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Are you a fan of Valorant gaming action? Then you can’t miss out on this Valorant skins post to know about the most popular ones.

What Makes Valorant Skins So Special?

Valorant skins are different from the skins available in other games in many terms, adding a sense of individualism to the game. Each skin in Valorant has a unique feature with many customizations to select from. Moreover, the skins in Valorant can only be bought from in-game stores at a fixed price, making it impossible to sell them in the black market.

However, the store in Valorant only refreshes once in 24 hours and allows you to choose from four skins. At the same time, the new bundle releases stay in the store for an extended period depending on the event. Hence, these skins are rare. Few are exclusive and might never return to stores like Champions Bundles, Arcane Collectors Set, etc. 

Are Skins in Valorant Pay2win?

This topic picks up the heat whenever a great skin releases in the game. Be it the Reaver, Prime, etc., at some point, using the skin makes you think it’s pay2win. Whether the skins in Valorant are pay2win or not is a matter of personal opinion. However, according to the developers, they maintain competitive integrity to ensure that no skin has an advantage over others, be it the sound of reloading or the first shot from the gun.

Are Skins in Valorant Pay2win?
Source: Valorant

The reason for the skins feeling like pay2win is that it has less to do with skins and more to do with psychology. When you wield new skin, the excitement in your mind makes you pick fights you might not take with a usual gun.

Moreover, when you start getting frags, your confidence increases, and you indulge in more fights and eventually win more rounds. Also, the muzzle, the reloaded magazine, and different sound patterns might make you feel the guns don’t have much recoil or are reloading fast, but that’s not the case. This has been a controversial topic for a long time and will make the rounds when a new skin is released.

Valorant Bundles – Statistics

Each bundle in Valorant can be categorized into different editions depending on their features and cosmetics. These bundles are categorized into Select, Select with Melee, Deluxe, Deluxe with Melee, Standard Premium, Premium with 5x buddies/cards/sprays, Exclusive, and Ultra editions.

The prices vary between 2300 to 11900 Valorant points depending on the edition. Each ACT may contain 2-3 bundles and 1 Battle Pass that cost 1000 Valorant points, resulting in an average of 8-12 skin lines per year. A bundle might consist of any combination, with one from Pistols, SMG, Shotguns, HMG, AR, Scouts, and Melee.

PistolsClassic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost, Sheriff
SMGStinger, Spectre
ShotgunsBucky, Judge
HMGAres, Odin
Semi-ARBulldog, Guardian
ARPhantom, Vandal
SnipersMarshal, Operator 

Let’s look through the bundles and their pricing to understand things better.

TypeBundle Price (Valorant Points)
Select with melee3500
Deluxe with melee5100
Standard Premium7100
Premium with 5x cosmetics8855
Source: Fandom

Benefits of Buying Bundles Over Individual Gun Skin

The main benefit of buying a bundle over individual skin is cost saving. Instead of buying an individual skin at a total price, you will get the same skin at a discounted rate along with other skins from the same bundle. It makes your collection more cohesive and appealing. Moreover, with the bundle pack, you also get banners, sprays, and buddies at a free or negligible cost. Below we have a breakdown of the Spectrum bundle for you to understand.

WeaponValorant Points
Classic 2675
Waveform (Melee)5350
Spectrum Gun Buddy475
Zedd Gunbuddy475
Spectrum Card375
Spectrum Spray325
2 Guns and 1 Melee10,700
Bundle Price10,700

This will make it clear why buying a bundle is better than buying individual skins. Now that you have a fair idea about bundles and skins in Valorant, it’s time to look at the best skins in the game!


Reaver, as the names suggest, is a skin line that helps you plunder the souls of your enemies. The bundle was initially launched with a Sheriff, Operator, Vandal, Guardian, Melee, and Reaver Player Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy. Moreover, the Reaver 2.0 bundle included a Phantom, Spectre, Odin, Ghost, Karambit, and other benefits.

Both bundles are available in 4 Levels. Level 1 is the base variant, Level 2 includes muzzle and gunfire VFX, Level 3 adds a glowing effect and reload animation along with inspect SFX, and Level 4 comes with a special banner for kill and finisher for the final kill of the round where several hands start pulling the soul into the ground. The melee contains two levels – the base variant and the level 2 variant includes a special inspect effect and slash VFX for the karambit.

YouTube video

Both bundles were launched at 7100 VP. On the contrary, individual guns were available to purchase at 1775 VP and Melee at 3550 VP. The Karambit cost 4350 VP. The Reaver bundle is one of the favorite skin lines among the Valorant community, with the most liked gun being the Operator.

