11 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games for Gaming with Friends


If you’re looking to challenge your friends, there can be nothing better than multiplayer mobile games.

Like technology, the gaming space is ever-evolving, and it’s incredible to see newer releases coming up almost every month. Gaming is a fun way to pass the time, and it’s always great to accompany it with some laughter and company, which is a frequent episode for people with consoles at home. But this doesn’t mean people with smaller devices can’t access this fun. 

Multiplayer experiences have taken center stage in the world of mobile gaming as well. These games offer immersive and engaging gameplay experiences that transcend geographical boundaries, allowing players to form friendships, forge alliances, and experience memorable moments together.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best multiplayer mobile games you can play with friends.

Among Us!

We can’t talk about multiplayer mobile games and not mention Among Us!. Although the game was released in 2018, it didn’t really find mainstream success until the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was quarantined in their respective houses.

Since then, with streamers and internet celebrities alike playing the game, Among Us! achieved unbelievable popularity. Moreover, since you can play the game online and with up to 10 other players on local Wi-Fi, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun.

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The game uses a social deduction mechanic in which you’ll have to find the imposter among your crewmates in a spaceship. While you and other players go around doing tasks on the spaceship, one of the players (who’s the imposter) will go around undetected and eliminate the other players.

Additionally, the non-imposters can call a meeting and vote on who was acting suspiciously and throw them out of the spaceship. Of course, it’s the imposter’s job to not get caught during the voting process.

Whether you’re playing as a normal crewmate or an imposter, this game tests your deductive skills and the strength of your bonds with friends!

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Bloons TD 6

Another multiplayer game that’s been slowly climbing the popularity charts is Bloons TD 6. And, if you’ve got an Apple device, it’s one of the best tower defense games for iPhone and iPad. While the game may seem simple, it’s got enough challenges if you’re a veteran of the series’ previous versions.

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The idea is simple enough. You’ll have to pop all the balloons before they escape. There are plenty of heroes in Bloons TD 6, each with their unique powers and level-up statistics. You can experiment with each and see who works according to your playstyle.

The game also features plenty of maps and modes. Moreover, you can apply your own restrictions on them, allowing you to challenge yourself more once you’ve gotten a handle on the gameplay.

Overall, Bloons TD 6 is a great game if you’re looking for something casual yet competitive (especially among your friends).

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Asphalt 9: Legends

While Mario Kart Tour has its own set of fans, thanks to the campy yet competitive nature, if you’re looking for something more on the enthusiast level, Asphalt 9: Legends is for you. This arcade game is part of the long-running Asphalt series, which has seen so much success in the mobile gaming industry.

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The game features the latest game mechanics and updated visuals. In fact, if you’re looking for the most beautiful games to play on mobile, Asphalt 9 comfortably makes it into the list. Apart from that, the high-octane races and tricky racetracks make it a decent adrenaline rush for first-time players.

Moreover, you’ll find cars from revered manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, all of which you can customize to your heart’s content. So, whether you’re just looking for some virtual adrenaline or you’re a racing game junkie, Asphalt 9: Legends is a must-play!

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile needs no introduction. A hot favorite since its release, this is the perfect team-up game where you can flex your shooting skills in front of your friends and claim victory.

And with Season 8, things just got more dangerous and intense. Set out on a journey to navigate the tight corners of the Kurohana Metropolis map, a new release in the Call of Duty series.

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In this fight for the future, you can enjoy multiplayer modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. You can also go crazy in the 100-player Battle Royale mode. 

The game gives you the freedom to portray your unique self, thanks to various customizations available for your character and outfit. Play more rounds to unlock various weapons, outfits, iconic operations, gear skins, characters, and score streaks.

It boasts impressive and intricate graphics with smooth gameplay. With intuitive controls and an individual playstyle experience, this game is here to stay, even in team matches. Needless to say, it’s one of the best mobile battle royale games out there today!

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

PUBG Mobile

The king of battle royale had to make it to this list because any time is good for some Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! This multiplayer madness had taken the world by storm at one time, and all for the right reasons.

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PUBG Mobile is a battle royale sensation, offering intense 100-player matches on a shrinking map. Team up with friends and strive for a chicken dinner. The game frequently introduces new maps, modes, and skins, ensuring the survival experience is ever-evolving.

It’s considered one of the most popular mobile games of all time, and you can experience extreme battles in 10-minute matches. Prepare your arm and get ready to steal more ammunition on the battlefield, for survival is the key to winning this game.

You can equip yourself with enough skills through the training mode. The best part is you can also speak to your friends during the battle, making the game immersive, engaging, and a realistic battle experience. 

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Mario Kart Tour

Don’t have a Nintendo Switch? That’s alright; you don’t need it to lay your hands on this classic extension of the original Mario Kart game. Join Mario and his friends as they set out to race in some of the most critically acclaimed locations inspired by the real world.

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You can enjoy Mario Kart Tour more by racing with up to 8 friends in the multiplayer mode. If you’re feeling fancy, challenge online players globally and check where you stand in the world arena.

Collect grand stars by completing races, which will help you collect drives, karts, badges, and more. You can turn on the Frenzy mode in the game to get unlimited power to a particular booster that will make you invincible for a short time.

If you want to go gaga, step into the bonus challenge courses that demand a different strategy and tactic to win the game.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Brawl Stars

From the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is an action-packed multiplayer game where you assemble a team and battle it out in various game modes. Each brawler has unique abilities, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.

