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Marvel’s Wolverine is one of the highly-anticipated upcoming games from California-based developer Insomniac Games. Being a solo Wolverine adventure, the game will bring the clawed mutant to the gaming world once again. Here we give you a quick brief on when the game could arrive and the possible setting of the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine: Probable Release Timeline

The game hasn’t got a release date yet, but as per Jeff Grubb, Insomniac is looking at a Fall 2024 release. The studio is all set to launch Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 first on October 20, 2023. We are into the second half of 2023 already, and Spider-Man 2’s launch is just a few months away. But no words from the video studio on the release timeline for Wolvie’s game.

Marvel’s Wolverine is a heavyweight AAA title and a PS5-exclusive, just like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and the developers would want to spread out the two launches a bit to properly cash in on the popularity of the ‘ol’ Canucklehead’ from the Marvel Universe.

Marvel's Wolverine: Probable Release Timeline
Source: Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Wolverine: The Call of the Wild?

If you are a fan of the character or have followed his exploits in Marvel Comics a bit, you’ll know that James Howlett, aka Logan, aka Wolverine, gets these urges to be alone from time to time. And that he does not live with the X-Men forever though he is ever ready to help when the duty to his mutant family calls. This tendency of Logan to be in the wild and travel to different places in the world when the me-time draught hits, gives excellent room for open-world development in a game. And it also gives the developers the freedom to throw in some of the X-Men and new villains to keep the appeal of the game fresh.

One of Grubb’s other predictions is that Marvel’s Wolverine would feature a semi-open world for Logan to prowl and hunt for mysteries to get tangled into. The single-player action game is expected to have a “Hard-R” rating.

Marvel's Wolverine Trailer
Source: Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Wolverine: Possible Setting

Some have theorized that the game’s storyline will feature the pre-X-Men time of Logan in the crime-infested city of Madripoor. While we don’t have confirmation on that yet, it could be an ideal environment to set a Wolverine game into. Logan lived as Patch in the fictional city, and Insomniac could find inspiration for the storyline from several of his Marvel Comics outings in Madripoor.

It is also worth noting that the teaser trailer showed Logan sipping his drink in a post-bar fight scenario which could be any watering hole in the world and not necessarily one in Madripoor.

Marvel's Wolverine: Possible Setting
Source: Insomniac Games

Our Take

Riding high on the success of Spider-Man games and rushing in with the popped-out claws of gaming expertise might not be the best thing to do, but if Insomniac Games are confident in their precision and planning, they can still deliver a stellar game to us in 2024. Hugh Jackman is going to portray the character once again onscreen in Deadpool 3, which is expected to come out in theatres in May 2024. Coinciding the game’s release with the film’s could very well prove beneficial.

Right now, Insomniac Games seems to have got its hands full as they are working on a new game apart from Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. You can read about it in more detail here.

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