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Welcome to the fascinating world of Minecraft‘s ancient cities. This is where imagination, history, and creation collide. Players in this distinct world travel back in time, recreating massive civilizations and vast architectural marvels from many eras.

You can go on an adventure to reconstruct the great pyramids of ancient Egypt, the ancient Roman Colosseum, or the mystical Angkor Wat temples. There’s an unusual opportunity to experience the challenges and accomplishments of ancient cities.

In this post, we’ll show you how to locate ancient cities in Minecraft. You will also get your hands on some of the greatest seeds that contain these historical gems. Additionally, we offer useful tips for discovering and conquering these historic sites, making sure that your discovery is rewarding and enjoyable. Set out on an adventure as we explore the beauties of ancient cities in Minecraft and show you how to live in their extremely structured environments.

What are the Treasures and Challenges That Ancient Cities Offer?

What are the Treasures and Challenges That Ancient Cities Offer?

In Minecraft, ancient cities offer various types of treasures along with obstacles that captivate players in an exceptional gaming experience. You can see historical locations and cultural treasures, which feature the ancient architecture of past civilizations. Wandering through these carefully designed structures, players can find historical truths and satisfy their curiosity. There are also several challenges waiting for players, such as complicated mazes, traps, and puzzles.

The complicated architecture of ancient cities demands problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking while also stimulating initiative and creation. These quests test players and motivate them to explore and conquer while reveling in the intrigue of historical discovery. Finally, Ancient Cities offer a well-balanced mix of rewards and challenges that make every visit an engaging and rewarding Minecraft adventure.

Steps to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Finding an ancient city in Minecraft is a thrilling adventure that requires careful research and navigation. Follow these complete steps to start your quest.

➡️ Prepare Yourself

prepare your self

Make sure you have enough supplies, food, and equipment for your travels. You can track your location using a map, compass, or coordinates.

➡️ Seed Research

seed research

Explore online resources and communities to find Minecraft seeds with Ancient Cities. Seeds are codes that create distinct worlds and structures, such as Ancient Cities.

➡️ Create a New World

create new world

Select “Create New World” from the Minecraft main menu. Fill in the blanks with the seed you discovered. Other parameters can be adjusted according to your taste.

➡️ Spawn and Explore

To rub in a new place as the world generates. Start exploring your surroundings and look for evidence of the distinctive architecture of the Ancient City.

➡️ Use Coordinates

Go to the coordinates where the Ancient City is said to be located if you have coordinates enabled. This can help you get closer to your goal.

➡️ Check the Biomes

check biomes

Ancient Cities are often located in certain biomes such as deserts or plains. Watch out for these biomes when exploring.

➡️ Be alert

Search for any out-of-the-ordinary terrain features or constructions. Ancient towns can have a variety of architectural styles. Therefore, look for structures and locations with ancient themes.

➡️ Climb High Points

climb high points

Climb hills or trees to get a better view. This can help you spot any strange structures in the distance.

➡️ Explore the Caves


Some Ancient Cities may have been partially submerged or connected to cave systems. Exploring the caves can lead you to hidden entrances or exposed areas of the city.

➡️ Use Mods and Tools

Mods and third-party programs can occasionally help highlight Ancient Cities or guide you to their location.

➡️ Celebrate Your Discovery

celebrate discovery

Spend some time looking into the city’s architecture. Find out its secrets to share with others, and capture your experience with screenshots or videos.

NOTE: It may take some time to find the ancient city. Be patient and thorough in your research, as these cities are not always available. While some seeds consistently spawn Ancient Cities, Minecraft world generation is ultimately random, so you may need to try many seeds or explore different worlds to find those hidden historical gems.

Top Ancient Seeds in Minecraft

Here are some famous Minecraft seeds with Ancient Cities or structures with an ancient theme.

➡️ Seed: 8376544859307636170

Seed: 8376544859307636170

This seed places you near a village that is partially produced in a desert temple, giving you a distinctly ancient feel.

➡️ Seed: 287810319966597668

Seed: 287810319966597668

Explore the architecture that has a settlement right next to the desert temple. The juxtaposition of these structures creates a sense of antiquity.

➡️ Seed: 1732538379

Seed: 1732538379

This seed places you near a desert settlement with a blacksmith next to a desert temple. A fascinating mix of architecture awaits you.

➡️ Seed: 88974602297265413

Seed: 88974602297265413

Explore a world where a desert city and a desert temple are close to each other and highlight the atmosphere of an Ancient City.

➡️ Seed: 4079393558202846493

Seed: 4079393558202846493

Spawn near a desert settlement that is closely connected to the desert temple, creating a unique environment for your exploration.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the terrain and structures built in Minecraft may differ, even if you use the same seed, due to game updates or modifications.

Bonus Tips to Find Ancient Cities in Minecraft

Here are some more tips to help you find an Ancient City in Minecraft.

➡️ Enchant Your Tools

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Fortune and Efficiency enchantments on your tools can help you mine resources faster, making your exploration more efficient and productive.

➡️ Collaborate with Others

Working with others on a multiplayer server will help you cover more ground and increase your chances of uncovering an ancient city.

➡️ Use Elytra and Fireworks

If you have Elytra and Firework Rockets, you can quickly travel long distances and increase your chances of discovering an Ancient City.

➡️ Look at the Distinctive Architecture


Look for structures that contrast with the natural landscape. Ancient Cities often have distinctive architectural styles. Therefore, unusual structures may indicate their presence.


The search for Ancient Cities reveals a fascinating way of discovery in Minecraft’s intriguing environment. Strategic approaches such as optimal biome exploration, viewpoint points, and careful observation of distinguishing architectural characteristics might help players discover the mysteries of these Ancient Cities. As players share their discoveries with the Minecraft community, patience and cooperation add to the enjoyment.

The journey becomes more appealing by traversing vast terrains, mixing equipment, and receiving various seeds. In the dynamic environment of Minecraft, when the thrill of finding ancient wonders becomes a reality, players celebrate their particular triumphs and forever tie their journey with the legacy of the past.

Next, check out our guide on how to make a compass in Minecraft to ensure that you never get lost in search of an Ancient City!

Kawya Pandey
Kawya Pandey
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