12 Best Free Games You Can Play on Google Now


A popular mode of entertainment, games have always been a way to relax and have fun at the end of a long day.

In today’s times, the world of online gaming has exploded with complex and immersive experiences. Most games often contain a level-based reward system, which generates a sense of achievement after overcoming the hurdles. The difficulty level can vary from easy to hard, giving us the freedom to choose according to our preferences.

However, sometimes we need simple games to unwind and relax our minds, specifically those that don’t require much energy.

Luckily, Google has a variety of free games that can be played directly from your browser, and it’s super quick and enjoyable.

In this post, we will explore some of the best free games available on Google that you can play right now for a casual gaming session.

Positive Impact of Playing Games

Positive Impact of Playing Games

Let’s face it; it’s incredibly important to find every little way to unwind and relax in this busy, hustling world. Whether you’ve returned home from work, school, or a meeting, nothing beats putting your body and mind at ease after a long day.

While there are many options to choose from, one of my favorites has to be playing games. Irrespective of the kind of game you’re playing, it’s a fantastic way to let loose and recharge.

Here are some of the many ways playing games can have a positive impact on you:

#1. Escape from the Daily Grind 💼

While playing games, you can leave all the heavy baggage, such as work-related stress, school assignments, and other responsibilities behind.

It’s like stepping into a different world for a while, where only playing the game is your focus. It becomes therapeutic and refreshing for your mind that needs a much-needed break.

#2. Sense of Accomplishment and Fulfillment 🏆

How many times have you celebrated after completing a mission on a game that was too hard to crack? I am sure you’ve done that in many instances because we all have!

No matter the type of game you’re playing, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with achieving goals and clearing a level, even if it’s something as simple as securing your highest-ever score on the Snake game.

This feeling of progress and accomplishment can help you improve your mood and boost your self-esteem. It serves as a reminder that you’re capable of overcoming challenges, both in the game and in real life.

#3. Social Connections 👥

Speaking from personal experience, the friends you make while playing games are some of the best connections you’ll ever build.

Since many games come with a multiplayer mode, you can team up with friends or players from around the world and take on enemies together. You form a strong bond over time as you engage in cooperative gameplay or friendly competition. The laughs, shouts, hoots, frustrations, and celebrations all contribute to a feeling of togetherness.

#4. Creativity and Problem-solving Skills 👨🏻‍🎨

In one way or another, all games require some level of critical thinking and decision-making. Due to this fact, you’re faced with challenges throughout the game and are forced to come up with innovative solutions to overcome the obstacles.

This practice helps exercise your creativity and problem-solving skills. It gives you a much-needed break from mundane tasks to enhance your cognitive abilities.

Now that we know how playing games can benefit us, let’s jump into the list of games offered by Google.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic game of strategy and wit, and Google’s version is no different.

Tic Tac Toe

It’s a simple yet addictive version of this timeless game. You can play against a friend or challenge the computer at different difficulty levels, which include:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Impossible

The game’s interface is clean and straightforward, allowing you to easily make your moves and track your progress. It’s a great way to learn some strategy and skills while passing the time.

T-Rex Game

If you’ve ever experienced a loss of internet connection while using Google Chrome, you might be familiar with the T-Rex Game.

T-Rex Game

This fun and addictive game features a running T-Rex that jumps over cacti and avoids flying pterodactyls. With time, you’ll be running at a faster speed during the day and night.

The game starts automatically when you’re offline, providing a delightful way to kill time and test your reflexes. It has different difficulty levels, allowing you to challenge yourself and aim for a higher score.

Overall, T- Rex is a great way to exercise concentration and reflexes.


Pac-Man is a true arcade classic that needs no introduction. Google offers its own version of this beloved game, allowing you to guide Pac-Man through the maze, gobbling pellets and avoiding ghosts.


The game faithfully recreates retro visuals and iconic sound effects, providing a nostalgic experience for fans of the original game. Gear up to start gobbling up the ghosts and beat your own high score.

Google Snake Game

Snake is a historic game that has been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Google’s version puts a modern twist on the game, allowing you to control a colorful snake as it grows longer by consuming apples.

Google Snake Game

The controls of Google Snake Game are smooth and responsive, making it easy to navigate the snake through the maze. Be careful not to collide with the snake’s own body, as it will result in game over.


