11 Best Pixelmon Servers for a Pokémon Adventure | Server Showdown


Are you a fan of Pokémon? If yes, then you should never miss out on these Pixelmon servers with plenty of special features.

A popular Minecraft mod introduces Pokémon through the use of Pixelmon. Although playing Pixelmon alone in a typical survival environment is simple, many players prefer to play it on a server with others. Pokemon battles, trading, and breeding are all features that Pixelmon adds to the game in addition to Pokemon.

The Popularity of Pixelmon Mod in Minecraft

For lovers of both Minecraft and Pokémon, Pixelmon was like their video game fantasy come true. In the first place, it combined the most remarkable elements of both, enabling players to engage in thrilling adventures in Minecraft while capturing and combating Pokémon. This combination of two cherished franchises was a smashing success because it satiated players’ longings for a Pokémon experience in the Minecraft world of blocks.


Pixelmon also gave the gameplay of Minecraft a whole new level of strategy and excitement. To compete against other trainers on your server, you might form a team of Pokémon, level them up, and battle it out. It’s very addictive to seek out uncommon Pokémon in the wild and challenge friends to fierce fighting. Additionally, the modding scene welcomed Pixelmon and kept improving and growing its features. This commitment keeps gamers interested and eager to discover the constantly changing Pixelmon universe.

Essentially, the Pixelmon mod combined the wonder of Minecraft and the fondness for Pokémon, making it an unquestionable must-try for gamers everywhere. It stands to reason that it gained a devoted following that is still active in the Minecraft universe today.

Importance of Finding the Right Pixelmon Server

Finding the ideal server is vital if you’re prepared for the ultimate Pixelmon trip. It’s like picking your very first Pokémon; it determines the course of your entire adventure!

The most excellent Pixelmon server, first and foremost, guarantees a smooth and enjoyable experience. You want to play on a server with a vibrant trainer community where you can socialize, trade Pokémon, and challenge your friends. It’s like having your own local Pokémon League at your disposal!

Importance of Finding the Right Pixelmon Server

The environment is equally vital; it is not only about the people. You can explore the vast Pixelmon cosmos without interruption if the server is updated and provides a stable, lag-free gameplay experience. Access to distinctive plugins, events, and challenges will keep the experience fresh and fascinating.

The server staff is an additional element that could either improve or hurt your experience. Knowledgeable and friendly administrators will improve your experience by creating a pleasant environment and addressing any issues you may have. The proper Pixelmon server is your passport to an exceptional experience, regardless of your level of experience as a Pokémon trainer or how recently you’ve begun your Pokémon journey.

Pixelmon Mod in Minecraft

Like the original Pokémon games, Pixelmon allows you to explore your Minecraft world while running into and catching Pokémon. From Pikachu to Charizard, you can wander the area, trade with other players, and challenge them to battles while leveling up your own Pokémon.

Playing Minecraft gains an entirely new level due to Pixelmon. It contains its system for crafting, unique items, and particular elements like Pokémon Centres and Poké Marts. You may also create your own Pokémon team, go on adventures, and scout out new Pokémon species in the wild. The combination of these two beautiful universes is flawless!

Source: Reforged

Your favorite characters will always be available to you because Pixelmon is updated to reflect the most recent Pokémon generations. Therefore, whether you are an expert Minecraft player or a Pokémon master, Pixelmon is a must-try mod that combines the best of both worlds and offers numerous hours of fun and adventure.

Below are some of the top-class Pixelmon Servers for a Pokémon adventure. Make sure to get hold of them all.

MC Complex

The MC Complex Pixelmon Server is the only place to go if you want an unforgettable Pixelmon experience. A passionate Pokémon fan’s fantasy has come true in this location! You may embark on an exciting adventure in a gorgeously made environment packed with your favorite pocket monsters due to MC Complex’s brilliant blend of Minecraft and Pokémon.

