8 Cloud Gaming Memberships to Play Your Favorite Game


Gone are the days when we’d sit for hours, waiting for a download to finish, to play our favorite game. With cloud gaming, all games—from the most popular hits to classics to indie releases—are at the tip of our fingertips. Instant play, no installations, cross-platform compatibility, and streaming are some big advantages of cloud gaming. Now, what makes gameplay even better is cloud gaming memberships.

With access to a wide array of games, easy and fast updates, and added availability of multiplayer modes, cloud gaming memberships have changed gaming for the better!

Cloud gaming

Not only that, but you can also skip hardware upgrades, patch issues, be a part of a global community of gamers, and transform a compatible device into a robust console for a truly remarkable gaming experience.

In fact, it’s a cost-effective solution for gamers who never want to stop! Here’s a quick sneak peek into the benefits of cloud gaming memberships:

  • Access to a variety of games at lower costs
  • Member-exclusive discounts, rewards
  • No manual updating of games required
  • No need for physical media, downloads, or installation
  • Likewise, hardware upgrades aren’t mandatory

If you’re someone who’d love to play AAA games but don’t have gaming consoles to do so, a cloud gaming membership is the right fit. Likewise, if you have a console and you tend to play a lot, it’s again an ideal choice to cut down costs.

With numerous cloud gaming memberships out there, it might be hard to know which one you should choose. To help ease your decision-making, we have rounded up the best cloud gaming memberships that deserve a chance:

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a goldmine for all Xbox gamers. It offers the unique opportunity to access hundreds of high-quality games as a part of a cost-effective solution.

Moreover, you can play applicable games on your console, PC, or cloud. How to know which games are covered by Xbox Game Pass? You can always browse Xbox Pass Games, and filter them by genre, recently added, leaving soon, and your gaming device, among other things.

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The games list might vary from country to country. And, as new games are being updated to the list always, you have a vast treasure trove of great games to fall back upon.

Now, what’s included in your Xbox Game Pass membership?

  • Enjoy Xbox Live Gold for the best offers and stay connected
  • Also, make the most out of EA Play membership, the ultimate gaming destination
  • Play from any device or enjoy smooth downloads
  • Exclusive member discounts on games not covered within the Game Pass
  • Also, enjoy one-day releases from Xbox Game Studios, blockbusters, advanced indie games, and other iconic franchises from Bethesda Softworks
  • You can also link your Riot Games account to explore special offers via Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers three plans, depending on the usage:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for PC gaming, consoles, cloud with EA membership and Xbox Live Gold at $16.99/month after the first month
  • Xbox Game Pass PC, for PC games, with EA Play membership, at $9.99/month, after the first month
  • Xbox Game Pass Console, for console games, at $10.99/month, after the first month

The first-month subscription is $1 for all these plans.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Ultimate

Claiming to be the ultimate upgrade in the realm of cloud gaming memberships, Nvidia’s GeForce Now Ultimate game pass is home to 1500+ games. Don’t have a gaming PC rig? No worries, Nvidia’s ultimate membership can transform your PC, tablet, Mac/Android device, or TV.

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Why download games when you can play in higher resolution on the go? Here’s a glimpse of the upgrades you can enjoy:

  • Faster frame rates when you stream directly from GeForce RTX GPUs
  • The fastest access to GFN servers, which lets you skip queues
  • Extended game sessions lengths for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Maxed-out graphics experience – shadows, textures, post-processing, etc
  • Realistic and immersive effects with real-time ray tracing and RTX On

The best part about GeForce Ultimate Membership is its incredibly fast performance. As a member, you get first and exclusive access to GeForce RTX 4080-class performance in the cloud.


New releases, premium editions, and monthly rewards make Ubisoft+ a premium cloud gaming membership with access to 100+ high-quality games. You can also enjoy expansions, games in their Deluxe, Gold, or Ultimate editions, and Season passes here.

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Moreover, you can play indie games that are available for a limited time on PC with Ubisoft+. Not only that, you can view games based on Xbox/PC and 10 genres like racing, shooter, action/adventure, sport, simulation, and others.

  • Access saved games and jump back from multiple devices without losing your progress, thanks to the cross-progression feature
  • Moreover, start off with Bronze in the first month, and progress through the ranks to Platinum to redeem more rewards
  • Play on Xbox console or your PC to make the most out of classic gaming franchises like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, among others

Now, Ubisoft+ has two plans. If you want to make the most out of cross-progression gameplay, opt for Multi Access, starting at €17.99 /month. If you’re fine with just a PC access, the PC Access plan, starting at €14.99 /month, is perfect.

PlayStation Plus

Unlock the real power of your PlayStation console with PlayStation Plus. What can you expect from this fine membership? Brand new classic games, new releases, limited-time trials, discounts and more.

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For game trials, all rewards and trophies pass over to you if you do choose to buy the game. Here’s a look at the features of the PlayStation Plus:

  • Access to 400+ games, with new games added regularly
  • Member-exclusive perks for free-to-play games, including special skins, cosmetics, weapons, etc
  • Play online multiplayer games with a global community
  • Access to share play sessions to play with others
  • Get PlayStation stars on eligible purchases, and redeem them on your next digital purchases
  • Pay no extra delivery cost when you buy games or accessories
  • Get free cloud storage of 100 GB or PS4 or PS5 to play from the last point on any console

With PlayStation Plus, you’ll also get another exclusive advantage on your PS5. You can access game help by hitting the PS button and pin it to your screen while playing.

