9 Best Hockey Games on PC for Realistic On-Ice Action


Are you a fan of hockey? If yes, then I have some of the best hockey games for PC that’ll help you get that realistic feel!

Even if you are a die-hard hockey fan, you might be reluctant to play on a playground. Most certainly, you won’t have enough time to practice your sport or opposition. The most credible choice in this scenario is to play hockey games on a computer.

Dynamic World of Hockey Gaming

This is where each of us can become a coach and lead our beloved teams to triumph. Picture yourself lounging on your comfortable couch while holding a controller in your lap and wearing your favorite team’s jersey. As you prepare to confront the outside world, the spectators in the stadium are rooting for you.

Every pass, shot, and save in these virtual rinks feels authentic. It’s thrilling to experience the rush of scoring the game-winning goal in extra time or making a spectacular glove save to hold onto a lead.


Hockey games provide something for everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy franchise modes, ultimate team building, or simply playing quick matches. To create a dominant team, you can draught the ideal group of players, trade for other players, and also negotiate player contracts. Unmatched excitement comes from participating in exhilarating battles, planning line changes, and experiencing the action-packed adrenaline.

Hockey video games not only focus on winning but also on the excitement of the game, the dramatic overtime periods, and the sheer delight of scoring a hat trick. 

Hockey Games on PC: Thrill of Multiplayer Features

The thrill of the rink is now at your fingertips due to the thrilling multiplayer experiences available in today’s hockey games. These games have it all, whether you want to compete against friends or face off against players online from all around the world.

The option to create teams is one of the most exciting parts of multiplayer in hockey games. You can assemble your ideal lineup of goalies, defensemen, and attackers with your friends. Communication and cooperation are also essential as you plan and carry out plays together. It is comparable to stepping onto the ice with a single force.


Online multiplayer enables you to battle people from all around the world if you’re a competitive person. Whether you’re a casual player or a die-hard devotee, a match is always waiting for you. A genuine human opponent boosts the most intense adrenaline when scoring a goal or making a key save.

The multiplayer experience is made more exciting by further organizing league matches. A competitive setting allows you to participate in tournaments, ascent leaderboards, and demonstrate your abilities. You further have the chance to prove your talent and acquire bragging rights.

Hockey video games now feature multiplayer components that foster camaraderie, competition, and never-ending thrills. Get ready for some incredible multiplayer bouts on the virtual ice by grabbing your controller and strapping up your virtual skates. Here are some of the Hockey PC games for everyone. Have a look at them and try them out yourself to get a better understanding of the games.

Eastside Hockey Manager

In contrast to other PC hockey games, Eastside Hockey Manager requires you to manage teams rather than actually play the game. It is remarkable because this distinguishes it from others. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at hockey management and do a reality check.

From player drafting and prospect scouting to player contracts and team finances, the game covers every aspect of running a hockey organization. You may set each game’s strategies, lineups, and plans using a text-based simulation engine while simultaneously following the action. 

Source: Steam

You should take a look at this hockey management game if you enjoy taking on leadership roles or if coaches excite you. Gamers are madly in love with it because of its simple user interface, stunning graphics, and breathtaking simulation. Hockey lovers will find the game a true jewel, delivering hours of strategic play and the chance to guide your side to victory on the virtual rink, thanks to its realistic approach to hockey administration.

Developer: Sports Interactive

Publisher: SEGA 

Release Date: December 1, 2015

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Hockey Player VR

Ice hockey excitement can be experienced in your living room due to the thrilling PC game Hockey Player VR. With realistic gameplay and breathtaking visuals, this game puts you in the skates of a pro hockey player. Intense multiplayer bouts with friends or other gamers worldwide and solo training sessions are also available.

The ability to stickhandle, fire, and check opponents with great accuracy is made possible by the precise motion tracking function, which really stands out. You can also customize every aspect of your player in the game, including their appearance and playing method, to make it an accurate depiction of you playing hockey.

YouTube video

Hockey Player VR gives the thrill and rush of the rink right from the comfort of your PC, whether you’re an avid hockey fan or just searching for an explosive VR gaming experience.

This is a PC VR game on Steam you don’t want to miss!

Developer: Brosvision s.r.o.

Publisher: Brosvision s.r.o.

Release Date: May 8, 2019

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Mini Hockey Champ

With the exciting PC game Mini Hockey Champ, you can experience all the thrills of ice hockey right at your fingers. In Mini Hockey Champ, you play the part of a rising hockey champ who must score goals, make heroic saves, and guide his team to victory. The controls are simple to use, so you can easily pull off smooth motions and jaw-dropping shots.

The game also includes several thrilling modes, such as rapid matches, tournaments, and a demanding career mode where you can start afresh and create your hockey history. You may also customize your player and team to give your virtual hockey trip a personal touch.

YouTube video

This game is a must-have for any hockey-loving player, regardless of whether you’re an avid follower or just seeking some light entertainment. Get ready to win the title of Mini Hockey Champion by grabbing your virtual hockey stick and lacing up your skates! It’s time to go on the ice and further demonstrate your prowess in this action-packed, fast-paced game.

Developer: 26K

Publisher: 26K

Release Date: November 2, 2017

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Slapshot: Rebound

When playing Slapshot: Rebound, you can don the skates of any player you like and enter the furious world of ice hockey. The game’s several modes, which span from single-player career mode to multiplayer showdowns, allow for every type of player to discover their ideal situation.

