10 Best Now.gg Games to Play Now


Transform your old PC into a gaming powerhouse, or play all noteworthy mobile games online – with now.gg. Now.gg games are here to disrupt the gaming ecosystem, and change it for the better with the power of cloud gaming.

They are here to make games accessible and available to you in an instant. What does it mean? Well, no longer do you have to wait around for downloads to finish or hardware requirements to be met. You’ll find 1000+ remarkable games with immersive gaming experiences belonging to different categories, from RPG to action or adventure.

All this talk might make you wonder what is cloud gaming, after all? Or, what are its benefits, and why should you consider cloud gaming from here on?

What’s Cloud Gaming? Why Should You Consider It?

Cloud gaming is the act of playing video games remotely. In addition to being the future of gaming, you should consider giving cloud gaming a shot because it makes games accessible without the hassles.

Moreover, with cloud gaming, you can get the chance to play AAA games even when you don’t have a console or a high-end gaming PC. Using any display you own, you can stream a game and have a great time.

However, now.gg makes gaming even more exciting by bringing it to your browser. No downloads, no installations, just pure enjoyment.

As now.gg games has more than 1000 great games, you might be confused about which ones you should play. Here, we have rounded up the best now.gg games for the most fun you can think of!

Super Sus

As a strategy and action game, Super Sus is available for free with the now.gg cloud subscription. It’s a game where you’re looking to find the imposter and is based on your social deduction skills.

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If you’re the sus, you have to use your clever tactics to hide your tracks. Whereas, if you have to find the sus in someone else, you have to use your guessing game, paired with social deduction mechanisms, and find the true imposter while not getting killed or attacked.

This online multiplayer game is all about your problem-solving skills. Developed by PIProductions, it is designed to have you glued to the screen.

You get to play it with a max of 9 other people online and carry out investigation assignments together. Moreover, the real fun starts when the imposter in your group will stop at nothing to kill you!

Rise of Kingdoms

Into building games? You’d definitely love the Rise of Kingdoms, an MMO real-time strategy game developed by LilithGames. In this game, you can become the ruler of a magnificent kingdom, steering your people to a triumphant journey of greatness, glory, and infinite reach.

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As you step into the role of a true hero, raise a powerful army, forge robust alliances, gather unimaginable resources, and destroy the rivals who threaten your path to glory.

This Android game, now available on the browser thanks to now.gg cloud, can be super addictive with its real-time epic battles. In fact, it’s all about outplaying your foes and standing by your allies in a massive, seamless world of your own fantastical making.

With immersive gameplay, Rise of Kingdoms on now.gg cloud is the right stage for your strategic maneuvers. You can control your troops manually, or rain down destruction and ruthless damage on your attacker’s home base when they’re away.

All in all, get ready to embark on a journey that’s for the mighty and the strong with Rise of Kingdoms, one of the best now.gg games.

Clash of Kings

A classic war strategy title, Clash of Kings is all about making your nation into a global superpower. Your biggest weapons in this multiplayer online game are power and strategy.

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Developed by the Elex Wireless, Clash of Kings is one of the best now.gg games, perfect for gamers who’re into epic kingdom warfare.

Get into the world of nation-building gameplay and build an epic kingdom from a simple castle, surrounded by thin ramparts.

Accordingly, build an army by training soldiers into fierce warriors who’d march into battle and defend their loyalty to you. Upgrade your castles, and make them impenetrable, and don’t stop at anything while you and your army are on the road to world domination.

Enjoy a lag-free and high-quality online gaming experience when you play Clash of Kings on now.gg games. This is one of the best browser games, and one that you shouldn’t miss out on!


Oddman is an action game developed by JoyPac, and it’s perfect for you if you’re ready to fight for your life. In fact, Oddman is a fast-paced fighter game where you fight off intruders, and end them in a classic, unique way.


When the end is near, and so is your victory, you push them into Piranha-infected waters to be the ultimate boss of all!

You can collect different fighters and play as the one that’s a favorite. Moreover, you can also enjoy the enchanting thrill of boss fights with the power of smooth and seamless gameplay.

Immersive and endless gameplay experiences await. Defeat enough of the pink guys, and you get a boss fight and the chance to become the ultimate Oddman. Plus, it’s one of the best games to let off some steam and pick a fight at every corner.

With now.gg, you can turn your device into a powerful gaming machine and enter a world of scenic beauty. Here, you turn enemies into fish food or save yourself from becoming a pile of bones at the bottom of the ocean.

Crush: Interactive Stories

Developed by RisingMeta, Crush is a simulation game that lets you decide the adventure, the terms, and what comes next. Intrigued? Well, you should be! With Crush’s interactive fiction world, you get to pick a story, run its course, and decide how it turns out.


Find strange and fascinating tales and decide the path you’d like to be on in every chapter. Discover the power of one choice and how it can change everything in your journey and the story you’re on.

