16 Games Like Valorant to Keep You on the Edge


Action and shooting games like Valorant keep you engaged and etched to the screen for hours. You’re in luck if you enjoy Valorant and are looking for games that provide a similar gaming experience. 

Many first-person shooter games that are identical to Valorant are available today. Let us look through some of them. But first, let’s get an idea about the popularity of Valorant in the gaming market.

Popularity of Valorant

Valorant is an engrossing fusion of the tactical shooter and hero-based gameplay genres, providing a novel and intriguing experience. The game is made more complex and strategic by the various characters, known as Agents, who each have unique skills. Moreover, it’s a thrilling quest to master their abilities and identify the ideal Agent for your playstyle.

Valorant’s emphasis on collaboration and communication significantly contributes to its attractiveness. It is a satisfying experience when you and your team execute such well-coordinated plays because team cooperation and planning are essential to ensuring victory.

Popularity of Valorant
Source: Valorant

The gaming community remains alive through the game’s frequent updates and fresh material. Players are also motivated to develop their talents and move up the ranks by the competitive nature of ranked matches.

It’s no wonder that Valorant has become a worldwide phenomenon in the gaming industry, attracting gamers worldwide due to its slick mechanics, amazing graphics, and enthusiastic community. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter lover or a newbie, Valorant offers a tremendously entertaining and compelling experience that will have you returning for more.

Many OGs are hooked to the screen while playing Valorant as if our life depended on it. So is the case here; there are also other similar games that you would love to play. Let’s check them out below!

Overwatch 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the wildly successful team-based shooter Overwatch is Overwatch 2. Prepare to collaborate with your buddies once more and complete thrilling tasks all across the world in this spectacular sequel.  

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There are 35 characters or “Heroes” available to choose from. Furthermore, a brand-new PvP mode called “Push” is also introduced in the game, in which teams compete for a robot that pushes their team’s payload to the other team’s side of the battlefield.

Preview Product Rating Price
Overwatch Legendary Edition - PlayStation 4 Overwatch Legendary Edition - PlayStation 4 1,712 Reviews $28.00Amazon Prime

But hey, there’s more! The gameplay mechanics and graphics have been very much enhanced in Overwatch 2, adding to the game’s already engaging battles. Get ready to have some real adrenaline rush when you play the game with your buddies.

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Release Date: August 10, 2023

Platforms Available: Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch

➡️ You can also check it out on Steam.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is included on the list since it is thought to have significantly influenced Valorant. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has established itself as a top-tier multiplayer shooter over the years. Did you know that it originally appeared on the scene as a Half-Life spin-off?

YouTube video

The two opposing teams are terrorists and counter-terrorists in the newest version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You’ll engage in combat with your opponents in a cramped urban setting while playing as one of the two five-player squatters.

Either placing bombs or defusing them is the aim. Similar to Valorant, this Counter-Strike game is played in rounds, with your actions determining how much money you earn. This game will also keep you glued to your seats because of its intense gameplay. Get ready for some combat with CS:GO.

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Release Date: August 21, 2012

Platforms Available: Xbox 360, Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 3, Linux.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a thrilling, free-to-play battle royale game that has swept the gaming industry. The game highly resembles Valorant, so lovers of Valorant will find this game fascinating. You get to pick from a cast of spectacular characters to fill a slot on your squad, as you might anticipate from a hero-shooter game.

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All heroes have special abilities, tools, and weapons to employ while you play in the first person. Additionally, each character has unique movement abilities that let them move through the arena more quickly.

While playing in first person, you control a squad of three players, and by cooperating, you and your team will battle against 19 other squads of three players. The game keeps you on your toes with thrilling gunfights and fast-paced mobility elements like slide and wall-running.

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: February 4, 2019

Platforms Available: Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege requires choosing a class and playing as a team. You can either besiege a place as the cops or defend a place as the bad guys. You can also choose from top characters with unique abilities, perks, and gadgets.

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The operators use specialized weapon load-outs, abilities, and devices for combat. For example, a device can be used to track the sounds or movements of enemies, while a skill can enable you to break walls. Each battle may support up to 10 participants. Therefore, there are five players on each team.

