Zuck vs Musk: Have Your Say With This New Browser Game!


Who wants to see Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg punch their way to billionaire dominance in the ring? I’m hoping no one is looking forward to something as outrageous and unprofessional as Musk vs. Zuckerberg in real life. But I also know that there are plenty of people who would like to witness this event, should it happen. This is planet Earth, bub, and no event, however bizarre or insignificant it may look, can be labeled as truly insignificant for everyone. Someone would always be interested in things like billionaire cage matches.

Well, the chances of the Tesla and Meta founders entering the wrestling/MMA ring in real life look bleak, but in a particular video game’s life, it is happening, as per a report by PC Gamer. And I am sure this Sparkian coverage has already sparked your interest if you have been with us till now. So, let’s try to understand what on Earth I am blabbing about.

Zuck v Musk Techbro Beatdown

As I said, it’s a video game. It involves 2-person combat inside a ring. And it’s aptly titled ‘Zuck v Musk: Techbro Beatdown‘ for very obvious reasons. It’s a free browser game where facing off each other in the ring are the characters of ‘techbros’ Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. You and your buddy can play this two-player game online or even from the same PC. Your objectives? Just beat and bash whoever is opposite you and win.

Zuck v Musk Techbro Beatdown
Source: Zuckvmusk.com

Zuck v Musk: Developer

Zuck v Musk is developed by Jason Kapalka, founder of Canadian video game studio Blue Wizard. Blue Wizard is responsible for WrestleBros, the game Zuck v Musk takes inspiration from. Kapalka is also the designer of Bejeweled and the creative director of Plants vs. Zombies.

Zuck vs Musk controls

Zuck v Musk: Controls and Special Moves

In Zuck v Musk, both the tech honchos are playable characters. You can control them with the ‘WASD’ or the four arrow keys. For hitting, there is the Spacebar key.

Out of Elon and Mark, one character will be auto-assigned on the right side of the ring. It means you can control that character. The icons of the arrow and the spacebar keys will also appear over his head, confirming that he is the character you would be playing as.

To deliver a punch, hit the Spacebar. Hitting the Spacebar, in combination with the arrow keys frequently, can help with the special moves.

Zuck vs Musk Powerbomb

Zuck v Musk gives you a plethora of special moves, like Suplex, Body Slam, Elbow Drop, Flip Elbow, Flying Elbow, Piledriver, Spear, and more. You can even use a chair (automatically thrown into the ring) to smash it on the antagonist’s head. The ropes enclosing the ring can also be used for special moves.

Zuck v Musk: How to Win Easily with Special Moves

One of the easiest and simple-to-execute special move combos in Zuck v Musk is Elbow Drop combined with Body Slam/Piledriver. To execute this combo, move toward the back when the opponent rushes toward you. When you are close to the ropes, jump back. This action would make you stand right on the top of the ring ropes. Now jump forward using the ‘Up’ arrow key. If the opponent is close to you, this jump of yours would unleash the Elbow Drop move, knocking him out.

Now, when he is knocked out and lying on the ground, rush towards him and hit Spacebar. It would result in either Body Slam or the Piledriver move. If you get good at executing these special moves in quick succession, the opponent will get no time to get in position, leading to a swift victory.

Winning in Zuck vs Musk

Zuck v Musk: Ensuring Absolute Victory

If you only resort to knocking out a strong enemy who gives as much as he gets, chances are that the fight rounds will keep on increasing. You wouldn’t want that. For an immediate win, Zuck v Musk gives you a chance to pin down your enemy during the fight. This you can do by executing a double jump when close to the enemy to pin him down. Now, press and hold the ‘Up’ arrow key to keep him pinned. If you are able to hold him down to the game’s count of three, you win.

Mark winning in Zuck vs Musk

Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg: The Real Story

It all started (and in real life, not in a game) when Musk tweeted about entering into a 1v1 cage fight with the Facebook founder. His tweet came at a time when Meta was in the news over its plans to launch a Twitter rival, codenamed ‘Project 92’ (which could be named ‘Threads’). This development could have riled up Musk enough to tweet that he was sure “Earth can’t wait to be exclusively under Zuck’s thumb with no other options.”

A user responded by saying that Musk should be careful as Zuckerberg may know jiu-jitsu. This was in reference to the fact that the Meta founder has taken to martial arts training. Next thing we know, Musk made the ‘the 1v1 cage match’ comment.

Zuckerberg did not let it go and posted a screengrab of Musk’s tweet on Instagram with the caption: “send me location.”

winning consecutively in Zuck vs Musk

What We Think

Not much. No, really, that’s what we think. Based on this verbal jiu-jitsu between Musk and Zuck, this game has already been released. But we can surely suggest that the tech billionaires blow off some steam on Zuck v Musk (Wait, did I just promote this game? Probably. Not my honest intention, though).

Based on their comments on social media platforms, Musk and Zuckerberg are on sparring terms already. Maybe one of them should invite the other to a Zuck v Musk game session? Or maybe they should move on and focus on things far more important to them than indulging in cage fights.

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