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We can talk about GTA V for the whole day, and chances are we will still miss a dozen things, considering the vastness of the game. Undoubtedly, it is a paradise for all the people who want bits and pieces of everything in a single game. From indulging in fist fights to killing aliens, this prodigy by Rockstar comprises everything. One aspect that we are going to talk about today is flying a plane in GTA. Now, we all know that aircrafts are not a new thing in the GTA universe, as we have seen them in action in previous GTA games as well.

One question that bugs all the GTA fans (irrespective of whether they are old or new) is how to fly a plane in GTA. Now, that is not rocket science, but yes, you are supposed to have good control of your keyboard-mouse setup or the gamepad to do so. In this post, we will tell you different tricks of flying a plane in GTA V along with throwing light on aspects like where you can get a plane in the game.

How to Fly a Plane in GTA 5?


Flying planes in GTA V is not that complicated. However, you need to remember the key bindings to make sure you land and fly at the correct time and save yourself from crashing the plane and getting wasted. In terms of the keyboard, you can control the acceleration and deceleration of the plane using the W and S keys.

For the directions, you can rely on Q and E. Instead of that, you can change the key binding according to your preference. Learning to fly a plane is a skill that will also help you level up your performance in GTA Online, as there are multiple missions and gigs that require you to master the art of flying a plane. Nevertheless, you have to keep it in mind that you can get a wanted star because of stealing a plane.

➡️ How to Get a Plane in GTA 5?

  • First things first, you need to get to the detailed map by visiting the settings of the game.
  • Then you have to search for Stunt Plane Junk Trials.
  • Here, you have to establish a waypoint to reach the location (only if you don’t remember the map exactly).
  • Now, head on to your vehicle (or snatch one as it is GTA, and that’s not a serious crime in the game), and then you’ll see the way to the location highlighted with purple.
  • Once you reach the location, you will see a plane parked there.
  • Get to the plane and then get inside it.
  • Now, you’ll see multiple missions, out of which all of them will be locked except the first one, which is Bridge Binge.
  • Start the mission, and you can now fly the plane in the game.

That being said, if you are someone who plays with a gamepad, the default settings are mentioned below:

  • Press RT for acceleration.
  • Press LT for deceleration.
  • Press RB for movement in the right direction.
  • Press LB for movement in the left direction.
  • Use the left joystick for tilt.

Note: We agree that flying a plane in GTA V with a gamepad is pretty easy compared to doing that with the keyboard. Still, you need to polish your reflexes and make sure that you press the right button at the right time.

Stunt Plane Time Trials Missions


The Stunt Plane Time Trials in GTA V consist of five missions that you have to complete. And trust us, you will not even realize how easily you mastered flying in the game while completing these missions.

  • Bridge Binge: This is the first mission from the Stun Plane Time Trials. In this one, you have to race via a low valley while making your plane go smoothly under and over bridges.
  • Vinewood Flyby: In this mission, you will fly over the Vinewood sign located in Vinewood, which is one of the most popular districts of Los Santos, San Andreas.
  • Engineered Bridgework: Here, you will fly under, over, and even through a decent amount of complex bridges where you will have to get familiar with inverted flying and knife flight.
  • Airport Flyby: You will be flying through the Los Santos International Airport along with taking an at skyscrapers by indulging in knife flights.
  • Altitude: This one is the last mission in the Stunt Plane Time Trials series. You have to fly through a waypoint super close to the ground. Simultaneously, you also have to perform stunts in the air without crashing the plane.

How to Fly a Plane in GTA Online?


If you are someone who is more into the online version of the game, then you need to follow a different trajectory to fly a plane. One thing that is similar in both the online and the offline versions is the controls. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fly a plane in GTA Online:

  • Open the maps by visiting the settings and then make a waypoint to the San Andreas Flight School.
  • Now, get into your vehicle and cover the journey to the location.
  • Once you reach there, you will see the board of the school above the stairs.
  • After reaching the gate, you will be asked to enter the mission, where again, only one of them will be unlocked in the beginning.
  • Get started with the mission and practice towards making the control better while flying the plane.

Note: The enhancement in flight training skills will also give a boost to your RP in GTA Online.

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Missions


There are a total number of 10 missions in the GTA Online San Andreas Flight School series. These 10 lessons will help you enough to learn every single aspect of flying a plane in GTA along with mastering your flight skills. These are:

  • Outside Loop
  • Engine Failure
  • Chase Parachute
  • City Landing
  • Moving Landing
  • Formation Flight
  • Shooting Range
  • Ground Level
  • Collect Flags
  • Follow Leaders

Note: On a personal note, we suggest you first get yourself trained in the online version of the game, as it teaches everything independently. And then move forward towards flying a plane in GTA V.

How to Land a Plane in GTA 5 and GTA Online?


The landing mechanics of a plane in both GTA 5 and GTA Online are identical. You need to find a good stretch of landing strip where you can make your plane land. Moreover, you are also supposed to keep the plane straight while bringing it down so that there are no hindrances faced at the time of landing.

Keep in mind that you need to slow down the plane as much as you can before landing. If your plane bounces on the ground at the time of landing, you’ll have to fly it back and start the landing process from scratch. The best things to do will be to release the accelerator immediately before landing and start applying brakes as soon as the plane starts moving towards the floor.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how you can fly plane in GTA 5 or GTA Online and navigate through the skies. Apart from that, the training regime of the game’s online version is pretty promising. It makes sure that you know everything about flying and performing stunts with your aircraft. In the end, flying a plane in GTA is something that could be mastered if you have a decent grip on the controls.

Nonetheless, suppose you are failing in the beginning, as it is not easy to memorize every button’s function (remembering the days when driving a car in GTA was also a complex task for us). In that case, you don’t have to get disappointed. One thing that we would like to mention here is that patience is the key.

Just keep flying the plane and trying airplane missions until you master flying that machine. And if you are someone who is entirely new in the GTA world and is struggling to save a game, then you have a look at our quick tips to save a game in GTA 5.

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