Destiny 2: How To Get The Sweet Business Catalyst (2023)


There is an excellent aspect about Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapons like Sweet Business. These weapons have fixed perks and immense capabilities. This sets them apart from the vast arsenal of weapons. Even better, several of the Exotic Weapons can be fitted with a catalyst, improving the weapon’s performance over time.

Furthermore, you can arm weapons like Sweet Business with a Catalyst. The players of Destiny 2 very well know that unlocking Catalysts demands much effort. Let us now look at some steps that help players easily acquire the Catalyst. 

What is the Sweet Business Catalyst?

In Destiny 2, Sweet Business may be a terrifying weapon if it’s in the proper hands. It takes some time to spin up and fire, but this weapon rips through foes on full auto when it is at its best. This results in several kills in PvE, and anyone unlucky or foolish enough to run out in front of it in PvP will be destroyed.

Sweet Business is an Exotic Automatic Rifle that can be acquired through Xur, or Exotic Engram drops from random world locations. Sweet Business’s intrinsic trait, “Payday,” makes an automatic rifle more accurate when fired from the hip. It also has an extended magazine comprising 150 rounds, and picking up primary ammunition triggers an automated reload.

It’s an excellent close-to-mid-range red bar-clearing weapon, especially with the attached Automatic Rifle Ammo Finder mod. Unlocking it could take some time because the Catalyst is a random world drop.


The Sweet Business Catalyst greatly enhances the gun, making it easier to control. Finding it isn’t too harsh, although it does involve a little luck. Here’s the information about the Catalyst and where to get it for those interested in dusting off this weapon and trying it.

How to Get Sweet Business Catalyst?

Completing the Catalyst for Sweet Business seems intimidating at first. In Destiny 2, there aren’t many tasks that let players quickly eliminate four or more foes for a multi-kill and much fewer tasks that reward this after repeated completion for a total of 250 multi-kills. Thankfully, the Moon’s Altars of Sorrow activity gives players everything they require. Players should bring their Sweet Business to this activity once they have unlocked the Catalyst.

In order to complete Tier VI of The Altars of Sorrow, players must beat a specific amount of Nightmare foes in each of the activity’s tiers. It’s up to players to prevent the Nightmare foes from trying to carry out a ritual by sacrificing themselves into one of the altars. The Nightmares are accompanied by continuous waves of red bars from Destiny 2, which any Guardian can easily beat with their Sweet Business.

The event is timed, and for each red bar slain, one second is added to the total time given to finish. The game can be restarted anytime if players cannot complete the goal. Focusing on the lower-level adversaries and eliminating them as they spawn is the best way to use these endless spawning red bars. The Catalyst counter grows with each subsequent kill once a player fulfills its multi-kill requirement.

Points to Remember

  • One level of completion is awarded for four quick kills in a single attempt.
  • Two levels of completion can be obtained by completing five quick kills in a row.
  • Three levels of completion can be obtained by quickly killing six enemies in a row.
  • Seven quick kills in one go will unlock four levels of completion.

You can repeat this cycle as much as you want for your advantage. Since many Hive Thralls are spawning this round, the Tier II Altar of Sorrows appears to be the most straightforward tier to exploit. It can be difficult as other players try to finish or farm the activity for themselves. Still, completing the Sweet Business Catalyst using this method in 45 minutes to an hour is possible, making it a much easier grind than most other Catalysts in Destiny 2.

Benefits of Sweet Business Catalyst

In Destiny 2, the Sweet Business Catalyst adds a number of worthwhile improvements that improve gameplay. 

➡️ Enhances the Weapon

It significantly improves the Sweet Business exotic auto weapon in many ways. The catalyst introduces the Auto-Loading Holster perk. It provides a speedy reload after only a brief amount of time spent stowing the weapon. When fighting bosses, this is especially helpful for prolonged damage output.

➡️ Improvement of Range & Magazine Size

The Sweet Business Catalyst has a more prominent magazine and can hold more ammo in addition to having a quick rate of fire. The Catalyst further also increases the weapon’s stability and range, which boosts accuracy and increases the weapon’s ability to adapt to different battle scenarios.


The Sweet Business Catalyst increases the Sweet Business auto rifle’s usability and damage potential. It is a crucial tool for Guardians looking to improve their firepower and efficiency in Destiny 2 activities.

Upgrading the Sweet Business Catalyst

Players should upgrade the Sweet Business Catalyst once they have it. Defeating adversaries in groups of at least four, 250 times is necessary to successfully upgrade the Sweet Business Catalyst.

Not 250 kills, but 250 groups of four adversaries must be eliminated. One thousand foes killed would be the absolute minimum. It doesn’t count if these four adversaries aren’t destroyed simultaneously and quickly. Any group kills made before receiving the Catalyst will count towards the objective because these kills can be acquired retroactively.

You will get the upgraded weapon as soon as you fulfill the requirements and make sure that you use it to the best of your advantage. 

Useful Tips

Strikes or Crucibles would both work well for a drop. As a result, stated Strikes may be preferable for the majority of players since it is easier to get several kills rapidly during this activity. Additionally, it aids in achieving the 250 group kills required for the upgrade.


Focus on activities like the Altars of Sorrow with many enemies present. You’ll have greater chances to employ Sweet Business successfully if you engage in these activities. Combine your skills with Sweet Business’ grenades to produce potent combinations. Use a Warlock’s Rift ability, for instance, to enhance damage while using the Sweet Business.

Work together with your fire team to maximize the effectiveness of your Sweet Business. The Sweet Business becomes a masterwork weapon with even greater stats once you’ve finished the catalyst. To maximize the catalyst’s potential, put your attention on enhancing it.

Enjoying the gameplay is the primary goal of Destiny 2. Accept the anarchy of the Sweet Business, and enjoy destroying foes in its distinctive manner!

Final Words

When acquired, the catalyst improves the weapon’s functionality by expanding the magazine and enhancing the weapon’s range and accuracy when firing from the hip. As an exotic auto rifle, the Sweet Business is famous for its rapid-fire rate and unique feature that enables continuous firing when pointing down sights.

This catalyst improves the playstyle of the weapon even more by addressing some of its drawbacks and increasing its flexibility in both PvE and PvP scenarios. It makes the Sweet Business a powerful weapon for eliminating enemies and handling issues on the battlefield by encouraging players to adopt a more persistent and aggressive approach.

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