9 Best Mac Games for Your Next Gaming Marathon


It’s a fact that Mac is usually used for productivity and work, but did you know you can play a bunch of really cool games on it?

Mac users had to wait a long time for the operating system to become capable of handling games that otherwise run smoothly on Windows. Thanks to the WWDC 2022, Apple has made it clear that it’s no longer dodging the topic of gaming.

It introduced a couple of fascinating features for Mac devices that will enable users to play some really cool games. Not only that, but you can also expect more and more titles to be released for the operating system in the future. This is just the start of a long race ahead.

If you’ve been looking to play games on your Mac, you’re going to love reading this article. I’ll be talking about some of the best Mac games you can play RIGHT NOW.

Advantages of Gaming on Mac

Advantages of gaming on Mac

Because the topic of gaming on Mac isn’t nearly as much discussed as on Windows, I felt it was important to mention some of the unique advantages you’re going to get when playing games on it.

#1 Productivity + Entertainment

As we all know, Mac computers perform incredibly in creative fields, such as video editing and music production. And because of this, you’re able to switch between gaming and creative work seamlessly within the same device.

This ensures maximum productivity and convenience.

#2 Mac-exclusive Titles

You’d be happy to know that Mac does, in fact, has games exclusive to the OS and unavailable anywhere else. Even though these exclusive titles aren’t the most exciting, it’s still great to have a few under the belt that cannot be played on other operating systems.

#3 Color Accuracy

Since Macs are known for their high-resolution displays and phenomenal color accuracy, playing games on them gives you an unmatched experience. The visuals and vibrant colors come alive for every little pixel, so you can truly appreciate the details.

Now that we’re aware of the benefits of playing games on Mac, let’s jump into the list of games.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Rev your engines and burn rubber by playing Asphalt 8: Airborne, a game that is all about speed, intense competition, and high-octane driving on the streets. This game by Gameloft features over 300 licensed cars, plenty of tracks, and adrenaline-filled races that allow both online and offline modes.

YouTube video

You can choose from beautiful sports cars to powerful muscle machines and customize them to achieve your desired look and power. A new paint job and heavy upgrades add to the fun because, trust me, it’s an entirely different feeling when you zip past your opponents in a fully tuned-up Lamborghini.

This game is packed with exciting playing options, including:

  • 400+ career events
  • 1,500 car mastery challenges
  • 6 thrilling game modes

You can also take on up to 12 friends and play multiplayer mode to experience what it takes to come on top of a friendly dare.

The smooth 60-FPS gameplay on your retina-display Mac will undoubtedly be a treat to your eyes.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the new installment of the famous game Borderlands, and you can play it on your Mac rather flawlessly. In this game, four completely new vault hunters are introduced to players. You can choose any one of them and take on the mighty world of monsters, dangerous characters, and the antagonist – Handsome Jack.

YouTube video

Since there are four vault hunters, you can bring in 3 of your friends to conquer the world together in a multiplayer madness. You can also level up your characters and unlock deadly weapons to turn the tide in your favor whenever you are not on the hunt.

With this new version of the game, Aspyr Media brought in a bunch of impressive weapons, shields, enemies, and the most crucial element, FUN.

Do you think you can survive this quest for revenge and redemption?

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

This game by Larian Studios has won numerous awards over the years, including a BAFTA nomination.

YouTube video

Divinity: Original Sin 2 takes you to an evil world that’s forsaken by the Gods. Your task is to form a group and build on your unique story that depends on your choices. The fact that only one from the group can become the new Divine makes the gameplay even more gripping.

You can choose from different fantasy races with their own stories and personalities. After you pick your character, you will enter a world full of loot, uncertainty, treasures, and so much more to uncover.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

If you’re a fan of the hit series, you’re going to love Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows. It’s a narrative idle game based on the Game of Thrones universe, and the interesting part is the time in the game world keeps ticking even when you’re not playing it.

YouTube video

The story in this game revolves around the Night’s Watch, Lord Commanders, and of course, the Wall. You must guide the decisions of the Lord Commanders through the seasons and march ahead in the game.

This game is developed by Devolver, who are behind many popular games like Skate Story and The Plucky Squire.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.


If you’re active on social media platforms, I am confident you’ve come across this game. Homescapes is a puzzle game with tons of missions that’ll keep you glued to the screen.

YouTube video

The main focus of this game is to help Austin the Butler renovate the house and fix arising problems by swapping and matching pieces. You’re given complete control over the appearance of the house, so you can bring out the interior designer in you.

This free game by Playrix has fun characters, pets, and 3 exciting levels. You can also make use of paid upgrades to put the gameplay on steroids and achieve more in less time.

You can invite your friends from Facebook to help you design your house and find the missing pieces to progress in the game.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Aspyr Media has developed some amazing games, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is an example of that. This is the second and the latest part of the series, so if you’ve played the first one, you’re going to love this one.

YouTube video

The story in this game takes place five years after the events of the first installment. As the Sith Lords are about to destroy the Old Republic by bringing down most of the Jedis, your mission is to defeat them and bring things back to order.

Are you going to stick with the light side or die in the hands of the dark? Find out by playing this thrilling game.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Resident Evil 8: Village

Experience suspense, thrill, and horror with Resident Evil 8: Village, the eighth installment in the Resident Evil game series.

YouTube video

Tighten your fist and try surviving as Ethan Winters, who faces a terrifying challenge ahead of him. The attack from the BSAA captain and his daughter getting kidnapped are two of the many tragedies he faces in his life.

The quiet and peaceful life doesn’t seem to suit Ethan, as he has to leave his wife Mia to go on this hell of a journey.

Play through intense first-person action, gripping storytelling, and realistic graphics with this game developed by CAPCOM.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

A breathtaking action-adventure puzzle game by Eidos Interactive, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the final part of the trilogy. It’s bigger, badder, and better than ever before, as Lara Croft must save the world from a Mayan Apocalypse.

YouTube video

You’d have to go through a dense jungle, escape through narrow tunnels, discover tombs with lethal puzzles, and come out victorious by being a step ahead of the apocalypse.

Your main aim is to help Lara Croft shape her destiny to become the Tomb Raider.

Check it out on the Mac App Store.

Final Fantasy XIV

Live your unique story and go against other players by playing Final Fantasy XIV online. You can team up with your friends to complete challenges and experience a remarkable journey that’s loaded with adventure.

YouTube video

This game by Square Enix allows you to build houses, customize and put on different attires, build genuine friendships, and enjoy a journey of redemption with plenty of ups and downs.

You can choose from a variety of different characters and personalize them as per your liking. Besides, you can play various game modes depending on your mood.

Check it out on Square Enix.

Closing Thoughts

Since the Mac gaming scene is starting to rack up, there has never been a better time to jump on it. Whether you’re into heart-stopping action, mind-bending puzzles, or immersive storytelling, the above games are the ultimate options for your next gaming marathon.

Adnan Rehan
Adnan Rehan
Adnan is a BMS graduate and a senior games writer at Sparkian. He's a gaming enthusiast with plenty of knowledge of the gaming world, including the latest games, strategies, and epic adventures. Besides gaming, he loves to write about tech over at Geekflare.

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