The game is constantly on the growth spurt. With each new season, the game provides renewed excitement for the OGs. New content and in-game events also make the gameplay more authentic & engaging!

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: December 1, 2015

Platforms Available: Xbox One, Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is the ultimate shooting game you can play today. You play as a survivor caught in a fight between residents and private military corporations in the fictional city of Tarkov. You aim to amass loot, finish objectives, and make it out of the city alive.

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The “raid” concept, in which you enter the city with restricted equipment and can either take back or lose all you find there if you don’t leave the session in time, is one of the game’s distinctive elements. An exciting risk-reward component now enhances the gameplay.

Due to its constant improvements and enhancements, Escape from Tarkov has further become a favorite among die-hard shooter fans looking for a demanding and satisfying experience.

Developer: Battlestate Games

Publisher: Battlestate Games

Release Date: July 27, 2017

Platforms Available: Windows


The team-based first-person shooter game Paladins is thrilling, action-packed, and free to play. It transports you to a fantastical world where you embark on a grand quest. From formidable warriors to potent wizards, the Champions roster is diverse and offers players a variety of options. Further, each Champion has unique skills and playstyles.

YouTube video

The game offers a variety of gripping game types, such as Siege, in which teams compete to gather and push payloads, and Onslaught, a never-ending struggle for map supremacy. Moreover, another benefit for players who can also climb the ladder to show off their prowess is the tactical difficulty of ranked matches.

Everyone around you will enjoy Paladin’s exhilarating experience, which promotes cooperation and unforgettable moments in the world of champions. So don your gaming gear and get ready!

Developer: Evil Mojo Games

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

Release Date: May 8, 2018

Platforms Available: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions, a thrilling first-person shooter, brings back the intense action of the classic Quake games. It’s a multiplayer competitive game that accepts both experienced players and newcomers. 

YouTube video

The game provides the ideal fusion of classic gameplay elements and contemporary gameplay mechanisms, further allowing for countless hours of thrills and deft battles.

Quake Champions will surely bring thrilling multiplayer mayhem that will keep you going back for more, whether you’re an OG gamer or just a newbie. So, buckle yourself up for some exciting gameplay!

Developer: Saber Interactive and id Software

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release Date: August 18, 2022

Platforms Available: Windows

➡️ Check it out on Steam.


Splitgate is a quick-fire first-person shooter game that clubs a mind-bending twist with the timeless feel of old-school shooters. Its main feature is the game’s mind-bending portal system, which further also lets you build portals and move across them quickly.

YouTube video

With its gorgeous graphics and dynamic gameplay, the game offers a unique and engrossing experience that will keep you etched to your screen for hours. The game also enables your preferred playing style, whether you like to play alone or with others.

Prepare your equipment, enter the arenas filled with portals, and prepare to feel the thrill of Splitgate!

Developer: 1047 Games

Publisher: 1047 Games

Release Date: September 15, 2022

Platforms Available: Windows, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a tactical first-person shooter that will give you a heart-pounding, dramatic gaming experience. Further, the game also places you in a soldier’s shoes, whether insurgents or security personnel, and is set in contemporary Middle Eastern battle zones.

YouTube video

Players are further required to cooperate, strategize, and communicate in various game types like Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base, emphasizing realism and teamwork. 

The gunplay is deft and enjoyable, accurately simulating the feel of real weapons. Stunning visuals and sound effects further only heighten the moody atmosphere. Get on board to play this game with your buddies and have a gala time!

Developer: New World Interactive

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release Date: December 12, 2018

Platforms Available: Windows, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Call of Duty: Warzone

An exhilarating, action-packed battle royale game, Call of Duty: Warzone elevates the venerable Call of Duty franchise to new heights. Warzone offers a dramatic and engaging gaming experience with 150 players squaring off.

YouTube video

Players can choose from top weapons and equipment, including changeable load-outs, and also change their tactics as necessary as the circle gets more minor and more heart-pounding encounters are required.

Players are fascinated and ready to see what comes next in the fast-paced world of Call of Duty, thanks to Warzone’s ongoing upgrades, seasonal events, and community involvement.

Developer: Rave Software and Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Release Date: March 10, 2020

Platforms Available: Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.


