9 Best Roblox Anime Games You Must Try


You’ll regret not trying Roblox anime games if you’re a gamer and an Otaku.

Roblox is one of the largest gaming platforms where gamers come together to create games and play the ones made by others.

Whether you’re a fan of One Piece or Dragon Ball Z, Roblox has games for the taste of all types of Otakus. Not sure where to start? Read on to know the best Roblox anime games you must try today for the ultimate gaming experience.

Overview of Roblox Anime Games

Roblox is an online gaming platform where gamers come together to create and play some exciting games. The USP of the platform is that it’s the users themselves who create the games and share them with other users.

Overview of Roblox Anime Games
Source: Roblox

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the platform has been raided by anime fans too – who created some of the most enthralling anime games inspired by popular anime shows, such as:

  • Naruto
  • My Hero Academia
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Demon Slayer

Not only can you play anime-inspired games, but you can also create your own and share them with your friends. You can create games from the Roblox studio without learning advanced coding.

It’s fairly straightforward to create anime games on the platform, and it’s something even children have managed to do.

However, if you’re on the Roblox platform just as a consumer, you cannot miss out on some of the best Roblox anime games out here. Let’s jump into them.

Dragon Awk: A One-Piece Game

An anime loved by all, and a game loved by all, Dragon Awk: A One-Piece Game is undoubtedly one of the greatest anime games on Roblox.

Dragon Awk: A One-Piece Game

It’s an RPG that stays true to its source story. You must grind your party of pirates while exploring various islands, raiding the bosses, and competing in the quests to get ahead.

You progress in the game as your character levels up while gaining skills from grinding and sustaining damage. The game comes with regular updates, so you always have new codes and content to look forward to. If you’re a beginner, this game is a must-try.

Anime Swords Simulator

Anime Swords Simulator is a Roblox-clicking simulation game where you gain power by clicking and collecting new heroes as you progress. As you rank up, you can unlock new swords and new worlds.

Anime Swords Simulator

Since it’s a reasonably new game on the platform, you can expect to get lots of updates with time. Anime Swords Simulator also comes with various codes that you can use to cut down on the grids and double the damage you sustain or to get 2x gems. For example, GUTOSHI gets you rewards like 10 Minute Energy Potion, Lucky Potion, Damage Potion, and more.

Soul War

If you’re a fan of the Bleach anime, you’ll definitely enjoy this game. Soul War is centered around the concept of Soul Reapers (just like in the anime), the balancers of the world. Their job is to eliminate hollows while saving souls to send them to the Soul Society. 

Soul War

The game includes 6 races, with each comes unique aspects and attributes. The races are:

  • Hollow path
  • Arrancar path
  • Trainee path
  • Soul reaper path
  • Vizard path
  • Quincy path
  • Sinner path 

With trainee races, you start your path as a soul reaper by interacting with the Academy teacher. As a trainee, you’d enjoy access to the classroom, where you’ll have to give the exams to earn rewards in the form of Yen or XP.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is a training game owned by BlockZone studio and is inspired by several popular anime. In the game, you can train your mind and body to become a powerful fighter while unlocking swords and enchanting powers to fight your enemies. 

Anime Fighting Simulator

As you explore the map and defeat your foes, you hone your skills and powers and move forward until you have conquered the whole world.

If you’re into fighting games and have a thing for action anime shows, I’d strongly suggest giving this game a shot.

Anime Battle Arena

Another fighting game that’s quite popular on the MMO platform is Anime Battle Arena. This game lets you show off your fighting skills by playing as your favorite Shounen anime character. You can pick characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach to fight your way to victory. 

Anime Battle Arena

Each character comes with unique characteristics, which means you can explore the game’s sense and movement of characters like Cell, Kisame, Arlong, or Ogun. If you want to get a taste of Shounen games, look no further than ABA. 

Demon Slayer RPG 2

Demon Slayer is, without a doubt, one of the most popular anime that ever existed. No wonder somebody came up with the brilliant idea to turn the show into an RPG where players can slay demons while fighting and exploring their capabilities.

As you fight your way through the demons of the night, you get to discover new abilities and fighting skills.

Demon Slayer RPG 2

Demon Slayer RPG 2 allows you to venture into the darkness alone or with allies as you progress through the game. You’d love the custom UI and detailed character animation of the game.

This game might seem less fan-made and more like an official one, thanks to the accurate breathing styles with custom variations.

My Hero Mania

If you love My Hero Academia as much as I do, you need to check out My Hero Mania on Roblox.

My Hero Mania

In this game, you embark on a heroic journey and battle your enemies with unique powers, such as:

  • Invisibility
  • Absorption
  • Super strength
  • Zero gravity
  • Air cannon explosion
  • Dark Shadow
  • Phoenix
  • Electrification
  • Hell flame
  • Overhaul

You’ll like the experience of exploring different powers, from common and rare, to epic, legendary, and evolved. Since the game is still in its very early stages, you can expect plenty of updates to come.

Revenge Kaizen

Explore a massive world of evil spirits in this Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired game, where you can team up with your allies and fight enemies.

Revenge Kaizen

With Revenge Kaizen, you can relive the most exhilarating parts of the show as you climb up the ranks to become a warrior. You do this by completing quests, learning top skills and cursed techniques to defeat even the strongest of your enemies.

Super Saiyan Simulator 2 Super

Super Saiyan Simulator 2 Super is an open-world game where you play your favorite Dragon Ball characters to fight your enemies and progress through each level.

Super Saiyan Simulator 2 Super

The setting of the simulator might remind you of the anime if you’ve seen it, so if you’re already a fan of Vegeta or Goku, you’ll enjoy this game thoroughly. You’ll also find some exciting codes online to level up your game and explore the majestic world of Dragon Ball.

Closing Thoughts

Roblox is where gamers and anime fans can have the time of their lives, either by playing games others have created or by creating games inspired by their favorite anime.

Before you decide to make your own game, I’d suggest spending some time on the platform and familiarizing yourself with its ins and outs.

The games are easy to make, but you need to know the platform’s ABCs to create a game that other users would love. If you’re just a player, the above anime games are bound to keep you booked for the weekend.

If you want more licensed games based on your favorite anime, be sure to check out our list of the best anime games on PS4!

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