Dying Light 2: How To Repair & Upgrade Weapons?


Are you looking to repair and upgrade your weapons in Dying Light 2?

In the original Dying Light, repairing weapons was really easy. You just use the weapon repair kit, and it’s done. In Dying Light 2, it’s not that simple.

If you’re playing this game for the first time, you might get confused about how to restore a weapon’s durability because there are no weapon repair kits in the game. 

(I did! 😅)

In Dying Light 2, you can repair your weapons by installing a mod on your weapons. However, these mods are limited and add durability to weapons temporarily. Yes, your weapons can break in the middle of a zombie attack.

(A weird but cool game mechanic.)

Thus, just knowing how to repair your weapons is not enough. You need to know the different types of weapons, when to repair them, and how to upgrade them for maximum damage.

Types and Rarities of Weapons in Dying Light 2

In the game, each weapon has its own stats, such as damage, durability, and handling, and players can find, craft, and upgrade various weapons throughout the game.

In Dying Light 2, weapons are categorized into 6 different rarities – Grey (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Unique), Yellow (Artifact), and Orange (Legendary).

Furthermore, these categories are divided into different sub-categories, such as blunt, slashing, and ranged weapons. Most weapons in a particular category are very similar. 

Some are one-handed, and some are two-handed, which play into different armor sets’ bonuses. There are two ways to know which weapons are one-handed and which ones are two-handed.

  1. Go to the weapons menu in the Inventory and select the weapon. Now look at how the character is holding the weapon.
  2. Equip the weapon outside of the menu and see how your character holds it.

➡️ Types of Weapons

Blunt WeaponsSlashing WeaponsRanged WeaponsOpportunity Weapons
BatMacheteBowBroken Bottle
Police BatonAxePK CrossbowBrick
Stick2-Handed AxeThrowing Spear
Long StickLong AxePropane Tank
HammerLong SwordPK Cannon
Mace2-Handed Sword
Long MaceLong Weapon
2-Handed Mace

As you scavenge through Villedor, you will discover a variety of weapons that you can use to fight the Infected. These weapons vary in rarity, damage level, and stats. As your level ascends, the power of the weapon scales up as well. 

When you complete missions, you are rewarded with weapons with set stats. In the Journal tab, you can check which weapon you will receive upon completing the mission. The rewards appear beneath the mission’s story summary.


To check the reward weapon’s stats, open the mission’s journal entry and hover your cursor over the weapon.

How to Repair Weapons?

To add a real-world touch to the game, developers made the weapons in Dying Light 2 exhaustible, just like they were in the original.

However, repairing the weapons in the sequel is not as easy as it was in the original 2015 game. You cannot go on a zombie-killing spree with the same weapon. You will have to repair them at regular intervals to restore their durability.

The longer you use the weapon, the more its durability reduces. You can always tell the lifespan of your weapon by looking at the bottom left of your screen.

You can repair your weapon by installing a mod to make it efficient again. However, you can do this only a couple of times, depending on the weapon itself. So. let’s discuss the weapon repairing process in detail.

➡️ Which Weapons Can Be Repaired?

Before we jump into repairing and upgrading weapons, you should know that not all weapons can be repaired in Dying Light 2. 

Yes, weapon mods do temporarily repair your favorite weapon’s durability, but the mods can be applied to only Unique, Rare, and Artifact weapons.

If you are still unsure if you can repair your weapon, go to the weapon inventory and see if the weapon has little circles on the right side of its icon. There will be two or three little circles.


If the icon has two circles, it means you can repair the weapon’s tip and shaft with an additional charm upgrade. If the icon has three circles, you can update the weapon’s tip, shaft, and grip; with an additional charm upgrade similarly. 

These circles represent mod slots which, once added, will repair your weapon’s durability. You can’t mod or repair the weapon if the weapon doesn’t have the circles on the icon.

➡️ How to Repair a Weapon?

You need a durability mod to repair your weapons in Dying Light 2. Go to any Craftsmaster and rummage through the mods. 


Try to find a shaft mod. Read the description to confirm that they increase the durability of your melee weapon. Once you confirm the mod’s durability, purchase it. 

Now head to your inventory and click on the weapon you want to install this mod on. Some weapons even need a few materials to be repaired. These materials can be acquired during your adventurous story missions.

Select the mod and click on Modify.


Also, you don’t have to buy the same mod again from a Craftsmaster, as these mods don’t break. 

