13 Best Minecraft Farms for Efficient Resource Gathering


The world of Minecraft, ever since its inception in 2011, relies on the inevitable tasks of resource gathering as most survival games do. Now, the main principles of the game rely on exploration, creation, building, and crafting items. But, why are Minecraft farms important? They help players get their hands on resources or experience points they weren’t able to naturally gather.


A lack of resources might put you in jeopardy. Hence, success and survival depend very much on resource gathering. Building farms can help you put your resource-gathering woes to the back of your head. Most of them might be complex to build, but keep generating results long after they’ve been made. Thereby making the investment of time and effort a valuable one.

Moreover, Minecraft farms are also automated and keep churning in resources with no additional effort, once made. However, whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, it can be difficult to understand which Minecraft farms are best for resource gathering. As there are so many, we’ve rounded up the top Minecraft farms to help you be ahead of the curve:

Creeper Farm

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Want to obtain large amounts of gunpowder? If you’re not into firing ghosts and witches, Creeper farm is one of the most reliable ways to do so. Plus, you get gunpowder when creepers are attacked and defeated.

But it simply isn’t worth going so close to creepers and risking damage and death. A creeper farm is a sure-shot way of getting gunpowder without incurring any damage. Now, for starters, why is gunpowder crucial? It’s useful for making and flying rockets.

You can build your creeper farm up in the sky, underwater, or inside the caves. That’s where creepers will spawn. Doing it underwater or up in the sky ensures the creepers don’t spawn on your farms.

When creepers spawn, they’re pushed off into water and funneled into a hole, where campfires kill them. That means no damage and a lot of gunpowder. Moreover, these creeper farms can be expanded in the future too!

Enderman Farm

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XP points are valuable in the world of Minecraft, and an Enderman Farm is the most powerful way to get XP points. In fact, you’re able to collect all XP while you’re away from the keyboard.

An Enderman Farm uses an entire dimension to get you experience points. However, you can’t use this until you reach and defeat the Ender dragon that resides there. In fact, you spawn Enderman, which is one of the toughest mobs to spawn in Minecraft.

Enderman does spawn naturally in all three dimensions of Minecraft, including the End. Why is it important to spawn Enderman by killing the dragon, then? That’s because once you kill the Enderman dragon, no other mob gets to spawn in the End.

Moreover, when combined with the fact that Enderman mobs spawn the fastest in the End, you’re guaranteeing yourself the fastest spawning rate and increasing the number of XP points. To get to the End, you need to find the stronghold using speedrun seeds, and activate the portal.

Cow Farm

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If you breed cows in Minecraft, you get advantages like no other. That’s because they’re useful. A cow’s steak is known for giving a player the highest hunger saturation within Minecraft. Plus, cow’s leather is useful for crafting books, armor, and item frames. Whereas, milk also helps you remove adverse effects.

Creating a cow farm doesn’t take a lot of space, and you can automate it. You’ll need dispensers, lava, and hoppers, and an observer to look after the spawning.

To breed cows, you’ll need water as well! So, you might want to throw in a water bucket or fill a hole in a cow farm. However, it’s important that the bucket or the water source should be big enough for the cows to stand and soak themselves in. If they get dried out, they won’t breed.

Another thing you might want to look out for when building a cow farm in Minecraft is you should have enough grass around it. Cows live on a simple diet of grass, and it’s essential for their survival.

Chicken Farm

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Chickens don’t have combat value or aren’t very useful in Minecraft. You can only use chicken for meat or for eggs. Building an automatic cooked chicken farm will get your hands on both.

So, the cooked chicken farm will create, kill, and cook the chickens for you. They’ll also ensure you get more eggs to grow them into chickens. One out of eight eggs will hatch into a chicken.

The chickens are trapped in a 1×1 space, where the eggs they lay are collected. A dispenser fires the eggs once they’re collected. If an egg fires up into a chicken, it’ll become an adult chicken in less than 20 minutes. The size is crucial here because the moment it’s an adult, it’ll be tall enough to reach the lava, and be cooked in an instant.

You can collect the chicken in a hopper and then store it away in a chest. You have to keep breeding them every day to have more chickens.

Pumpkin and Melon Farm

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Of course, pumpkin and melon farms can be manually operated or automatically. But we’ll take you through the automatic one because it’s faster and gets you more!

An automatic pumpkin and melon farm is one block wide, and that gives you the chance to build as many as you need side by side. Moreover, observers are placed to detect the stems growing and place two pistons behind them.

These pistons will help push it off the block into a hopper, where they can be stored. You can also use a Hopper-Minecart drive to ensure all the drops stay in the same space.

Gold Farm

Although Minecraft has now reached the 1.20 patch, gold farms in Minecraft have been one of the most important and ubiquitous since patch 1.16. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn gold in the game, but can be a difficult one to create.

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A gold farm is a surefire way to kill Zombie Pigmen, which drop gold upon being eliminated. The way to attract them would be to have a turtle egg in the middle of the farm. The Pigmen are dragged towards the egg, and thanks to the various traps and contraptions around it, are killed almost instantly.

Creating a farm of this nature requires plenty of resources, even if you’re creating one on a smaller scale. So make sure that you have the requisites at hand. Of course, you can use various Minecraft commands to acquire the resources too!

Sugar Cane Farm

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Crafting rockets, making bookshelves, as well as trading paper – you require sugar cane for all of that. Now, sugar cane farms can be very useful in getting you emeralds or firework rockets.

