EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay: Deep Dive Trailer Boasts Hypermotion V


Whenever it comes to sports-based video games, football has garnered more fans than any other sport. Talking specifically about the football games genre, EA Sports has been the uncrowned king of the same for a long time now.

What comes as a surprise for us is that the FIFA series of EA sports is coming to a halt as the organization lost the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) license. Nonetheless, EA Sports dealt with it like just another Tuesday as it is going to rebrand the whole Franchise as EA Sports FC.

As clear as it seems, the latest installment after the revamp is going to be named EA Sports FC 24. Not only this, but the studio is approaching the same with a bullheaded attitude as they want to maintain the legacy left by FIFA.

EAFC 24 will be based on the Hypermotion technology (Hypermotion V). The tech roots back to FIFA 22, where the first version of the same was introduced. As for the latest version, it will register more details like organic motion in hands, arms, and the bodies of the players.

The latest update regarding the upcoming installment is that EA has dropped a deep-dive trailer of the gameplay. By the looks of it, we can say that the trailer is pretty promising. We will take a look at the details of the trailer, followed by the game info available online.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer Details

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer Details
Source: EA Sports

The fans were not that intrigued with the announcement trailer dropped for the EAFC 24. However, EA Sports has injected adrenaline in all football fans with the gameplay deep dive trailer.

To make it more professional, the trailer also includes two experts from the development team of EA Sports who share their accurate insights regarding the tech behind the gameplay.

➡️ Hypermotion V

The trailer starts with the introduction of the speakers, followed by a brief description of what Hypermotion V has achieved in terms of gaming. The V in the Hypermotion V stands for Volumetric Capture Technology which possesses the ability to imitate exactly the same moves by the players from the real world.

It works on the basic principle of motion capture recorded by the cameras all around the field. The statement in the trailer – “If it’s football, it’s in the game”, took all the limelight without a doubt.

The focus of the trailer was on Erling Haaland, a legendary player from Manchester City, and the experts were describing how the game has fetched every single movement performed by him on the field.

➡️ Play Styles

After discussing Hypermotion V, the experts moved on to describing Play Style. Play Styles will consist of two tiers – Play Styles and Play Styles+.

As defined in the trailer, Play Styles are the signature abilities of the players that make them stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, Play Styles+ is a tier that takes the signature abilities of the player to a whole new level. Both of them are powered by Hypermotion V to offer a result identical to what we can call realistic.

Coming to the use case, let’s say a player has a free-kick play style. Then the guiding line to the goal for that player will be longer as compared to other ones.

As mentioned by the developers, the FC24 will consist of 34 new Play Styles. On a concluding note, the experts confirmed that players in the game can be customized along with creating an ultimate team of your favorites.

Frostbite Engine in the Background

Frostbite Engine in the Background
Source: EA

Frostbite Engine has been backing a lot of games by EA Sports in the past. Now, the same engine will be fueling EA Sports FC 24. The engine can deliver cinematic game graphics paired with the real-time styles of the players in the game.

It can easily recreate character reactions, lighting, and body movements in real-time. The developers are working to optimize the engine in such a way that it produces a simulation-like experience in the EA Sports FC 24.

Wrapping Up

EA Sports FC 24 is going to change the way we perceive football games. With tech like Hypermotion V and Frostbite Engine in play, the game is going to be more than realistic.

Keeping in mind that EA Sports has been a leader in the sports-based video games industry, expectations are already high for the upcoming project. The game will make its global debut on September 29, 2023. It will be a multi-platform offering supporting PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

On a side note, you can try these websites for football games to warm up before EA Sports FC 24 lands on your platform!

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