Mods can be upgraded to achieve better results. For example, the Reinforcement mod starts off with a -10% durability per hit; but when upgraded to its maximum level, the mod can give you a -100% durability per hit.


With this mod, you can keep using your weapon a whole lot longer before it eventually breaks, no matter what. The breaking of the weapon is inevitable, but you can at least delay the inevitable by modding at the right intervals.


You can also see how much the mod has repaired the weapon by looking at the stats on the right side. The durability side will turn green and tell you much of a repair you’ll be getting. 

But do not forget that once you’ve filled up all the mod slots, you can’t replace it with another mod or repair it anymore. After a while, your weapon will break down.

➡️ Best Time to Repair a Weapon in Dying Light 2

Upgrading mods and weapons is costly and will drain the player’s resources. Again, I’d like to state that installing mods to a weapon only delays its breaking point. 

The best time to mod (repair) a particularly good weapon is not when you first get it but when its durability has reduced by 50% to 75%. This way, you are not just making the weapon stronger but also maximizing the time you get to use the weapon before it breaks.

How to Upgrade Tools?

Tools in Dying Light 2 are a little different from weapons. Tools are advanced items that serve various utility purposes, typically outside of direct combat. These tools aid players in exploration, traversal, and resource management. 

Some examples of tools in Dying Light 2 include:

➡️ Grappling Hook: The grappling hook allows players to quickly traverse the city’s vertical landscape by launching and attaching to various points, such as buildings or ledges.

➡️ Paraglider: The paraglider enables players to glide from high locations, providing a smoother, more controlled descent.

➡️ Lockpicks: Lockpicks are used to open locked doors and containers, granting access to valuable loot and resources.

➡️ Night Vision Booster: The night vision booster enhances visibility during nighttime, making it easier to navigate and spot enemies in the dark.

➡️ Firecrackers: Firecrackers can be used to distract enemies and lure them away from a specific area.

➡️ Healing Items: While not exactly tools, healing items like medkits and bandages help restore the player’s health during and after combat.

These tools significantly aid players in various challenges and interactions in the game. The right tools at your disposal can give you a tactical advantage, assist in exploration, and offer alternative methods to avoid combat when needed.

As players progress through the game, they will have opportunities to acquire and upgrade both weapons and tools, enhancing their survivability and capabilities in the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2.

Who Can Upgrade Tools?

You will need to find a Craftmaster to get upgrade mods for your tools. You can find your closest Craftsmaster on the map. When you open the map, you should see two tools making an X with Craftmaster next to it.


Spotting the Craftsmaster isn’t too hard once you’ve made it to the safe zone. You can see their icon even through the walls and how far they are. As soon as you’re near them, open up a trade, and you’ll be able to upgrade your tools.

How to Upgrade Tools

When you open up a trade with the Craftsmaster, you will see three tabs – Buy, Upgrade, and Craft Parts. Click on Upgrade.


In the Upgrade section, you will find the “Nightrunner Tools” section. To purchase the tool upgrades, you will need Military Tech and Old World Money; the higher the level, the more it’ll cost.

Old World Money is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just the basic currency that you can pick up during your missions. You can get Old World Money by scavenging buildings, looting bodies, and other ways too.

Military Tech can be found in the Military Airdrops that are spread throughout Villedor. Here are a few Military Airdrop locations that I discovered on the map.


And let me tell you beforehand, upgrading these tools is worth every penny because once you use these tools, you are going to use them all the time.

Final Thoughts

In the unforgiving open world of Dying Light 2, weapons are crucial for survival. From brutal melee to powerful firearms, the right weapons give you the best combat experience. Understanding weapon rarity and customization is crucial for tailoring the arsenal to your play style.

Fighting the Infected constantly will wear down your weapons, making regular repairs vital for your gameplay. Use the weapon till it is nearly worn down, and then visit a repair station to install the durability mod.

Legendary weapons beckon, offering unparalleled power and unique capabilities. Discovering and mastering them grants an edge against daunting adversaries.

Unique tools are invaluable. The agile grappling hook and tactical firecrackers redefine exploration and strategy.

In Dying Light 2, forge your path armed with weapon knowledge and repair skills. Amidst infected hordes and factions, your prowess will determine survival or succumbing to darkness.

So, fellow survivors, seize your arms and tools. Venture forth into the abyss, where strength and ingenuity will shape your fate. May legendary triumphs and unparalleled discoveries mark your journey.

For in Dying Light 2, the brightest dawn may follow the darkest hour.

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