4 Best Valorant Crosshair Generators for Perfect Aim


Playing a shooting game like Valorant without a proper crosshair is like shooting in the dark. Check out these crosshair generators for polishing your aim.

Crosshair is one of the most critical settings in the game, along with your sensitivity and keybinds that help you perform better in FPS games. Similarly, in Valorant, crosshair holds critical importance no matter how good or bad you are at the game.

Crosshair defines the point on which your bullet will land in a controlled environment. It allows you to aim better and win fights in your game. One of the critical factors to have an advantage in your fights is to choose the correct crosshair for yourself and consistently practice with that one crosshair, as it will help you improve your gun game. Hundreds and thousands of different types of crosshairs are available depending on your comfort and aiming style. 

There are two main types of Valorant crosshairs, the first being static and the second being dynamic. Dynamic crosshair adds movement in the crosshair lines regarding movement and firing errors, influencing in-game movements. Moreover, these crosshairs come in different shapes, sizes, and orientations. However, the basic logic is to create a perfect crosshair that helps you aim accurately, track the enemy while shooting, and control recoil. Let’s take a look at each of these aspects. 

Importance of Crosshair Customization

Below, you’ll find all that you need to know regarding crosshair customization and why it’s essential:

➡️ Accurate Aiming (Crosshair Placement)

The critical aspect of a first-person shooter is to aim precisely and hit headshots. A crosshair is considered good if it helps you place your aim on the head of the enemy as quickly and precisely as possible.

➡️ Tracking

The other important aspect is to use a crosshair that helps you track the enemy’s movement and also helps you compensate for the enemy’s placement with your own movement. 

➡️ Recoil Control

Valorant has various weapons, each with a different recoil pattern. Hence, it would help to have a consistent crosshair effective on every weapon and every recoil pattern for consistent aiming and control.

Crosshair Settings in Valorant


The first thing you see on Valorant’s Crosshair settings page are the two options: General and Primary. The general settings allow you to quickly choose from your saved crosshairs in the blink of an eye. It also allows you to do a few tweaks like spectate view of others’ crosshair and fade effect.

Onto the Primary page, you find additional settings to import, export, design, rename, and tweak your crosshairs. You can directly import a crosshair using a unique identifier code that looks like this (0;P;c;7;u;A3386CFF;o;0;d;1;f;0;0b;0;1b;0). To know more, check out our coverage of the best Valorant crosshair codes!

Moreover, you can share your crosshair with your friends using the export button. These settings also allow you to save, edit, and rename different crosshair profiles, as shown in the image below. You can set up to 15 different crosshair profiles in your account.

The main crosshair settings are divided into three major components: Basic crosshair style, Inner Lines, and Outer Lines.

➡️ Basic Styling

The basic style allows you to choose from different colors from the preset options or add a unique color using Hex Code. Here, we have used a gold color with hex code #FFD700.


Another option on these settings allows you to set outlines, outline opacity, and thickness to set borders across your crosshair to make it distinguishable and easy to aim. The next set of options is the Center dot. Here, we are using only the center dot for the crosshair in the image, with opacity value 1 and thickness value 2 with errors OFF, making it a static center dot crosshair.


➡️ Inner Lines

As shown in the image below, the dark, small dots inside the crosshair are known as inner lines. Inner lines help you to set your aim precisely on the head and define a range to control the spread of your bullet. It is the central core of a crosshair with thick lines to make it more visible.

Two new options here are length and offset. Length defines the length of the crosshair lines, and offset defines the distances between lines on the horizontal and vertical axes. Movement and firing errors are infused during gameplay on the crosshair with the amount of multiplier selected. A higher multiplier will result in more movement in the crosshair.


➡️ Outer Lines

The outer lines are the tiny dots on the edge of the crosshair. These outer lines help you set boundaries for yourself while spraying on enemies to adjust or reset the recoil once you start hitting with the boundary dots or outer lines. The outer lines are generally thin and less visible, thus not making it distracting as you play. Outer lines come with the same opacity, thickness, length, offset controls, movement, and firing errors.


➡️ Movement Error

It is the amount of error that will be generated and infused into the crosshair due to your movement in the game.

➡️ Firing Error

It is the amount of error that will be generated and infused into the crosshair due to your firing pattern in the game.

For more advanced controls, you can toggle on “Use Advanced Options,” it will allow you to set up custom crosshairs for Aim Down Sight and Sniper scope. Moreover, this would allow you to edit crosshair for aim down sight (scope in mode) similar to that of primary. 


Benefits of Customized Crosshairs in Valorant

While there are numerous benefits of a good custom crosshair, here are four of the most crucial benefits that can push you from being a casual player to a competitive one. Aim accuracy, Distraction reduction, Confidence in Tracing, and Consistency are the top ones on the list.

➡️ Aim Accuracy 

A good crosshair allows you to aim better and put a bullet through your enemy’s head. No matter how bad your day is, a precise crosshair placement often leads you to win those one-on-one fights.