For the most efficient collection of sugar cane, you need an automatic sugar cane farm. You’ll need dirt to plant the sugar cane, and a continued water source. An observer should face the plants, and each plant should have a piston.

Once it grows to a height of 2 feet, the pistons will break the sugar cane and send it down the water, which will then store it in a hopper. Then, you can extract it from a chest.

Slime Farm

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Source: Eyecraftmc

Need too many sticky pistons? Slime Farm is your only way! You’ll have a farm or a platform to spawn slimes. Once they’re spawned, an Iron Golem will put them to their end.

Now, what are the best places to build a slime farm? Well, there are two: a swamp, where they pop naturally, or a slime chunk.

Unlimited slime means red contraptions, which means unlimited power source. You can use them to activate or deactivate unlimited doors, dispensers, and pistons.

Also, check out our detailed guide on how to find slimes in Minecraft for an in-depth look!

Tree Farm

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If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, you know wood’s quite useful and versatile as a material. Wood is a building block in itself, in addition to crafting tools, furniture, and utility blocks of different kinds.

A tree farm lets you plant saplings, grow them into trees, and get wood. In that way, wood’s a renewable resource in the world of Minecraft. Also, you help conserve the environment by planting trees or having a tree farm! So, win-win.

Also, a tree farm allows you to get thousands of pieces of wood every hour, even while you’re away from the game. Out of the nine types of wood available in Minecraft, you can start making wood that’s easy to make: oak, spruce, birch, and jungle.

Tree farms use TNT to blow trees up. Then, they’re dropped into water and carried off in hoppers, and stored in chests.

AFK Fish Farm

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If you want to collect food and enchanted items the simpler way, go out fishing. Yes, you heard that right! You can make two types of AFK fish farms: one block farm and a walled farm. The first one is simple to build and requires one water block.

You can catch fish, experience orbs, and some common items. Now, if you’re looking for rare items like enchanted books and tools, a walled farm is where you should be looking. But it’s more complex to build.

You’ll need an iron trapdoor with tripwire to catch fish. You’ll rely on a fishing rod, but it’s recommended you use a few enchantments to strengthen it: Luck of the Sea III, Mending I, and Lure III.

To fish, you have to stand on the chest and have your fishing rod equipped. Then, it involves right-clicking a trapdoor.

Guardian Farm

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Efficient resource gathering in Minecraft can’t be complete without our talks of Guardian Farm, one of the most efficient farms. If you thought Enderman Farm was good for collecting XP points, you’d be delighted to discover Guardian Farms.

They can help you stock up more XP than Enderman Farms, as they’re faster. Guardian farms produce up to 180,000 XP per hour. Now, why doesn’t everyone go ahead and build a Guardian Farm if they’re so great?

They are hard to build and take up a lot of space. Moreover, they also produce useless blocks like prismarine shards, crystals, and cod. You need deep ocean biomes to spawn ocean monuments to spawn guardians.

While building a Guardian Farm, you need a spawning area and a killing area. Plus, a method for transporting the mobs to the killing area, an item collection system, and a place for you to wait.

Blaze Farm

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Source: Shulkercraft

One of the best candidates for XP farming is Blazes. That’s because they take health points only required for zombies and skeletons, and drop 2x experience points in comparison to normal mobs.

But you might also want Blaze to get to the End and for brewing. In fact, blaze rods are pretty efficient as fuel resources. The best option is to build your blaze farm around a spawner. All you’ll need is a spawning area, a killing area, and a funnel for transporting them to the killing chamber.

You can also use an open-fortress if you don’t have a spawner.

Villager Farm

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The living entities in Minecraft happen to be villagers, and no, they can’t be forced to breed. They live in biomes and often trade items with players. Now, villager farms help breed baby villagers who can then grow to adults.

You need a 9×9 farmland of dirt to make a village farm. Have a hoe to make the farmland ideal for carrots to grow. Now, players will be working on this farmland, so walls must be put in place to prevent your villagers from abandoning the task and scurrying off.

You need to bring two adult villagers who are also unemployed within the farmland. Now, like we said before, you can’t force them to breed. So, your best chance is to bring two beds inside the farmland and make an entrance for them.

Once they’re in, you can close the entrance, and to successfully complete the breeding ritual, you need to break the bed. This chamber will help create baby villagers, who can be carried to wherever using boats, rails, and minecarts.

Now, why did you need to plant carrots or have farmer villagers? That’s so that the farmer villager can keep providing the parent villagers with food items.

Minecraft Farms: Your Fastest Route to Resources

By now, you know how useful Minecraft farms really are. From a Cow Farm, which helps you prepare steak that’s highly enriching, to a Guardian Farm, which helps you pile up on XP points, Minecraft farms can help you ride the long night with resources that not many have.

While some farm only to get XP points, others farm for necessities like food. A cooked chicken farm grows, kills, and cooks the chicken for you, whereas a villager farm helps you breed villagers who can be employed in Minecraft with every task once they’ve grown up.

While you might think most farms in Minecraft fulfill the necessities of food, and you might be right to think, there are also others like Slime Farm that help you get power. No matter the resource, farms are a great way of gathering common to rare resources without going to war, or waiting for a long time to find it.

Most of all, Minecraft farms help you gather resources fast – sometimes, thousands in an hour. A rate that is impossible to match through raids or exploration. Plus, most of the work happens in the background when you’re not actively on your keyboard, so all we see is a win-win for you!

Next up, if you’re looking for a bit more customization, take a look at our selection of the best Minecraft mods!

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