This game stands out because of its realism in gameplay. Since skating, passing, and shooting feel realistic, you really feel like gliding on ice. The AI-controlled opponents make for a challenging encounter, forcing you to strategize and adjust while moving.

YouTube video

You have complete control over your play and can succeed by applying logic and gameplay abilities. With this multiplayer game, you can witness other players’ competitive gaming prowess when you’ve had enough of the same old games. You can also join other gamers online or ask your friends to partner up.

Developer: Oddshot Games

Publisher: Oddshot Games

Release Date: December 7, 2020

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey is a rich gameplay experience that matches its potent moniker. There is a lot of violence in the game’s theme. The game should only be played by adults. The sport is further influenced by ice hockey. It is, however, more sophisticated.

Can you picture playing ice hockey with the best possible mechanics? That is, after all, its primary focus. You can join any of the eight playable counties in the game. You can check, cross-check, and even fight with your opponents while trying to outscore them physically. Because of the pixelated art style, it has an endearing and nostalgic aspect that reminds me of arcade games.

YouTube video

Super Blood Hockey is a must-try for everyone looking for a distinctive and exciting spin on the popular game of hockey, thanks to its straightforward controls and addictive gameplay. Get your gaming gear ready and equip yourself for some intense gaming action. 

Developer: Loren Lemcke

Publisher: Loren Lemcke

Release Date: August 17, 2017

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Tape to Tape

The thrilling PC game Tape to Tape immerses you in the action of ice hockey. In this game, you play a hockey player, trying to score goals, provide assists, and effectively defend your goal. The game features magnificent graphics that accurately depict the excitement of actual ice hockey, including the clear ice and the raucous crowd. Both casual and serious gamers will enjoy the controls because they are simple to learn but challenging to master.

The game’s realistic physics engine ensures that every hit, pass, and shoot feels authentic. This is its defining feature. While the multiplayer mode lets you play against friends and players from across the world in spectacular online bouts, the career mode enables you to design your hockey hero.

YouTube video

Hockey fans and gamers should check out the game Tape to Tape since it blends realistic graphics with action requiring skill. Lace on your virtual skates, grab your stick, and start the game to be set for a fantastic ice hockey experience on your PC. 

Developer: Excellent Rectangle

Publisher: Null Games

Release Date: May 3, 2023

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Backyard Hockey 2005

The enjoyable PC game Backyard Hockey 2005 transports the thrill of ice hockey to your backyard. It is the ideal game for players of all ages since it blends entertaining and eccentric characters with the exhilaration of hockey. In this game, you can choose from a squad of backyard kids, each with special skills and powers, and build your own dream team.


Both casual players and hockey fans can enjoy the gameplay because of its simple controls and clear fundamentals. You can participate in various game styles, such as single matches, tournaments, and a problematic season mode where you try to win the Backyard Hockey championship.

Preview Product Rating Price
Backyard Hockey 2005 - PC Backyard Hockey 2005 - PC No ratings yet $15.44

It’s not just about winning; it’s also about having a great time with your favorite backyard buddies, pulling off absurd plays, and soaking up the competitive atmosphere of the game. Grab your hockey stick, then go to the virtual ice in this endearing and fun PC game. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the thrill of hockey in your backyard!

Developer: Humongous Entertainment

Publisher: Atari, Infogrames

Release Date: September 23, 2004

Bush Hockey League

A fun PC game, Bush Hockey League transports you to the world of amateur ice hockey and gives you a wild and crazy trip. Bush Hockey League, which is set in the Canadian woods, allows you to feel the thrill of competing in small-town hockey leagues. You’ll also board the skates of amusing individuals, each having their own traits and personalities.

You are more inclined to be a little bit patriotic if you are a sports nut. You can pick a team, represent your country on it, and pay to be a member of it here. What about it is most incredible? Not just the players but even the costume can be changed here. You can also pick and prepare your uniform from various options, including jerseys and t-shirts. You will always receive the best selection from 12 different sports styles.

YouTube video

Bush Hockey League is a terrific option for a fun gaming experience that will make you smile and chuckle, whether you’re an avid hockey fan or just seeking to have a good time.

Developer: V7 Entertainment Inc.

Publisher: V7 Entertainment Inc.

Release Date: March 28, 2017

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

VR Hockey League

Ice hockey’s thrills are elevated to a new level by the gripping PC game VR Hockey League, which uses virtual reality. The powerful and realistic sensation it provides will make you feel like an actual hockey superstar.

YouTube video

In VR Hockey League, you don the skates of a professional hockey player, and the game’s stunning visuals and realistic mechanics transfer you to the ice, where you compete with other players. The game offers a range of gaming options, from straightforward exhibition matches to challenging career levels where you can climb the ranks and motivate your team to victory.

No matter your hockey ability, the game’s straightforward gameplay makes it easy to pick up and enjoy. You can face off against pals or team up with others worldwide in the vibrant online community known as the VR Hockey League for exhilarating multiplayer action. A thrilling voyage on the ice awaits you, so put on your virtual skates right away!

Developer: MadskillzVR

Publisher: MadskillzVR

Release Date: September 26, 2018

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Final Words

If you were looking for the top hockey games for the PC, you would have found the solution with this list! Look for PC hockey games with accurate puck movement, detailed player animations, and physics-based gameplay for the most authentic experience. 

The best PC hockey games ultimately strike a gratifying mix between realism and enjoyment, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the fast-paced ice hockey scene.

And, if ice hockey isn’t your thing, check out our recommendations for the best websites to play football online!

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