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It is fast-paced with different game modes, promising an epic brawl mayhem. You can play solo or with your friends to team up and defeat your opponents in a 3v3 multiplayer battle royale. 

Remember, you’ll need the skills of collaboration, teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking to win the game.

The different game modes include Gem Grab, which is pretty simple – you collect and win 10 gems and save them till the end to emerge victorious. Similarly, you can lay your hands on Showdown, Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Heist or enter into limited-time Special events to maximize your winning.

The game’s regular updates bring new brawlers, maps, and events, ensuring you never run out of content to explore with friends.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Free Fire

Free Fire is a fast-paced battle royale game where you parachute onto an island and engage in intense 10-minute matches. This edition features a new character named Suzy, a bounty assassin who will help you earn extra in-match currency for eliminating enemies.

This game has new maps, ghouls, and more game modes to occupy you and your friends. Compared to the previous atmosphere, the iconic Bermuda now has a new upgraded look and is also used as a fighting pit for the Clash Squad mode.

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Train hard in the training grounds where you can practice your shots on realistic human-form targets and customize your speed and distance to become a pro.

The gameplay is simple – about 50 players land on a deserted island. In 10 minutes, all the players compete against each other, using weapons and supplies to take down anything that comes in the way of their victory.

You can enter the arena as a one-man army or with a squad of 4 in this quest to power and be the last team standing. Keep a tab on the game’s updates, as they are meant to elevate your experience and help you enjoy the thrill of the game.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This ultimate rift game finally has its mobile adapt, and we can’t keep calm! Like its PC version, League of Legends: Wild Rift emphasizes strategy, critical thinking, coordination, and teamwork to win the game.

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Lose yourself in the living universe of Runeterra – full of lore, games, comics, puzzles, and more. The detailing is realistic, with a vibrant color palette that offers a captivating experience. Choose your champion, for the character defines your journey, each having strengths, weapons, and weaknesses. 

You’ll have to master the rift to become a legend as you upgrade your stats. Go wild in a team fight with perfect skill shots or a sweet “pentakill”. If you play solo, aim to climb up the ranked ladder or simply team up with friends to rule the land.

The best part is each champion gets regular updates with new skins and weapons, meaning there’s always something new to master.

The mobile version retains the classic map of Summoner’s Rift with minor adjustments to fit the mobile screen. However, you’ll find familiar spaces, jungle paths, and structures to navigate around.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS


The chance to build your dream home is here because, in Minecraft, your imagination is the limit!

Harness the explorer in you, wander in infinite worlds, and build everything from scratch, including homes, gardens, playgrounds, and grand castles.

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There are two modes in which you can be Bob the Builder: 

  • Creative Mode – This comes with unlimited resources, and you can play and construct as you want. 
  • Survival Mode – If you feel competitive, head on to the Survival Mode, where you will fight dangerous mobs, mining raw materials, and crafting weapons and armor. 

Join a community of like-minded individuals in the marketplace and feel free to explore their creations. Collect unique maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators to create your collection.

Looking to customize Minecraft for an enhanced gameplay experience? Check out the best Minecraft mods.

You can also collaborate with friends to build stunning structures and explore custom-made worlds. The game’s regular updates add new features, blocks, and other expansions to the vast sandbox world. Brace yourself; the possibilities are infinite, and you have nothing to lose! 

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Raid: Shadow Legends

In a world where the dark forces are in power, summoning the forces and gathering a team of legends is your only way out. Welcome to the world of Teleria, which was once happy but is now infested by corruption, tyranny, and evil power.

The Arbiter has called you to realize your potential and fulfill your sacred duty to save the world. In Raid: Shadow Legends, your choices affect the story’s outcome. Make your decisions wisely because one wrong move can change the course of the game.

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You’ll discover various characters, the world, and the evil power source as you progress. Summon more than 750 warriors, including the orcs, knights, elves, and other fantasy creatures, and train them to defeat anything that comes in the way.

Your aim is to build the perfect team by recruiting some of the most legendary warriors with over 1 million possible champion builds. The graphics are beautiful with 3D heroes, and the world has intricate detailing you cannot miss out on.

Always keep your guards up and ensure your fortress is safe and sound, for that is your base of operation. Enjoy this battle-based skill gameplay with your friends.

➡️ Download: Android | iOS

Continuous Evolution of Multiplayer Mobile Games

One of the best features of mobile multiplayer games is the continuous addition of updates and expansions, which are released occasionally. You can say it’s the developers’ commitment to keeping the games fresh, exciting, and user-friendly for the longest period. 


These updates and expansions ensure that players always have something new to look forward to in a game. As a player of these games, you’re not restricted to bug fixes and performance improvements but also the introduction of new characters, maps, levels, and gameplay modes.

Many developers out there love to take users’ feedback and put it into action in their latest update, which is one of the many signs of a great game you can play. Not to mention, it’s also why those games are so successful in the market!

Closing Thoughts

The multiplayer mobile games mentioned in this list serve as the best way to connect with friends and engage in healthy competition – even while on the go. Either team up with them or play against them in intense battles and cooperative adventures to get a slice of that winning pie.

Want more multiplayer adventure and competition on mobile platforms? Check out our selection of the best mobile MMORPGs!

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