PlayStation Plus has three plans:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential, starting at $9.99/month, with access to monthly games, online multiplayer, discounts, share play, game help, cloud storage, and exclusive content
  • PlayStation Plus Extra, starting at $14.99/month, with access to the game catalog, Ubisoft+classics, and all features of Essential
  • PlayStation Plus Premium, starting at $17.99/month, with access to the classics catalog, game trials, cloud streaming, and all Extra and Essential benefits

Amazon Luna

Amazon’s cloud gaming service, Amazon Luna is perfect for playing games on Fire TV, Fire tablets, Windows PC, Chromebook, Mac devices, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and even select Samsung Smart TVs.

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Now, how does the membership work? You can play individual games you purchase, or enjoy unlimited gameplay with Luna+, Ubisoft+, or Jackbox cloud gaming membership. To make it clearer, here’s a glimpse of how Luna’s cloud gaming membership works:

  • Amazon Luna+, starting at $9.99/month, with access to different genres like action,
    adventure, racing, classics, among others
  • Amazon Prime Gaming, included with Amazon Prime membership, with access to a rotating selection of games
  • Ubisoft+, starting at $17.99/month, with unlimited access to Ubisoft classics
  • Jackbox games, starting at $4.99/month, with access to 5 party packs that include popular hits

Another great thing about Luna is you can broadcast directly to Twitch. Not only that — you can also play local co-op games with friends using Luna Couch. The best part is your friends don’t have to be Luna subscribers.

With a well-designed UI, Amazon Luna makes gameplay a breeze. Moreover, you can use your own smartphone as a controller with Luna!


Not just any regular cloud gaming membership, Nware lets you play your video games without consoles or gaming PCs. You can access the app or use its web browser to turn your device into a powerful gaming console.

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Moreover, you can go ahead and enjoy your previously purchased titles from other studios. All you have to do is sync your Steam account, and you’re good to go. This also works for Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox, and Minecraft Launchers.

As for pricing and plans, here’s what Nware comes with:

  • Base plan, paid monthly at €8.99, with access to synched games through thumbnails, game progression, priority access to gaming sessions over free trials
  • Premium plan, paid monthly at €10.99, with 100 GB instant storage, ability to play through Launchers feature, including Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox, and Minecraft launchers, and all features of the Base plan
  • Premium plan, paid annually, at €99.99, with 250 GB instant storage, and all features of the Premium plan mentioned above


With a free 14-day trial, Utomik gives you access to instant play, a diverse list of 1415+ games with new additions regularly. Moreover, this cloud gaming membership works for PC, TV, and mobile.

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Not only that, but Utomik also lets you avail of a family subscription. You’ll have access to 100+ games on PC and 200+ games for Android devices in the cloud, while enjoying seamless switching between devices.

There are three plans Utomik offers to make your gaming experience a striking one:

  • Personal, starting at $4.99/month, allows you PC compatibility
  • Personal + Cloud, starting at $8.99/month, allows PC, mobile, and TV compatibility
  • Family + Cloud, starting at $12.99/month, allows PC, mobile, and TV compatibility with 4 user screens

Furthermore, thanks to its own technology, you can enjoy 100x faster downloads with Utomik. Plus, it’s an all-you-can-game destination with access to different genres, game libraries, and quick releases.


Blacknut is a cloud gaming membership with unlimited access to more than 500 games on all screens you own (based on compatibility). You don’t require any downloads or installation; you can just start playing instantly with Blacknut.

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In fact, what’s remarkable about this cloud gaming membership is that everything’s included. You don’t need to pay extra for in-game purchases or games. With one subscription, Blacknut allows you to create up to 5 gaming accounts for friends or family. You can also activate parental controls for child-only accounts.

So, here’s a quick look at what you enjoy with Blacknut’s cloud gaming membership:

  • 500+ games, with no downloads or installations
  • No game purchases or in-game purchases required
  • Online saves, no ads, and easy streaming across devices

An Xbox One Bluetooth controller seems to work best with a Blacknut membership. But you can explore the full length of compatible controllers on the website. Subscriptions start at $15.99/month and come with no lock-ins.

Change the Way You Game 🎮

If you’re someone who’s a professional gamer or loves gaming, a cloud gaming membership makes sense in terms of costs. It reduces expenditure, while giving you access to a considerable range of games, including classics and new releases. However, that’s not all!

A cloud gaming membership empowers gamers to pick up where they left off, transform almost every compatible device into a powerful console, and enjoy immersive gameplay. Plus, you’re able to enjoy instant play without downloads or installations.

While all gaming memberships offer these benefits, there are a few which take the trophy in terms of additional features. Some memberships offer free delivery of games and gadgets, while others offer all-inclusive gameplay with no additional in-game purchases required. Others might also give you free trials, access to the latest releases, and powerful integration features for a meaningful experience.

Depending on what calls to you, device compatibility, and your budget, you can choose a gaming membership that’ll help simplify and revolutionize your gaming experience!

If you’re still on the lookout for heavy discounts on your favorite games, check out our picks for websites that offer excellent prices on popular games!

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