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The server’s welcoming and vibrant community makes it simple to meet new people with whom to trade, engage in combat, and explore. One of the most excellent features is the specially designed plugins and mods that enhance your Pixelmon adventure. There is never a dull moment with numerous leaders to face off against, events to attend, and competitions to participate in. You can also assemble your own Pokémon squad and compete against other trainers in thrilling matches!

The MC Complex Pixelmon Server has something for everyone, regardless of your experience with the game or where you are in it. So gather your Pokéballs, log on to the server, and prepare to capture every Pokémon! Now is the perfect time to master Pixelmon and make lifelong memories.


Intriguing adventures are added to the open world of Pixelmon in PokeSaga. You have access to guilds, a variety of custom skill sets, and—most intriguingly—world boss fights. The server further contains modified maps, Pokémon gyms, brawls, and a lot of trainers in terms of gameplay. 

Source: PokeSaga

You can further explore a variety of Pokémon universes to discover distinct worlds and various game styles. You can mine for resources, construct the Pokémon Centre of your dreams, and join forces with other trainers to take on complex tasks and dungeons.

It’s a great location to meet new people who enjoy Pokémon and Minecraft because the PokeSaga community is so warm and welcoming. The PokeSaga Pixelmon Server is the place to be whether you’re an experienced Pokémon trainer or just beginning your journey!

Pixelmon Realms

Minecraft and Pokémon aficionados alike will love the fantastic Pixelmon Realms Server! On this tremendous multiplayer server, you may set off on your very own Pokémon journey within the world of Minecraft.

Source: Pixelmon Realms

Imagine a setting where you could play Minecraft while also being able to capture, train, and battle your favorite Pokémon. This fantasy is realized in Pixelmon Realms. It offers a distinctive and exhilarating experience that blends the most remarkable elements of both games. There is a place for everyone here, whether you are an experienced Pokémon Master or a beginner just starting.

The server promises frequent upgrades to keep the action exciting and fun, and it offers a range of events, competitions, and gyms to test your talents. Additionally, if you require assistance, the helpful staff is always available.


With several features supporting its claim, AnubisMC Minecraft Pixelmon server calls itself the best one available. Like a few other servers, it has over 800 Pokémon and several anime-specific places. There is a Pokémon City, an oasis, and many particular locations.

Source: AnubisMC

Players can further take part in giveaways and server events on Anubis. Even Bedrock gamers are invited to join the server’s survival section. However, due to limits on modifying, they won’t be able to get hold of any of the Pokémon adventures. You’ll encounter challenging objectives, dramatic boss fights, and a close-knit group of players to travel alongside.

The server regularly adds new functions, activities, and upgrades to maintain the excitement. AnubisMC is a vibrant gaming community where you can meet new people, engage in friendly competition, and channel your inner Minecraft champion. It’s more than just a server.


You may collect, train, and battle your favorite Pokémon with friends and foes alike on the PokeLand Server, which offers an immersive multiplayer experience. Beautiful visuals, realistic combat, and a sizable open world await players in this game. You may customize your trainer and squad to stand out in this virtual Pokémon world.

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PokeLand Server is distinguished for its devoted and kind community. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting, you may find support and camaraderie here to battle in thrilling battles, compete in events, show off your skills, and trade Pokémon.

So prepare to embark on a fantastic Pokémon adventure and immediately get the Pokeland Server. In a setting where rivalries and friendships can develop, it’s time to master Pokémon!

Fruit Network

On the Fruit Network server, you can set out on a heroic quest to become a Pokémon Master. It is a Pixelmon utopia. It also provides a lively and welcoming community where gamers of all ages may congregate and explore the enormous universe of Pokemon.

Source: Fruit Network

As you train, battle, and attempt to catch them all, explore the expertly designed world populated with Pokemon from every generation. In addition, it provides lag-free, seamless gaming, and the dedicated staff is always on hand to assist you with any questions or issues you might encounter.

Become a Fruit Network Pixelmon family member by signing up for the server right away. Now is the perfect moment to set out on your Pokémon adventure and meet new people. Together, let’s catch them all and have a blast!


