13 Best Valorant Weapon Skins | From Classic to Prime


Valorant is a 5v5 FPS game published and developed by Riot Games Inc. It is a competitive game launched by Riot Games in 2020 and a competitor to Counter-Strike.

However, Valorant is entirely different from its Valve-made counterpart. Valorant consists of various Agents with unique abilities, ranging from Jett’s dash to Chamber’s ultimate. It adds a dynamic edge to the game, making it more happening and fun. There are 22 Agents in Valorant categorized into four types: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. All this adds to the game’s popularity among eSports athletes and casual players.

Valorant – Guns & Skins

There are various weapons in Valorant that can help you climb the rank ladders of the game: Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, and Snipers. Machine Guns are categorized into Submachine, Light, and Heavy Machine Gun. On the other hand, Assault Rifles are divided into semi- and fully-automatic Assault Rifles.

  • Pistols: Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost, Sheriff
  • Shotguns: Bucky, Judge
  • Machine Guns: Stinger (SMG), Spectre (SMG), Ares (LMG), Odin (HMG)
  • Assault Rifle: Bulldog (Burst AR), Guardian (Semi AR), Phantom, Vandal
  • Snipers: Marshall, Operator

Valorant Weapon Skins Benefits

Valorant skins are essential for personalization, visual appearance, and much more. The skins don’t mean you will have better aim or outcomes during gun fights, but they add to the experience and make you feel like you are aiming better. For an actual better aim in gunfights, you should check out our post on the best Valorant crosshair generators!

Guns with skins have a better recoil experience and sound, making you feel confident while taking aim duels. All of these add to the player’s experience while playing and intrigue you in the game.

➡️ Personalization

Skins in Valorant allow you to personalize your loadout, add a sense of individualism, and motivate you to play more after each game.

➡️ Visual appearance 

These skins add visual effects and cosmetics that are fun to play with. Moreover, its unique sounds and finishers add dynamic features to the game.

Now that you know their benefits, we can dive into the best Valorant weapon skins that you can use in the game.

Reaver Sheriff

Reaver Sheriff is the gun skin from one of the most popular skin lines in the Valorant – Reaver bundle. The dark soul-reaping theme inspires this bundle, and it comes with four color variants. It was launched as part of the original Reaver bundle in November 2020. The skin features hard metal edges, a glossy inner core, and a leather hand grip, all of which make Reaver a demonic gun.


Moreover, it features custom VFX and animations for the gun and finisher inspired by the concept of soul. The gun is available for 1775 Valorant points, and for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set. Reaver Sheriff is the perfect skin for players who are accurate with headshots and love dark skins.

Glitchpop Phantom

Glitchpop Phantom is one of the most color-popping skins in Valorant and is the set’s most expensive. It is a part of the Glitchpop collection with two iterations of launch, and Phantom is part of Glitchpop, EP 2. Popping neon colors inspire this skinline, and you will find four color variants for it. The skin features glossy metal in neon colors, and each color variant consists of three different colors.


Moreover, the collection features unicorns and lights popping out for each action with the gun. The gun features custom sounds and a unicorn hologram that blasts into the sky. It is available for 2175 Valorant points; for other variants, you must spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set. For players who love popping colors and playing for fun, Glitchpop Phantom is a perfect match.

Oni Phantom

Oni Phantom is from one of the oldest collections, and since then, it has always been in the top 3 Phantom skins. It was launched in July 2020 as part of the first iteration of the Oni collection. Oni Phantom is inspired by Japanese culture and is infused with the Japanese style of craftsmanship. The skin features matter colors with different designs and sakura flowers that are part of Japan’s culture.


Moreover, it also features gold lines and curves on most variants, giving it a premium finish. The custom sound is soft and doesn’t cause much distraction, and the finisher is chained, summoning and trapping your enemy on the ground. All these make the Oni Phantom one of the fan-favorite skins. The gun is available for 1775 Valorant points, and for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set. 

Elderflame Vandal

Elderflame was the most expensive bundle for a long time in Valorant history. Moreover, it is still in the top 5 bundles in Valorant in terms of price. It has been a part of the game since its launch in July 2020. Elderflame has a dragon-based theme all around the structure. Additionally, all the parts in the gun have dragon-like movement, making this one of the unique skins in the game.


The gun barrel is a dragon’s face with fire in his eyes and a big flame out of his mouth that makes the gun look incredible. The custom sound includes a loud flaming sound and a dragon face hologram that attacks your opponent on the ground. The gun is available for 2475 Valorant points, and for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set. 

Prime Collection

Prime Collection is the most popular and consistent bundle since its launch; most people like how Prime fires and the recoil pattern that makes it feel like Aimbot. This collection has two iterations of bundle launches, Prime and Prime 2.0. Prime is a sleek, shiny, metal-based gun with four color variants.

Prime-Collection Best Valorant Weapon Skins

The collection consists of Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal, and Prime Axe, while Prime 2.0 consists of Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom, Odin, and Karambit knives. Both bundles are priced at 7100 Valorant points each and 75 Radianite points for the complete set. It has the best sound on firing and a custom finisher with a transparent object attacking the enemy. Prime is perfect for players who prefer firing experience over cosmetics.

Ion Bucky

Ion Bucky is part of the most underrated bundle in Valorant – Ion Bundle. This bundle gives you futuristic vibes, including a modern, sleek, and glossy design. However, the bundle is famous for its Phantom and Operator. The Ion collection also had two iterations; Bucky was launched as a part of the earlier iteration. It consists of a white and black colored glossy theme and with blue lines running around.