The Reaver bundle was Valorant’s take on a darker Halloween-style theme. While most of you might not know this, Reaver was Riot Games’ experimental skin for custom animations, sounds, and cosmetics and was only launched in the closed beta at first. However, due to the sheer passion of the fans wanting the Reaver skin and floating the Dev team with “Bring back Reaver” messages, the skin line was finally available to purchase after the global launch, followed by Reaver 2.0. 

Elder Flame

Codenamed “Dragon” in the development stage, the Elder Flame skin line is inspired by the Dragons that disappeared after the Doom of Valyria. The Elder Flame skin line consists of a Frenzy, Judge, Vandal, Operator, and a special edition Melee called Dagger. The guns on the bundle come in 4 levels, while the melee has two levels to unlock.

YouTube video

Apart from the base variant, level 2 includes muzzle flash, flame, and gunfire. The level 3 variant includes a roaring dragon, reload animation, and equipment animation. Level 4 consists of a kill banner and a final kill finisher, where the enemy gets burned by dragon fire. Level 2 on the melee comes with slash, equip, and flame effects over the standard base variant on level 1.

Elder Flame was one of the most expensive bundles available in the game for a long time. It was available at a staggering price of 9900 VP, with gun skins available at 2475 VP. Moreover, the melee cost 4950 VP.

Fun fact: “Dragon” has been on the Riot Games development plan since 2015, and they had the vision to create a living, breathing creature. 


Oni is one of the most simple yet popular skins in the game. In comparison, it doesn’t have fancy animations like an Elder Flame or Reaver, but there are creative cosmetics and designs. Moreover, this skin is one of the fan favorites because of the gunfire and reloading, allowing you to have skin with almost no distraction, along with the beautiful aesthetics for the weapon.

YouTube video

Oni was initially released with Shorty, Bucky, Guardian, Phantom, and Claw (Melee), followed by Frenzy, Ares, Bulldog, Vandal, and Onimaru Kunitsuna (Melee) as a part of Oni 2.0. The standout effect of the Oni bundle was its finisher, which consisted of enemies wearing the Oni mask while being chained to the ground with samurai blades along with special music.

Both melee variants have slash, inspect, and equip effects and additional lights over the base variant. The Oni and Oni 2.0 bundle is priced at 7100 VP, with individual skins available at 1775 VP and melee priced at 3550 VP and 5350 VP, respectively.


If you love white skin lines in Valorant, there isn’t much to choose from, but the Ion skin stands out. Known for its super attractive Phantom, the Ion skin has been popular among fans. While the Phantom has been super attractive, the Operator from this skin line has been one of the most popular picks for the players in the sniper role. The Ion bundle consists of Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, Operator, and Energy Sword (Melee), while Ion 2.0 consists of Frenzy, Spectre, Ares, Vandal, and Karambit (Melee).

YouTube video

Level 2 on Ion guns consists of transparent chambers for the power source. This replaced the new magazine in level 3 and a motor in the center. Level 4, an orb of the skin color traps the enemy and starts shrinking, followed by an explosion.

Melee includes flame, splash, and transparent energy sources. The price of the Ion bundle is 7100 VP with individual weapons at 1775 VP and 3550 VP. Moreover, the pricing is 4350 VP for the Energy Sword (Melee Ion) and Karambit (Melee Ion 2.0), respectively.

Radiant Entertainment System

The Radiant Entertainment System skin is a new arcade-themed skin line in Valorant. It features a simple but stylish design with bright colors and neon accents. It is available for the Ghost, Bulldog, Phantom, Operator, and Power Fist (Melee). At level 2 upgrade, you get a new muzzle. At level 3, you get the VFX and SFX depending on the skin you have equipped.

YouTube video

The level 3 upgrades involve Bazooka Badger – displaying Bazooka on a platform, Dance Fever – A rhythm game, and K.nock O.ut!! – Fighter character. At Level 4, you get three different finishers depending on your pick. First is Bazooka Badger – fires a bazooka at the enemy thrice and disappears; second is K.nock O.ut!! – fighter appears, and K.Os the enemy in the air, and the third is Dance Fever – makes the victim dance to the rhythm.

The Radiant Entertainment System bundle is the most expensive one in Valorant. It is available at the staggering price of 11,900 VP, with individual skin at 2975 VP, except for Power Fist at 5,950 VP.

Glitchpop Collection 

The Glitchpop bundle is another popular skin line in Valorant. This collection features a stylish cyberpunk design. It provides a futuristic, neon-infused design with a variety of flashy effects.

YouTube video

The skin line contains Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, and Dagger (Melee) as a part of the original Glitchpop 1.0, while Glitchpop 2.0 contains Classic, Phantom, Vandal, Operator, and Axe (Melee). The level 2 upgrade involves muzzle and gunfire. Level 3 contains glitch animations on the gun barrel and collapsed state for the gun. Level 4 has a unique finisher that makes enemies explode with holographic outlines and one holographic unicorn in the sky.

