GTA Online: How to Increase Strength [Quick & Easy Ways]


With the introduction of Grand Theft Auto Online for next-generation hardware, many new gamers are venturing into the massive open world of Los Santos, ready to face anything the city has in store.

But those beginning from the bottom will quickly discover that the game’s murky underbelly may hit mercilessly hard and fast. Hence, having the personalized in-game player character in the best shape possible is handy if one desires to hit back at the enemy just as effectively.

GTA Online
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For those unaware, building strength in GTA Online works much differently than in prior game editions. No handy gymnasiums are provided (similar to GTA San Andreas), so teams must discover multiple ways of increasing strength this time. 

Further, no viewing modifications occur as one gains strength (as would happen with Carl “CJ” Johnson), turns it challenging to keep track of how strong the player character is becoming. But it has a happy ending. You can leverage certain clever in-game tricks to boost each aspect.

So, let’s begin uncovering them!

Why Should You Increase Strength in GTA Online?

In GTA Online, players can boost seven vital skills: stamina, driving, stealth, shooting, strength, flying, and lung capacity. Also, the most vital stat is strength.

But before we dive into how to boost your strength in GTA Online, you must know why you need to do so in the first place. Increasing strength offers several advantages when participating in the game’s PvP activities.

Why Should You Increase Strength in GTA Online?
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Here are some of the benefits of a high-strength stat.

#1. High Power and Resilience

In GTA Online, boosting strength helps your character to deal more damage with bare hands and to survive more difficult circumstances. As a result, improving it might be beneficial and provide you with a significant competitive edge in some modes, such as those demanding unarmed fighting.

The high-strength stat is necessary for survival.

#2. Faster Climbing Speed

Other advantages include faster climbing speed and an increase in the amount of damage your character can endure. When pursuing a bounty or an enemy, being faster on climbing ladders might stop a long chase. 

#3. Boost Melee Damage

Boost Melee Damage GTA Online
Source: Rockstar Games

Increasing your strength allows you to deal more melee damage and suffer less damage from AI and other players. We don’t need to explain why enhanced damage tolerance is vital – if you’re in a full-fledged fight with an opponent and are taking bullets, strength might be the determining factor.

#4. Reduces Damage Taken

Strength improves the amount of damage you deal in melee. Moreover, it minimizes the damage you receive, which is useful at lower levels when your health pool is limited. 

#5. Increase Athletic Ability in Sports

A high strength stat will boost your climbing speed for ladders and your agility in sports like swimming and cycling. Overall, this is one of the most important numbers in GTA Online and one of the first to be optimized.

Quick Ways to Increase Strength in GTA Online

Quick Ways to Increase Strength in GTA Online
Source: GTA 5 Mods

In real life, increasing your strength is as simple as constantly lifting heavy items, but in Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s a little more to it. Between snowball battles, you should also focus on improving your strength stat to reap the many benefits discussed above.

With GTA 6 still a few years away, you’ll have plenty of time to improve your skills on GTA Online. Here’s how to go about it.

#1. Fight with NPCs and Players/Animals

Fighting with NPCs and other players in the game is a quick way to gain strength quickly. While this strategy is time-consuming, it is likely the simplest way to build strength. NPCs will seldom threaten the players; even if they do, they will be easily knocked down. You must also be cautious and wise when fighting other players since they may have more power and advantages. 

The good part? For every 20 punches you land on a player or NPC, your strength stat will rise by 1%.

However, if you want to have a more peaceful time while boosting your stats, punching and killing cows at Grapeseed Farm will allow your strength to increase at the same rate. So it is entirely up to you which strategy you will take!

Grapeseed Farm in GTA Online
Source: GTA Wiki

#2. Punching A Friend’s Car in a Session

There is another way to increase strength quickly in GTA Online, but you will need one more friend. You and your buddy must be in the same session, and your friend must be in a car. Then you can start punching the car, and after about 10 minutes, your strength will rise. The game recognizes your punches on the other player’s car, which is your friend’s, as punching the player. As a result, this is a quick way to boost your strength stat.

#3. Play the In-game Sports

Another popular way is to play golf and tennis in the game. Participating in these, as in real life, can help you gain strength in GTA Online. You can play golf alone or with other people. Tennis, on the other hand, requires at least two players. So, golf is the logical choice if you like to play as a lone wolf.