➡️ Eliminate Distraction 

One of the prominent issues gamers face by using imported crosshairs is to be distracted by the crosshairs. A custom crosshair will allow you to omit these distractions and help you focus on the actual game.

➡️ Better Tracing

Custom crosshairs fix the issue of failed tracing when your enemy is moving. It helps you better place your aim onto the enemy body and continue hitting bullets while he moves.

➡️ Consistency

Consistency is the least discussed benefit of a custom crosshair, but it’s one of the most significant. It allows you to continuously play with one crosshair and get better with it instead of trying different crosshairs whenever you start losing aim duels. It builds up a player’s confidence in their aim, allowing them to take brutal fights and pull it in their favor.

Crosshair generators have been in the market ever since first-person shooter games existed, be it in one form or another. Similarly, following Valorant’s success in the gaming industry, many third-party websites provide these crosshair generator services for free.

Valorant has its crosshair editing tool in the game itself, but it has some limitations like background change, sharing, etc. Thus, to overcome that problem, here are some of the best online crosshair generator tools available.

Valorant Crosshair Database


Valorant Crosshair Database is an online crosshair generator with an extensive database of various competitive and fun crosshairs to choose from. As you land on the homepage, you see terrific user-generated crosshairs you can copy and use immediately.

As soon as you click on one of the crosshairs, the crosshair, along with different backgrounds, opens up on a new page. You can copy the crosshair code from that page or even edit the crosshair as per your will. To create a new crosshair on your own, you can create the generator button and start right away. It provides you with all the settings similar to Valorant’s in-game editor.

The website also has a section for pro players crosshair, and you can filter using teams and fun, or you can directly search for the one you are looking for. By signing up on the website, you can save the crosshairs created by you for future edits or sharing.

Settings like in-game editorUI experience 
Easy navigation Limited features
Large database
Search and filters
Different background for crosshairs

Valo Frags


Valo Frags is an online crosshair generator that offers a wide range of features apart from the generator itself. The landing page comprises an agent pool, professional players’ settings, and patch notes. Moreover, you can also find pro settings, pro crosshairs, and tier list builders.

The Crosshair generator, the most crucial website feature, is robust and straightforward. It offers precisely the same settings but in a simple UI. Moreover, it allows you to generate a random crosshair using the randomizer option.

The sharing option allows you to share the crosshair code to import it into the game. Moreover, it allows you to create a link to the crosshair that you can share, and your friends can adjust it according to their will. At the same time, the randomizer allows you to play around with new and different crosshairs and have fun.

Settings like in-game editorUI experience 
Easy navigation Limited features
Professional players settingsThe agent’s list is not updated.
Professional players crosshairs

Crosshair Builder by Tracker.gg


Tracker.gg is one of the most popular websites for tracking your in-game stats and progress, along with millions of other players to compare with. As soon as you land on the Tracker.gg Crosshair page, you instantly see different crosshairs from random users to the pro players. It lets you search players for their crosshairs directly and filter based on upvotes, score, tier, and new.

To navigate through all pro players is super easy by toggling the switch on the top. The preview feature is one of the most unique features that makes this stand out on the list. It allows you to see how the crosshair looks in the range of Valorant through a video.


You can create a new crosshair by clicking on the crosshair button on the right side. The UI is super simple and clean to use. All the settings are precisely similar to that of Valorants’ in-game editor. Moreover, the preview button lets you preview your crosshair in the range. You can also play around using the randomizer button and have fun. The builder allows you to share the code immediately, and the code updates in real-time with every change. You can also save the crosshair on the website by signing into the website.

Best UI experience with the Preview featureA large website with multiple games
Search and filtersMissing settings from pro players 
Crosshairs of pro players No visualizer for different backgrounds
Large database 
Better update frequency 

Crosshair Generator by Code Beautify

Code Beautify has one of the simplest crosshair generators to use. The landing page consists of a crosshair shuffler containing the images from the in-game editor. This image allows you to set up the crosshair fast and precisely. Moreover, it allows you to edit the crosshair in the game and try it in real-time in the range. The generate button allows you to generate a random crosshair and play around to have fun. The website is super easy to use and has various crosshairs.

Simple and clean UINo visualizer for different backgrounds
Large databaseLimited features
Reliability due to screenshots 


Crosshair is the heart and soul of an FPS game; it is the point of contact for the bullets you fire. Consistent crosshair allows you to practice, polish your aim, and precisely hit the shots. Moreover, it helps you with crosshair placement, enemy tracing, recoil control, and much more.

For games like Valorant, a small, easy-to-use crosshair is recommended for better aiming. Find a crosshair that is comfortable with you and easily visible on the screen. While consistency matters, you should experiment until you find a perfect crosshair. This post will help you find a new crosshair from the available ones online or create a new one for yourself.

Next, check out our selection of the best Valorant weapons. After all, the crosshair needs the best weapon to be partnered with for maximum potential!

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