Minesweeper is a logic-based game that tests your deductive reasoning skills. This version challenges you to uncover hidden mines on a grid while avoiding detonating them.


The game offers multiple difficulty levels to give both beginners and experienced players the opportunity to enjoy the challenges. Also, the interface is very user-friendly, so you can flag potential mines and make intuitive moves seamlessly.


A timeless card game that has been a staple on Windows computers for years, Solitaire offers a clean yet appealing interface, allowing you to enjoy this vintage game of arranging cards in the right sequence.


The game provides various customizable options, such as choosing between one-card or three-card draws and changing the card design. It’s a perfect way to relax and relive old memories.

Memory Game

Memory Game, also known as Concentration, is a popular game that challenges your memory and focus.

Memory Game

The new version of Google’s Memory Game presents a collection of 4 animals with unique sounds and sequences. With each level, you must identify the pattern of the sounds and movements shown to you. You have to match the same pattern and movement by clicking on the correct animals the required number of times.

It’s a great game to improve your memory skills and enjoy a fun and interactive experience. As a side note, the game’s design is very adorable. So if you’re fond of cute illustrations, you’ll love playing this game.

Google Cloud

No, this isn’t the same Google Cloud that you’re thinking of. Actually, it kinda is, and isn’t. Sounds confusing? Fortunately for you, the game is quite simple. The catch for this game is that it’s only available on the Google app for Android phones.

So, if you have access to an Android phone, you can go to the Google app while your phone is in Airplane Mode. Since your smartphone doesn’t have access to the internet, the app will show you a message that Google can’t access the internet. Right next to the message, you’ll find the icon of the game’s protagonist. Tap on it.

YouTube video

Doing this will lead you to the game page, and you’ll have to ensure that the Google Cloud character can fly through the sky (with their umbrella), without hitting any of the birds that are flying past. To avoid the birds, you can tap and hold the screen, allowing the character to go up. Releasing the screen will lower the character’s altitude.

It’s a really simple game to play and might remind you of Flappy Bird, a game that went viral in 2013. By the way, did you know that there’s a Flappy Bird Clone game as well, and it’s one of the best JavaScript games available today?

Google Atari Breakout

Google Atari Breakout is an immersive arcade game that involves breaking bricks using a paddle and bouncing ball. In an attempt to give its own twist, Google features colorful graphics and addictive gameplay.

Google Atari Breakout

As you progress from one level to the next, its difficulty increases, making it more challenging and engaging.

Can you clear all the bricks and achieve a high score? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by playing the game.

Quick, Draw!

For all the creative souls, here’s a fun and creative game that tests your drawing skills.

Quick, Draw!

In Quick, Draw!, Google gives you a word to draw within a limited time, and an AI system tries to guess what you’re drawing. It’s a delightful way to showcase your artistic talents and see how the AI interprets your doodles.

The game provides a wide range of categories and keeps track of your progress, helping you to improve your drawing skills over time.

Google Cricket

Prepare to get on the pitch, for the stadium is packed, ready for a fun match!

This browser-based game allows you to play as a batsman and face different types of deliveries from the bowler.

Google Cricket

The controls are easy to grasp, with the ability to time your shots and score runs. With cute characters ready to awe you, this Google Cricket provides an immersive experience with fun sound effects and enticing gameplay.

Remember, as you score more runs, the game becomes notoriously challenging, as the cute snails’ only motive is to send you back to your pavilion.

Google Flight Simulator

While Microsoft Flight Simulator remains one of the best PC simulation games you can find today, it requires quite a beefy rig to run properly. However, Google has provided users with its own Flight Simulator game that closely mimics Microsoft’s version.

YouTube video

The game is available through Google Earth; more specifically, through Google Earth Pro. You can head on to the Google Earth Pro page and then press CTRL + Alt + A. This will launch the Google Flight Simulator game.

Surprisingly enough, the Google Flight Simulator features some decent graphics for the time it was released. Moreover, you can select from plenty of real-world flights and routes to fly through. The game supports both keyboard and gamepads, so you’d be able to play it the way you intend to.

Closing Thoughts

From classic board games to nostalgic arcade titles, Google provides a fantastic selection of free games you can play directly from your browser.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your strategic thinking, test your reflexes, or just have fun, a quick game will surely leave you refreshed in your teeny-tiny break.

If you want to play something a bit different and own a PS4 console, check out these PS4 indie games!

Adnan Rehan
Adnan Rehan
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