CoD Mobile Season 6: Templar Set to Make a Dynamic Comeback!


CoD Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games, has sustained in the industry with regular updates and mind-blowing in-game content. Once again, the franchise is set to take the industry by storm with the Season 6 update. The CoD Mobile Season 6 has been named Templar’s Oath. According to the official announcement, Templar’s Oath update will start rolling out on July 5, 2023, at 5PM PT.

As you can guess by the name, Templar is back in the game to wreak more havoc than ever before. The trailer for Season 6 looks pretty promising, and we can see new characters making their way to the game. Not only this, but the game will also include new camos, weapons, maps, perks, and a lot more. Here, we have all the details regarding the CoD Mobile Season 6: Templar’s Oath.

New Arena Mode: Goliath Clash 2.0 and 4v4v4

New Arena Mode: Goliath Clash 2.0 and 4v4v4
Source: Call of Duty

Goliath Clash 2.0 will let users access more maps, along with changing the Silver Goliath to a Golden one. The upgraded model gets two Death Machines in a single go, and is bound to enforce a serious amount of damage. The Goliath will come with the ability of infinite firing that boosts the fire rate coupled with unlimited ammo.

In 4v4v4 mode, three teams of four players each will be deployed via Battle Royale in the Encology Lab or New Vision City. In the game, a circle collapse will make the players operate on a smaller battlefield and come closer for a face-to-face battle.

One thing which you should know is that there are no respawns in this mode. Once you defeat enemies in this mode, you can earn tokens that will help you buy weapons and battle equipment in between rounds. The first team that wins two rounds will win the game.

New Weapon and Battle Pass Benefits

New Weapon and Battle Pass Benefits: Unleash GRAU 5.6 to Wipe Out Enemies
Source: Call of Duty

In the free tier Battle Pass, you will get the opportunity of owning a GRAU 5.56 Assault Rifle. It will be unlocked at Tier 21 of Battle Pass. On the 14th tier, you will get the Survival Training Multiplayer Perk that will offer you immunity against any effects of the technical equipment of enemies every 30 seconds.

In addition, you will also get various Weapon Blueprints, camos, and other stuff in the free tier. The most celebrated reward of the free tier is MAC-10 Mercy, which will be up for grabs once you reach Tier 50.

In the Premium Pass, you will get some of the best operator skins, including Wraith – Berserkr, Bulldozer – Primal Threat, Alice – Enchanted Woods, and Samael – Mighty Cyclops. The rewards for buying the Season 6 Pass are Backpack – Ebony Lion, Adler – Gauntlet Operator Skin, and DL Q33 – Ebony Lion Weapon Blueprint.

Seasonal Challenges and New Themed Event: Mythical Mission

Seasonal Challenges and New Themed Event: Mythical Mission
Source: Call of Duty

The Seasonal Challenges will work as a cherry on the cake for this CoD Mobile Season 6 update. You will get to see a new attachment, Heartseeker, that will be able to pinpoint the location of the enemies. Another major feature of the update will be the Kinetic Station Battle Royale class.

This will let you drop kinetic armor, creating a stand that every team member can leverage. The armor has the ability to deflect the bullets from the body until a certain period of time. The class can be unlocked by completing the Damage Denied Seasonal Mission.

As for the themed event, Mythical Mission, you have to collect Etched Stones by successfully completing Battle Royale matches, multiplayer matches, challenges, and daily tasks. You have to use these stones further to occupy nodes on the map. Nonetheless, there are a few nodes that are more valuable than the others, so make sure you get the powerful ones in order to earn stunning awards.

Wrapping up

The COD Mobile Season 6 Templar’s Oath will be up for download starting today. However, all the content of the latest update will be rolled out slowly in the month of July. There are high chances that we will also get to see some surprising content on our way in the latest round of updates. That being said, try your hands on Season 6 and see what Templar is capable of!

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