Because the strength stat has to do with agility and endurance, each activity will get slightly simpler as you go, so whacking a few balls around should do the trick!

Play the In-game Sports in GTA
Source: Rockstar Games

#4. Arm Wrestling

If you enjoy a macho sport, you can opt for an arm-wrestling match where you can break your opponents’ hands. Regardless of your character’s gender in the game, there is no better triumph than displaying how strong of a person you are in arm wrestling. 

Ensure you have the guts to accept loss occasionally since losing an arm wrestling fight may be personal. Arm wrestling is a fun activity that can help you gain strength. You’ll just need a trusted gamer or a friend to compete against. 

#5. Deathmatches and Survival Modes

The simplest way to boost your character’s strength in GTA Online is to play unarmed, or at most with knives or clubs, in the ways that the game lets you do it. So, participate in Deathmatches or Survival modes, where you only use your fists to fight. It will not only offer an enjoyable gameplay experience, but it will also help you raise your Strength stat.

Engage in Deathmatches to increase strength stat.
Source: GTA Wiki

5 Best Spots to Increase Strength in GTA Online Solo

While you can simply level up your strength by striking a car with another player inside it, only some have peers to collaborate with. It is when the NPCs enter the picture. 

Quickly increase your strength in GTA Online solo.
Source: Rockstar Games

So, here we have the 5 best spots in the game where you can increase your strength stat without friends!

#1. Pleasure Pier (Del Perro Beach)

The area has a large flow of pedestrians due to its proximity to a beach. Players can simply stroll around hitting them to gain strength. They can even go to the nearest amusement park or gym facility. It means there are many ways to interact with different NPCs.

Remember to avoid the area beneath the pier, where the Vagos and Lost MC NPCs await. The mission will be activated if you meet them.

Pleasure Pier
Source: GTA Wiki

#2. Vespucci Beach (Vespucci)

In GTA Online, Vespucci Beach is also a great spot for strength training. Vespucci Beach, like the Pleasure Pier, is crawling with NPCs. They also respawn quickly, so gamers always have new targets.

Boost your strength in Vespucci Beach.
Source: Grand Theft Fans

Before you start attacking everyone, you can pay the cops. Just dial Lester’s number and scroll down to the bottom, where you should find an option labeled “Cops Turn Blind Eye“. It should afford you three minutes to swing those punches without fear of being seized by officials.

This location is only nice during the day because no one comes here at night. The beach’s huge open area also allows players to work on their stamina. They can also opt to bring an off-road vehicle for ease of transit.

#3. Vinewood Walk of Fame (Downtown Vinewood)

GTA Online’s Vinewood, like the real Hollywood, is densely inhabited and buzzing with traffic. GTA players may choose their fights, especially with massive NPC crowds on the sidewalks and cinema theatres. Given the low crime rate in Downtown Vinewood, it is doubtful that any NPC would fight back with lethal weapons.

Wander about and pick fights in the Vinewood Walk of Fame.
Source: GTA Wiki

#4. Los Santos Golf Club (GWC and Golfing Society)

The golf field is a wonderful place to exercise Strength, which is frequently overlooked. Players can enter it by strolling via the parking lot’s main door. The vast expanse of the countryside may also be used for endurance training.

Simply stroll toward the mansion once inside to discover golfers sitting on the terrace and around the fountain and pick up a fight with them.

#5. Vanilla Unicorn (Strawberry)

Regardless of the time of day, the Vanilla Unicorn is usually full to the capacity of pedestrians. To gain strength here, players should simply park their cars directly before the door to prevent NPCs from entering or exiting. Players can begin assaulting them once inside to build strength.

Pedestrians will constantly respawn in other rooms of the buildings. Therefore players should walk through all of them before returning. Consider enabling Stealth Mode before striking to increase stealth as well.

Gain strength in the Vanilla Unicorn club.
Source: GTA Wiki

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can choose numerous strategies to raise Strength in GTA Online based on your playstyle and preferences. This online experience offers everything – whether you like an aggressive approach, leisure sports, or a good time with friends. 

The tricks and techniques we mentioned will help you in building your strength stat all the way and help you become a formidable force in Los Santos!

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