Beets in Stardew Valley | How to Grow & Harvest?


Beets are a sweet root vegetable that has different uses in Stardew Valley. You’re going to start wondering about harvesting beets after you receive a note and a quest from a certain Mr. Qi. He’ll ask you to put 10 beets in Lewis’s Fridge, and you can’t do that unless you have harvested and grown this crop in Fall.

However, how do you harvest beets, especially when you can’t seem to find the seeds anywhere in Stardew Valley? This post answers that and more questions on growing beets in Stardew Valley.

Where to Get Beet Seeds in Stardew Valley?


To grow beets in Stardew Valley, you need to buy beet seeds. But you won’t find them at Pierre’s General Shop or the Jojamart. So, don’t waste your precious in-game time looking in those places.

#1. The Oasis in Calico Desert


You can buy beet seeds in Stardew Valley from the shop at Calico Desert: Oasis.

You have to take a bus to Calico Desert between 9.30AM – 5.30PM by paying 500 gold coins for a ticket. As you get down from the bus, keep walking and go to the bottom left of the Calico Desert map.

You’ll find a purple building named Oasis. Enter it, get greeted by Sandy, and shop beet seeds in Stardew Valley. Each packet of beet seeds costs 20 gold coins in Oasis, Calico Desert.

➡️ How to Take the Bus to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley


When you move to Stardew Valley, you must have noticed the bus service in Stardew Valley is out of order. So, you’ll have to repair the bus service before you can take the bus to Calico Desert:

  • You can complete the Vault bundle at the Community Center by spending 42,500 gold coins.
  • You can also sign up for a Jojacart membership for 5,000 gold coins and purchase the vault for an additional 40,000 gold coins.

Once the bus service is repaired, go to sleep so that the game progress has been saved. If you go back to the bus stop on the same day, it’ll still be out of order.

The next day, be there around 9AM. See Pam walk in. Buy a ticket from the ticket counter and make your way to Calico Desert. You can return whenever you want.

#2. The Travelling Cart


Beet seeds are also a part of the rotating stock at the Travelling Cart in Stardew Valley. You can find the Travelling Cart, south of your farm on Fridays and Sundays between 6AM – 9PM.

The chances of finding beet seeds on your first visit to the Travelling Cart are rare. Hence, you might have to keep visiting the Travelling Cart a couple of times before you’re able to buy the beet seeds at all! That might lose you precious in-game time.

You can buy beet seeds at the Travelling Cart for 100 gold coins – 1000 gold coins.

How to Plant Beet Seeds in Stardew Valley?


You can plant beet seeds in Stardew Valley once it’s fall. The steps remain the same as any other crop:

  • Use the hoe to till the soil.
  • Add quality fertilizer to the soil, if you want the highest quality beets.
  • Add speed-gro or deluxe speed-gro to the soil, if you want to reduce harvesting time.
  • Once you have added fertilizer or speed-gro, you can plant the beet seeds on your farm.
  • You can also add no fertilizer to have normal-grade beets grow.
  • You’ll have to water the crops every day.

Note: You can also plant a sprinkler or a quality sprinkler for automatically watering your plants.


While a sprinkler will water 4 adjacent tiles, a quality sprinkler will water 8 corresponding tiles every morning. If you’re planning to add a sprinkler to your farm, you have to plan ahead. I’d recommend adding the sprinkler first, and then tilling the 4 adjacent tiles to plant your beet seeds.

For a quality sprinkler, all the 8 tiles around it will be watered. So, take that into your farming plans in Stardew Valley.

➡️ How to Craft a Sprinkler or Quality Sprinkler

You can get your hands on a sprinkler or a quality sprinkler by clicking E and navigating to the 🔨Crafting tab. Once you cross Farming Level 2 in Stardew Valley, you’ll get the crafting recipe for a sprinkler. To craft a quality sprinkler, you’ll need to pass Farming Level 5 and go into Farming Level 6. You can also get it by completing the Summer Crops Bundle (Pantry) at the Community Center.


You’ll need 1 iron bar, 1 gold bar, and 1 refined quartz to craft this item to grow and harvest beets and other crops.

You’ll need to smelt a copper bar and an iron bar to make a sprinkler. Put 5 copper ores or 5 iron ores in a furnace with coal, and it’ll give you the metal bars you’re looking for. As for gold bars, the process is the same: add 5 gold ores that you might have mined or bought to the furnace.

You can get iron ores in Stardew Valley by mining, visiting the quarry once the bridge is repaired, or in the Skull Cavern. This process is the same for other ores as well. You can also buy ores from Clint’s Blacksmith Shop between 9AM 4PM.

How to Grow & Harvest Beets in Stardew Valley?


Beets take 6 days to mature, so you’ll either have to water them every day, or they’ll take more time. However, in which season do beets grow in Stardew Valley? They grow in the fall, and you can hope to grow them from Year 2 onwards.

