9 Best Zombie Games for Android to Battle the Undead


Zombies are a pop culture staple and have always found their way into various video games. In this article, we will look at some of the best zombie games for Android!

How do you plan to survive in an apocalyptic zombie world? Are you fully prepared? In the vast gaming realm, few genres have captured the imagination and adrenaline-fueled thrill like zombie games. These thrilling experiences have become an industry staple, allowing players to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with hordes of the undead.

From thrilling action to intense survival challenges, zombie games have evolved over the years, offering unforgettable experiences that keep players on the edge of their seats. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore some of the best zombie games for Android ever created.

When it comes to Android, there is a lot of variety in zombie games. There are hundreds of titles that take the undead as their premise. For this reason, I have selected the best of the best Zombie games for Android gamers. I also mention my personal favorite, so stay with me till the very end!

Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game

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Dawn of Zombies is a survival game where you gather resources, build a base, tools and weapons, and survive. The difference is the better-crafted story and more decadent customization options for item upgrades. Here, you can upgrade your bikes to help you get around better. The best part is that the game already has some exciting updates planned, adding exciting mechanics, such as PVP, raid battles, cooperative missions, clan system, etc.

Publisher: Royal Ark

Release date: Oct 29, 2019

➡️ Download: Android

Dead Trigger 2 

Source: Play Store

Dead Trigger 2 is the best zombie horror FPS game on Android. Shooting here is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about it, but you can move through the levels independently. This gives you the freedom to choose your approach to enemies and explore different areas in search of hidden secrets that give you bonuses. 

The result is that the game feels less ‘mobile’, which is definitely a good thing. The campaign is also better developed and has an exciting story. Again, you have different weapons to choose from, but ammo drops from enemies you kill, making you enjoy the gameplay more and worry less about running out of bullets.

Publisher: Deca _Games

Release date: Oct 23, 2013

➡️ Download: Android

Into the Dead 2

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Here is a game that immerses you in a nightmarish world where you must kill or perish. Into the Dead 2 makes you face many zombies that have invaded the world. So you have to try as hard as possible not to die. You will be entitled to tools of destruction and dog companions to accompany you throughout your challenges. You will have to face huge waves of zombies in different scenarios to achieve this.

The variety of weapons is very decent, and there are all kinds of challenges and abilities to improve the character. The game offers varied and dynamic gameplay, with each phase presenting new mechanics that are constantly surprising. In case you didn’t know, Into the Dead 2 is also one of the most popular mobile games of all time. So, you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Publisher: PikPok

Release date: Oct 11, 2017

➡️ Download: Android

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Last Day on Earth: Survival is one of the most popular zombie games among gamers. Your mission in this game is to keep your avatar alive in a post-apocalyptic world in which zombies dictate their laws. To survive, you are left to your own devices, and you must craft weapons and collect everything you can to defeat these hordes of zombies. Overall, it’s a solid game with good gameplay and decent graphics.

Publisher: KEFIR

Release date: May 24, 2017

➡️ Download: Android

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a defensive strategy game for Android that has fun, thought-provoking, and varied dynamics. Continuing an acclaimed tower defence game, its gameplay is much more comprehensive and exciting, offering various types of plants to face the advance of zombies throughout different eras. If you’re looking for something unique, try this multiplayer game for Android!

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release date: Oct 17, 2016

➡️ Download: Android

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

YouTube video

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land attempts to recreate the tension that’s such an iconic part of the live-action series. In this game, you will encounter hordes of zombies, and you will have to survive.

The decisions you make will have an impact on the end of the game, which is very interesting. All the well-known characters are featured. As for mechanics, it is a tactical combat video game where you have to complete specific missions to advance and gather supplies.

Publisher: Deca Games

Release date: Oct 9, 2015

➡️ Download: Android

Dead Effect 2

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Dead Effect 2 is a first-person sci-fi action game in which you must fight hordes of mutant zombies in an abandoned spaceship. The graphics are beautifully done, and you shoot down hordes of zombies, monsters, and other sci-fi creatures. The game also includes an RPG element, allowing you to upgrade, level up, and develop your character into a fighting machine. Packed with an immense amount of action, this game is as close to Dead Space as you can on mobile. You won’t want to miss this sci-fi RPG action game!

Publisher: App Holdings

Release date: Oct 28, 2015

➡️ Download: Android

Death Road to Canada

YouTube video

Death Road to Canada is a chaotic roguelike in the style of a retro mobile game, where players have to survive in the zombie-infested United States of America.  It is an adventure and role-playing game in which you must travel from Florida to Canada to escape the zombie apocalypse.

Death Road to Canada follows two survivors as they fight hordes and pick up other survivors as they try to reach the border over the course of two in-game weeks. The game is enjoyable mayhem and deserves more general recognition as one of the best zombie Android games.

Publisher: NoodleCake

Release date: Oct 25, 2017

➡️ Download: Android

Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense

Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense
Source: Play Store

Flat Zombies: Cleanup &  Defense is a retro-style, highly addictive 2D action game. If you’re a fan of killing brain-eating creatures, you will love the stylistic style of this game. The game includes perfect impact locations, so when you shoot the zombie, you’ll see them react one way or another, depending on the context.

Publisher: PaVolDev

Release date: Dec 15, 2016

➡️ Download: Android

Wrapping Up

Zombie games are some of the most fun games on Android. Always set in a destroyed or apocalyptic world that has gone to hell, they are a real treat for us gamers. My personal favorite is Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, with Captain Combustible being my go-to hero, someone who is not just aggressive but can also take a lot of damage. So, download a game and become a zombie-hunting hero!

And, if you truly want to dive into the world of mobile gaming on Android, check out our list of the best Android games with controller support. These will give you a true mini-console experience!

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