10 Best Skateboard Games (Android & iOS) That Will Have You Grinding for Hours


If you’re a skateboarding fan, you already know that there are some exceptional skateboarding games for smartphones.

Skateboard games provide a virtual experience of riding a skateboard, as well as performing tricks with it and exploring different environments. These games allow you to try out cool tricks without any real-world risks and also learn from them to some extent.

As the skateboarding culture is rising all over the world, the popularity of skateboarding games has gone off the charts among enthusiasts.

Irrespective of your level of skateboarding knowledge and experience, you’ll be delighted with the thrill of playing these games. You’ll find yourself pulling off ollies, grinds, kickflips, and more with just a few taps and swipes on your screen.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best skateboard games for Android and iOS.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Skateboard Party 3

Developed by Maple Media, Skateboard Party 3 is the third installment of the popular skateboard game series, and this one features Greg Lutzka as a character you can play as. 

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Skateboard Party 3 gives you the thrill of riding a skateboard right at your fingertips with the help of smooth controls and realistic graphics. You can learn new tricks and improve your skills while exploring eight different locations perfect for ollies and kickflips.

Besides, it gives you the option to play Career Mode and complete more than 70 achievements and objectives to unlock new items and locations.

By the time you become better by progressing in the game, you’ll have a collection of unlocked items that you can use at your disposal.

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Download: Android | iOS

Flip Skater

Unlock unforgettable characters, perform cool tricks, and explore unique environments with Flip Skater. You get a ramp on every level to perform unbelievable tricks and progress ahead in the game. To perform better tricks and achieve more, you can collect and upgrade to new boards.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Flip Skater by Miniclip has something for everyone. You can practice and brush up your skills in the initial levels and then unleash the skating beast in you. As you clear each level, the points up for grabs get even better.

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Download: Android | iOS

Skate Space

Have a skating battle with ten players in multiplayer mode with Skate Space. It’s a game with immersive gameplay that allows you to personalize many aspects, such as editing a skate park as you like and adding elements of your choice.

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There are absolutely no rules and regulations, and you can perform any trick you like while wearing the outfits of your choice in your desired locations.

Besides the fact that you can create and customize your park, you can also join parks created by other players.

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Download: Android | iOS

Skateboard Party 2

While this is not the newest of the series, Skateboard Party 2 is still a great game to play if you’d like to get a slightly different experience than the third version of it.

Skateboard Party 2

It has 8 unique locations where you can start skating, learn new tricks, and improve your overall skateboarding skills.

You can complete achievements and unlock new upgrades as you progress through the levels. There are also options to customize your outfits, boards, trucks, and wheels to spice things up.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the helpful tutorials you get within the game to unlock your true potential.

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Download: Android | iOS

Tech Deck Skateboarding

This cutting-edge skateboarding game by Spin Master is addictive, fun, and absolutely free to play. It gives you the thrill of riding a real skateboard and performing all the fantastic tricks you’ve learned.

Tech Deck Skateboarding

Tech Deck Skateboarding allows you to choose a unique skater as per your personality and then select one of the many decks available that has each of their abilities.

Participate in different skating sessions and competitions to master various combos and skills to show off in front of your friends. Not to mention, this game comes with stunning graphics that pull you into the virtual world of skateboarding.

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Download: Android

Stickman Skate Battle

Enjoy a multiplayer competition with your friends by playing Stickman Skate Battle, a game developed by Djinnworks that specializes in 1v1 challenges with people worldwide.

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As you progress in the game, you’ll discover new and beautiful skate parks to perform all the impressive tricks you know. You can pull off up to 15 special tricks, including Rocket Air, Stiffy, and Christ Air.

The more you win competitions, the more coins you earn. And those coins can help you stand a chance to participate in the greatest high stake world events out there.

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Download: Android | iOS

MyTP Skateboarding

A realistic skateboarding game, MyTP Skateboarding gives you the freedom to start as a beginner and explore different skate parks to nurture your skills.

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You can play different game modes, including a free-roam skate mode in which you can take your board to the streets and show the world all the tricks under your belt.

There’s also an instant replay option that allows you to look back at times when you couldn’t believe the trick you just pulled off.

This game, developed by Randerline GmbH, has 19 unique skateboards, 3D touch support, and many other cool features.

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Download: iOS

Touchgrind Skate 2

A first-person perspective skateboarding game developed by Illusion Labs, Touchgrind Skate 2 has plenty of missions you can complete. Whether you want to play the free-roam mode or take up exciting challenges, the thrill keeps increasing throughout the gameplay.

YouTube video

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock new skateboard parts and other cool elements. There’s also a “turn-based” multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friend to see who performs the best.

Here are some other exciting features of this game:

  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • 6 different skate parks
  • Game Center to check your achievements and online leaderboards
  • Tilted camera angle
  • 4 different game modes

You can also customize your board as per your preference and stand out from the crowd.

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Download: Android | iOS

Epic Skater 2

Epic Skater 2 by Rogue Games is the newer, better release of the previous version, and it’ll keep you hooked to your screen. You can play exactly how you want and achieve your desired look by customizing clothing, skate gear, and accessories.

YouTube video

Even though it’s a very lightweight game, it’s packed with all the great features, including 40 Career mode levels, 44 upgradable tricks, and over 1,600 goals to be achieved. Upon clearing each level, you unlock new goodies that’ll keep you going in the game.

Can you smash past all the levels to become the new skateboarding legend? Find out by playing this game.

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Download: Android | iOS

Skate Jam – Pro Skateboarding

Master the tricks that you’ve wanted to learn by playing Skate Jam – Pro Skateboarding. It’s the ultimate skateboarding game that allows you to explore different skate parks, complete exciting challenges, unlock new items, and so much more.

Skate Jam - Pro Skateboarding

You can play career mode, participate in tournaments, and earn points to spend on upgrades. There’s also an online mode to compete with other top players worldwide and stamp your authority with your skills.

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Download: Android | iOS

Closing Thoughts

To wrap it up, the games listed here are exciting options when you want to put your skateboarding skills under the hammer and experience exhilarating gameplay.

Whether you’re a pro skater or just getting started, these games will keep you glued to the screen all day.

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Adnan Rehan
Adnan Rehan
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