Unlike others, the Ion collection only features one color and thus is pocket-friendly on upgrades. The custom sound has a modern laser vibe, while the custom finisher has an energy ball formed that blasts. The gun is available for 1775 Valorant points, and for other variants, you need to spend 30 Radianite points for the complete set. 

Magepunk Marshal

Magepunk Marshal is part of a unique collection in the game that features a lightning effect in the gun. It is a part of the Magepunk collection launched in April 2021 during the Formation Act (Act 2, Ep 2). The skin line consists of 4 color variants along with four levels of upgrades. The design features a transparent barrel and a copper-like finish all around the trigger.


Moreover, with the upgrades, lightning runs inside the barrel, giving it a fantastic effect. The custom sound includes an electric current effect, and the custom finisher includes a chamber that electrifies the enemy. The gun is available for 1775 Valorant points, and for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points. 

SPECTRUM x Zedd Phantom

SPECTRUM x Zedd Phantom is the first ever collaborated skin in Valorant with one of the renowned DJs in the world, Zedd. This skin line took the crown off Elderflame for being the most expensive skin in the game and finally losing it to the Radiant Entertainment System bundle.

SPECTRUM-x-Zedd-Phantom Best Valorant Weapon Skins

The Spectrum Phantom features an all-white skin with pops of fantastic color at critical points of the weapon, like a bullet chamber, and finished with a Zedd logo. Moreover, it features color tinting across the gun based on the movement.

The key highlight for the Spectrum skin is the custom music that Zedd has created for each skin and the spectral arena finisher that changes based on your position, inside or outside the spectrum, along with Zedd’s music. The gun is available for 2675 Valorant points; for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set. Spectrum Phantom is a must to have if you are in love with music or Zedd himself.

Sovereign Stinger

Sovereign Stinger is part of the Sovereign collection launched in December 2020. This skin line is famous for its premium looks and feels. It features a premium gold and white elegant design. Moreover, the skin is covered in Ornate carvings and a filigree-style design that gives it a royal look.


The custom sound is not distracting and makes them feel very smooth, and the finisher is a laser beam toward the enemy followed by an explosion. This skin line is suitable for players who like the gold finish, eclectic carvings, and color-coded loadout, as there are little white/gold skins in Valorant. The gun is available for 1775 Valorant points, and you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set.

Wunderkind Shorty

Shorty has recently seen immense growth in its pick rate and has been part of many professional and casual gamers’ loadouts. Wunderkind Shorty is from the agent theme-based weapon inspired by Killjoy, the Sentinel.


It was released in August 2020 as part of the Killjoy’s Agent contract and is available at Tier 10 of the contract. The skin features a colorful Green, Yellow, and Pink design. However, this skin doesn’t feature any color variants or levels. It is free as part of Killjoy’s contract, and thus, it’s a great sidearm.

Singularity Ares

Singularity Ares is part of the Singularity bundle launched in October 2020. Ares is one gun with high wall penetration capability and is much cheaper than Odin. Hence, it is a viable choice for bonus rounds and anti-ecos. Singularity areas feature an alien life-inspired theme that takes you into the future of Valorant. It has a transparent barrel core with different colors of neon lights and a solid metal color.

Singularity-Ares Best Valorant Weapon Skins

The highlights of these skins are glowing energy lines with laser beams and the robotic element in the sound. Its unique cosmos finisher also turns into a black hole and traps the enemy soul. The gun is available for 2175 Valorant points; for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points.

BlastX Odin

BlastX Odin was launched in December 2020 as a part of the BlastX bundle that is themed around Nerf or battle guns from real life. It has this glossy fiber finish with unique popping colors around the gun. It features a tri-color design in all of its variants.


The most unique part of this gun is the magazine, which is Nerf gun bullets from real life. The flash on fire is also super strong, along with its unique sound. It has one of the best finishers, where the enemy is wrapped into a gift box with a bounce effect. The gun is available for 2175 Valorant points; for other variants, you need to spend 75 Radianite points.

RGX 11Z Pro Blade

RGX 11Z Pro Blade is the melee weapon in the RGX 11Z Pro collection, released in June 2021. It has a futuristic design with black and green themes all around. Other variants are available in blue and orange color with black base. Moreover, it has only two upgrade levels compared to other gun skins. It also has this super smooth geometric shape and glowing lines on each layer.

RGX-11Z-Pro-Blade Best Valorant Weapon Skins

The finisher features glowing blades that attack enemies, turning into a glowing energy globe and then blasting into particles. The unique element is it being a knife on level 1, and with an upgrade, it turns into a full-sized modern sword. The Blade is available for 4350 Valorant points; you need to spend 75 Radianite points for the complete set.


Valorant has grown massively during the last three years, and with Riot Games’ commitment to the game, the future for the game looks promising. Each bundle launched has unique features and different cosmetics to attract players. Valorant skins allow you to add a sense of individuality and showcase your personality in the game. Moreover, the gun has unique sounds and finishers that add an element of fun to the game.

With each launch, the skinline features never-before-seen cosmetics and finishers. It features various skins from the fan-favorite Reaver and Prime or the Spectrum and Radiant Entertainment Systems that add uniqueness in-game. Let us know your favorite weapon and the respective skin on it.

Since you’ll be spending a fair amount of Valorant points on the game for these skins, take a look at our guide on how to use a Valorant Shop Checker. This will help you keep your Valorant expenses in check!

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