Uses of Beets in Stardew Valley

Beets have several uses in the Stardew Valley universe, from being a part of quests to crafting other items. Let’s get into them, one by one:

#1. Quests


➡️ The Mysterious Qi Quest

As the second quest from Mr. Qi, you’ll be tasked to put 10 beets in Mayor Lewis’s fridge. Now, it doesn’t matter when you receive the quest – it’ll remain open until finished.

You’ll only be able to complete the quest in Fall, as beets grow in no other season. Once you have harvested the beets, go to Mayor Lewis’ house and add these to the fridge to get an update on your Qi Quest.

➡️ Jodi’s Request

Jodi can also request a beet at the start of Fall. The request comes to your personal mailbox, so you have no chance to not accept the quest. However, you have to complete the quest in two days. And that might be impossible unless you have beets stored up or beets that are getting harvested in two days.

#2. Crafting

You can also craft sugar from beet when you have a mill. 1 beet produces 3 sugars. It takes half a day, and you can sell it for 50 gold coins.

To set up a mill, go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop any day between 9AM – 5PM except for Tuesdays. Go to Purchase Farm Buildings > Mill.

➡️ How to Make a Mill in Stardew Valley

You need 150 pieces of wood, 50 pieces of stones, 4 pieces of clothes, and 2,500 gold coins to purchase a mill. You can mill beets, rice, and wheat. If you’re wondering where to get cloth, you might be wise to rear goats that’ll produce wool. You can take that wool, use a loom, and craft clothes.

#3. Gifting

You can also gift beets to Evelyn in Stardew Valley. She absolutely loves them! Here are all the people who like beets in Stardew Valley as well:

  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Clint
  • Demetrius
  • Dwarf
  • Elliott
  • Emily
  • George
  • Gus
  • Harvey
  • Jodi
  • Kent
  • Krobus
  • Leah
  • Leo
  • Lewis
  • Marnie
  • Maru
  • Pam
  • Penny
  • Pierre
  • Robin
  • Sandy
  • Sebastian
  • Shane
  • Willy
  • Wizard

#4. Tailoring


You can also use beets to create a dyeable button-down shirt in Emily’s house. Use her sewing machine or the one she gifts you after earning 7 friendship hearts with her.

In fact, you can also use beets to make purple dye, using the dyeing pots at Emily and Haley’s house in the Town Square.

#5. Cooking


You can also cook Vegetable Medley using a tomato and a beet. However, you’ll need the recipe unlocked. The recipe comes to you only when Caroline and you reach 7 friendship hearts.

It’s nutritious and will give a player 165 energy points and 74 health points. You can also this dish for 120 gold.

#6. Selling Beet Crops


You can, of course, sell beets like you do with all other crops in Stardew Valley. In fact, you can sell them at Pierre’s or put them in your shipping bin sent by Pierre. You can also use the shipping box outside your home.

Here’s how much you’ll earn by selling beets:

Base sell priceTiller sell price (+10%)
Beets normal-grade100 gold coins110 gold coins
Beets silver-grade125 gold coins137 gold coins
Beets gold-grade150 gold coins165 gold coins
Beets iridium-grade (highest)200 gold coins225 gold coins

#7. Selling Beets-Based Artisan Goods

➡️ Beets Wine


You can make beets wine from beets and sell them for 225 gold coins or at the artisan price of 315 gold coins.

However, you’ll need a keg to make beet wine. You can get one by completing the Artisan Bundle in the Community Center, or crafting one. The recipe will be shared on farming level 8, and you’ll require oak resin, iron bar, copper bar, and 30 pieces of wood.

➡️ Beets Preserves


You can also make beet pickles by using a preserves jar and sell each for 250 gold coins, or at the artisan price of 350 gold coins.

However, you’ll need a preserves jar. You can get the crafting recipe for a preserves jar after reaching farming level 4. It’ll take 50 pieces of wood, 40 pieces of stone, and 8 pieces of coal to craft one jar. You can also get one as a reward when you complete the Quality Crops bundle or the Rare Crops Bundle in the Pantry in the Community Center in Stardew.

Make sure you check out our post on how to make and use a shed in Stardew Valley. This will show you how to convert your shed into a place for preserves or wines!

There’s No Getting Out of Harvesting Beets in Stardew Valley

You have to harvest beets in Stardew Valley to complete Mr.Qi’s quest, unlock the Oasis club, and see what perks it has to offer. While you can let go of Jodi’s request, would you be so lazy not to reel in the profits from artisan goods or beet crops? We thought not! Hence, harvesting beets in the fall should be one of your priorities in Stardew Valley.

You can get them from your friend Sandy’s shop, Oasis in Calico Desert way before fall, though! As fall will be the last season you’re harvesting crops in, make sure to collect all your crop produce before the season changes to winter. Or you’d lose it all!

Of course, you can’t harvest beets without the right tools. So, take a look at our guide on how to upgrade tools in Stardew Valley as well!

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