The SmashMC Pixelmon Server is a fantastic Minecraft server that merges the two most popular video game franchises, Pokémon and Minecraft! On this server, you can also explore a sizable, specially-created world brimming with Pokémon.

Source: SmashMC

If you prefer exploring, capturing them all, or fighting, SmashMC has you covered. While building your own bases and training your Pokémon, you may embark on thrilling adventures with your friends. It’s the perfect place to meet new people and build relationships for exciting encounters or trading because of the welcoming and warm community on the server. Furthermore, regular events and upgrades maintain the gameplay’s interest and freshness.

SmashMC Pixelmon Server is the place to be whether you love Pokémon or are just looking for some fun in the world of Minecraft. So get on board, embark on the quest, and let’s all become the greatest Pokémon Masters!


The SedexCraft Pixelmon Server is a fantastic gaming haven for all Minecraft and Pokémon fans out there! You’ll be part of a lively, welcoming community where trainers may go on amazing adventures, capture their favorite Pokémon, and even participate in exhilarating combat with other players. SedexCraft provides an unrivaled Pixelmon experience with various biomes, unique features, and custom plugins.

Source: SedexCraft

Both competitive and casual players can enjoy the server’s fantastic platform. Everyone may find something here, whether they want to create their ideal Pokémon team, perform strenuous tasks, or simply explore the broad environment.

SedexCraft stands out because of its commitment to upholding a welcoming and safe environment that makes gaming enjoyable for everyone.

SoulPixel Network

Minecraft and Pokémon fans will find nirvana on the fantastic SoulPixel Network Pixelmon server! You’ll be welcomed by a warm and engaged player community as soon as you enter the SoulPixel universe, ready and waiting for some epic Pokémon battles or group-building tasks.

Source: SoulPixel

Whether you are an experienced Pokémon master or are just starting your journey, there is a place for you here. The server frequently hosts events and tournaments, so constant activities are ongoing. The dedicated staff team also ensures that everything runs well and that everyone has an enjoyable and fair gaming experience.

Join the server now and get ready for some fun!


PokeParadise server provides an extraordinary fusion of Minecraft with Pokémon, resulting in an enthralling environment where you can set out on your very own Pokémon adventure. As you explore the large and exquisitely created world, you’ll find yourself making new friends and forging alliances due to the open and kind community.

Source: PokeParadise

Numerous gyms and skill-testing challenges are available on the server, along with a large selection of Pokémon to gather, train, and battle with. No matter how much or how little experience you have as a Pokémon Trainer or where you are in your adventure, there is something here for everyone.

PokeParadise Network hosts regular events, competitions, and giveaways for added excitement. While playing, you will have a blast because the crew is committed to giving you a seamless and pleasurable gaming experience.


Odyssey Pixelmon is similar to entering the Minecraft version of a Pokémon fantasy world. It’s a server where you may complete challenging quests, catch your favorite Pokémon, and engage in action-packed combat. Each of the server’s several different biomes is filled with rare Pokémon just waiting to be discovered.

YouTube video

The welcoming and engaged community of Odyssey Pixelmon is what distinguishes it. You can discover trainers from all walks of life who are eager to trade, engage in combat, and converse with you about their Pokémon journeys. Events, competitions, and new Pokémon to catch are added to the server periodically to keep things interesting.

Odyssey Pixelmon is the place to be, regardless of your experience level as a Pokémon trainer.

Final Words

It’s crucial to locate a server that provides a rich and exciting experience for individuals who want to completely immerse themselves in the Pokémon world of Pixelmon. The most enjoyable servers offer a friendly community, a large selection of Pokémon to catch, challenging battles, and regular updates to keep the game exciting. 

No matter how experienced you are as a trainer or where you are in your journey, the correct Pixelmon server can offer a vibrant and fun Pokémon experience that compels you to come back for more. Decide wisely, then begin your captivating Pixelmon adventure right away!

Also, if you’re a massive Pokémon fan and have a Nintendo console, you should check out our list of the best Pokémon ROM hacks!

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