The gripping action-adventure game Control sends players on a trip that will test their mental stability. You are represented as the charismatic lead with extraordinary skills known as Jesse Faden. 

YouTube video

As the new director, take over the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a clandestine government agency that looks into paranormal events. You’ll further also learn more about a perplexing and strange storyline in New York City’s legendary Oldest House, a changing and otherworldly structure. 

You’ll battle various frightening opponents known as the Hiss while armed with the “Service Weapon,” a shape-shifting rifle, and supernatural powers like telekinesis. Brace yourselves for an unpredictable daring adventure with this game!

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: August 27, 2019

Platforms Available: Windows, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a thrilling and classic title that has won the hearts of players worldwide. In these teams, players can select nine character classes to represent them. Furthermore, each type has its unique strengths, weaknesses, and weaponry.

YouTube video

The key to success is teamwork, which promotes cooperation among teammates. Players may genuinely express their flair due to the extensive selection of weapons and headwear for character customization.

Team Fortress 2’s distinctive attractiveness is due to the colorful aesthetic and eccentric characters, which offer numerous hours of amusement and excitement. So get the gaming mode on!

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Release Date: October 10, 2007

Platforms Available: Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, Mac OS X, and Linux.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront

A thrilling real-time strategy game set during World War II, Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront immerses players in the thick of famous battles on the Eastern Front. Thanks to its intriguing blend of tactics, action, and furious combat, you can also command and direct soldiers, vehicles, and artillery in epic battles.

YouTube video

Gates of Hell: Ostfront presents an authentic experience with great regard to historical detail during one of the war’s most terrible and pivotal times. Players can fight as either the German Wehrmacht or the Soviet Red Army. There are unique units and tactics on both sides.

Developer: Barbedwire Studios

Publisher: Digitalmindsoft

Release Date: June 11, 2021

Platforms Available: Windows

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Borderlands 3

An epic first-person shooter game, Borderlands 3 will take you on a galactic odyssey full of mayhem, humor, and looting madness! Thanks to the game’s distinctive cell-shaded art style, you will be submerged in a colorful and comic book-like environment.

YouTube video

Choose a Vault Hunter from a broad roster, each with its own specialties and playstyles, and set out to prevent the evil Calypso Twins from acquiring unrivaled power in an action role-playing game set on the planet Pandora and beyond.

With millions of randomly produced guns, the loot is a standout feature that adds excitement to each weapon drop. The gameplay is also thrilling and surprising whether you like to play alone or in co-op with up to four buddies.

Developer: Gearbox Software

Publisher: 2K

Release Date: September 13, 2019

Platforms Available: Windows, Mac OS, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Mac OS, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X|S.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a third-person action-adventure video game. With their lightsaber, the player can attack enemies or deflect attacks. Moreover, Cal must conceal his true identity while attempting to revive the Jedi Order since the Empire is after the last remaining Jedi.

YouTube video

Players can explore exquisitely designed locations on many planets, including the thriving city of Nar Shaddaa and the historic Zeffo temples. Get ready to explore one of the best Star Wars games in recent history!

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: November 15, 2019

Platforms Available: Windows, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X|S.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a pulse-pounding, cooperative tactical shooter that fills the gaming space with nonstop action. Your goal? Use skill and strategy to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents in fierce 4v4 confrontations on various terrain and game modes.

YouTube video

Regardless of your preferred playstyle—stealth, accuracy, or pure firepower—Rogue Company has a Rogue to match. There is a character for everyone, from the nimble Phantom to the powerful Ronin. The game also offers a thrilling experience that will have you returning for more, thanks to its accessible gameplay, bright graphics, and regular updates.

Developer: First Watch Games

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

Release Date: October 1, 2020

Platforms Available: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS5.

➡️ Check it out on Steam.

Final Words

Check out the games on this list if you enjoy Valorant and are looking for other games that have a similar vibe to them and provide a similar experience. Continuous focus and concentration are required due to the demanding gameplay, strategic considerations, and fast-paced action. But we’re sure that you’ll definitely enjoy these games to the fullest!

For more on Valorant, check out our guide to the best Valorant skins!

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