The melee contains holographic outlines, slash, and inspect effects, while the Axe unfolds with an extended handle. The price of both bundles is 8700 VP, with individual skins available at 2175 VP and melee available at 4350 VP.

RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro bundle gained popularity after a few North American streamers started equipping them in the ranked games. The skyline includes a flashy LED glow around the edges and in the magazine. The muzzle damps the sound, making RGX 11z Pro smooth by reducing the recoil felt.

YouTube video

RGX 11z Pro Pro 1.0 includes Frenzy, Stinger, Guardian, Vandal, and Blade (Melee), while RGX 11z Pro 2.0 includes Classic, Spectre, Phantom, Operator, and Firefly (Melee). Both versions of the bundles feature custom muzzle flash and firing audio. Level 3 includes color-changing inspect features, matching bullet tracers, and hit markers. 

Level 4 includes a custom kill banner with audio and a finisher that traps the enemy between three electric poles and then explodes. RGX 11z Pro is the only skin line with level 5 that adds a kill counter on the gun and displays “EZ” at the end of the round. Both melee weapons contain custom slash and inspect elements. The pricing of this bundle is 8700 VP, with individual skin at 2175 VP and melee at 4350 VP.


The Prime bundle has been one of the most popular ones in the game for a very long time. What makes the Prime bundle so well-liked? The sleek, black, and gold design with a variety of subtle effects.

YouTube video

The firing animations and reload animations are particularly clean and satisfying. Level 2 adds a muzzle, lighting effects, and a wolf emblem. Level 3 includes a reload animation that adds a crystal energy bar to the gun to reload.

In contrast, level 4 consists of a finisher with a wolf attacking the enemy down on his knees and exploding. Melee contains special slash inspection and lightning effects. Prime 1.0 contains Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal, and Axe (Melee), while Prime 2.0 contains Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom, Odin, and Karambit. The pricing of the Prime bundle is 7100 VP, with individual guns at 1775 VP and Melee at 3550 VP.

Special Collaborations

➡️ Spectrum: Zedd X Valorant

Spectrum Zedd X Valorant was the first collaboration for a Valorant skin with the iconic DJ Zedd. Moreover, this skin dethroned the original Elder Flame skin bundle as the most expensive bundle in the game before finally being overthrown by the Radiant Entertainment system. Zedd’s creativity inspires the Spectrum bundle and features musical components. It contains a Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Sword (Melee).

The bundle skins have neon lights around the guns and melee that change with each movement, time, and unique custom music. It has different music for each weapon, and on the level 4 upgrade, you get a large music spectrum over the enemy corpse with three different pieces of music. Moreover, you can augment the spectrum by inspecting your weapon.

The melee is a transparent popup sword and contains different neon colors. The level 2 upgrade unblocks the popup animation and different slash and inspect elements along with spectrum music with the waveform on the melee. Spectrum is the second most expensive bundle, costing 10,700 VP with individual skins of 2675 VP and melee of 5350 VP.

➡️ Arcane Collectors Set

Arcane bundle is dedicated to Riot Games celebrating Arcane from the League of Legends universe. It has been one of the cheapest bundles in terms of VP, as it only contains 1 Sheriff and other cards and buddies. The bundle includes skin inspired by the characters and factions of Arcane. It has a blue and purple theme inspired by the Arcane characters. The Arcane base variant has unique equipment animation, equipped stance, firing, and reload animation.

Arcane Collectors Set
Source: Valorant

Moreover, the level 2 upgrade adds additional lighting, a transparent barrel, and a dial with custom sounds. It also has a custom purple muzzle flash. The pricing of the Arcane bundle was 2377 VP, and will never return to the store again.

➡️ IGNITE Capsule

Players in China have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on the official version of Valorant. Riot Games released Valorant in China as Fearless Covenant, and it was no short of a carnival. Not only was there a LAN event for the launch, but to celebrate this launch, Riot Games also introduced a special bundle called Ignite.

IGNITE Capsule
Source: Twitter

The bundle features only a single melee weapon called the Ignite fan with two variants: Huang and Feng, and sprays, titles, and banners. Unlike other bundles, you cannot purchase items in this bundle individually. The base melee variant is just a simple knife covered in red and gold, while the level 2 upgrade converts it to a fan; it has an animation where the Agent fans. This bundle costs 4710 VP for the red and purple variants included.


It has been three years since the official launch of Valorant on June 2, 2020, after many years in development. The skins in Valorant are getting more intriguing day by day with more creative ideas and cosmetics. Whether you like simple but robust skin, super fancy movement skins, or music-based skins, there’s a skin for everyone in Valorant.

These skins make the game more enjoyable and add a sense of individualism, allowing you to express yourself. Valorant skins are here to stay and grow. Share your favorite skin bundle and stories with us on our socials.

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