Moreover, these interactive stories will be different if you make a set of separate choices. So, you actually have the chance to play off stories multiple times to get a different ending. It’s a visual story game that has romance, love, adventure, supernatural, and endless possibilities.

You can be a vampire hunter or a seductive secretary for your boss. Or, step into the shoes of a werewolf and spend your lifetime loving a human. You have complete choice of who you become, what you do, and who you love.

State of Survival

Into strategy games that make you fight for your survival? State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse is one of the best now.gg games for you then.

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Six months into the zombie apocalypse that has ended human civilization, the State of Survival is all about fighting until your last breath. The fate of mankind depends on you and a few of your closest friends.

Fight the monsters, stop their onslaught, and restore the normalcy of life. Defy all limits, protect your city and its people from mindless zombie armies that are out there to be the end of you.

If not, lose it all and become one of them. Either way, you’ll be fighting for all that’s life and worth fighting for. Enjoy life as a zombie hunter.

Dungeon Survivor

Dungeon Survivor, developed by LTGAMES GLOBAL and available on now.gg, is all about a dark and mysterious world with untold surprises. Go down the dungeon, unravel mysteries that lie in every nook and corner, and fight off strange beasts. Defeat them and collect resources.


Not only that, the more you spend time playing, the stronger you get. Plus, the deeper you can go out there, the more you fight the monsters lurking in the dark and achieve greatness.

The spatial diversity of the game is unparalleled. You’ll never encounter the same run twice. In fact, you can spend time hovering over 10 maps and explore what lies beneath 500+ dungeons and dark roads.

There are exciting customization options available. And, there are 20+ upgrade paths you can explore too. Moreover, you can be a part of 80 unique classes and enjoy a riveting tale as it unfolds.

Jurassic World Alive

A fan of Jurassic World and all that it holds? Step into Jurassic World Alive, a game by Ludia Inc. Set in the world of Jurassic Park among raving dinosaurs, this is an adventure game perfect for dinosaur lovers.

Jurassic World Alive

Who said dinosaurs can’t be real? See them come to life, chase you to death, invade our cities, and reclaim planet Earth as their own. Take a journey across time and space, defy your own limits, and collect remarkable dinosaur DNA.

Build a squad that lets you stay alive from deadly dinosaurs and engage in real-time player-versus-player combat with it. In fact, there are wonderful location-based techniques to help you locate dinosaurs on a map, and find some classics as well as some new originals.

Stay alive and collect prize possessions in a world overtaken by deadly dinosaurs that’ll stop at nothing.

Master Chess

Developed by Code This Lab srl, Master Chess is a board game for browsers! Other than the fantastic fact that you can now enjoy this game in your browser, you should look out for the AI opponents in this game.


In fact, when you play with the AI opponents, you’ll feel like you’re playing with real chess connoisseurs. That’s because they are built to resemble the playstyles of professional chess players.

Experience different tactics. Explore Bobby Fischer’s aggressive attacking style, or learn how to play off Anatoly Karpov’s defensive mastery.

Want the real experience of playing Chess? Impressive graphics, 3D render pieces meticulously conceived give you a lifelike experience. Moreover, you’ll find the depth, complexity, and strategy that online chess games aren’t typically known for.

As a player, you have the chance to play with different board and piece designs, while selecting a level that matches your expertise. In fact, you can explore settings that let you pick a tranquil park, a medieval castle, and even a sci-fi space station.

There’s a multiplayer mode to play with real friends and gamers, in addition to a single-player mode to hone your skills.

Looney Tunes

A fan of role-playing games that also let you revisit your childhood? Looney Tunes, developed by Scopely, gives you enough scope to do both!


This action RPG game lets you collect all your favorite characters, like Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, or Tweety. Not only that, you can explore the different skill sets each comes with and experience their fighting styles.

Once you have collected a handful of your favorite characters, you can send them to combat. Or, get a rare showbiz performance whenever you complete a tutorial. Get ready to build the greatest toon team in Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem.

You can play this on now.gg as a single-player or a multiplayer game. See Road Runner or Taz wage wacky battles and have fun revisiting your childhood film series like never before.

Now.gg Games Are For Everyone

Why take the hassle of downloading games for hours? Or, why be pulled down by lack of storage space, hardware requirements, and more? Relive the joy of gaming through now.gg games.

Play mobile games on your Windows PC and have an immersive experience second-to-none. Why throw out your old PC when you can transform it into a powerhouse and find games that keep you enthralled 24×7?

Moreover, with the wide variety of games on now.gg, you get the rare chance to play whatever strikes your fancy. Into interactive fiction games? Try Crush. Into dinosaurs and Jurassic Park? Run from dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, or revisit your childhood in Looney Tunes.

Try your hand at Chess, or fight a zombie apocalypse in the State of Survival. You can also find the sus at Super Sus, or build your own empire at Rise of Kingdoms. We have listed down the best games to play on now.gg, and we hope you have fun!

If you want to know more about cloud gaming and which service to go for, check out our list of the best cloud gaming memberships!

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