, players can rely on clay as a reliable and aesthetically pleasing resource in their blocky adventures. So go ahead, collect the clay, and let your creativity shape a virtual universe full of limitless possibilities. 

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