When Worlds Collide: Ranking the 12 Best Genshin Impact Ships


Genshin Impact has over 70 playable characters and countless memorable NPCs that players interact with in Teyvat. While very few romantic relationships exist canonically, fans cannot stop pairing various characters with each other. We ranked the best Genshin Impact ships (according to the Genshin community) and provide our thoughts on them. With that out, here are the twelve best ships in Genshin Impact.

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Aether and Noelle (12)

Source: Reddit

What better way to start the list than with our favorite knight-in-training, Noelle, and Monstadt’s honorary knight, Aether? Noelle has an exceptional work ethic, and if you play her Hangout quest, you can spend quality time with her and learn more about her journey toward becoming a Knight of Favonius.

Noelle never stops dreaming about becoming a Knight of Favonius, and we hope she fulfills her dream and joins Aether’s side to protect Monstadt for years to come. While this ship does not break into the top ten, we just had to mention Noelle because she is wholesome, and the community often overlooks her.

Albedo and Sucrose (11)

Albedo and Sucrose

This is your typical science nerd ship. Albedo is an exceptional alchemist and painter, while Sucrose is a chemistry nerd under Albedo’s tutelage. Sucrose looks up to Albedo and wants to learn from him.

While Sucrose seems to have a soft spot for the alchemist, Albedo does not seem to reciprocate her feelings. He is stoic and focused on his craft, so things might take a while to soften between them. We see Sucrose and Albedo together during various quests in Dragonspine, and we adore their interactions.

Childe and Lumine (10)

Childe, aka Tartaglia, might be one of the Fatui Harbingers, but that does not mean Lumine is not opening up to the dark side. The former is open to setting aside differences and working with the player in various events and story quests, and he seems to like Aether or Lumine, depending on which character you play.

He wants to join as Lumine’s traveling companion once he stops serving the Tsaritsa. With Hoyoverse adding him as a playable character, he may switch sides and become our comrade.

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Diluc and Kaeya (9)

This one is more of a bromance than an actual ship. Kaeya is Diluc’s adopted brother, and they don’t see eye-to-eye always. Diluc hates the Knights of Favonius, but it does not deter his love for Monstadt. His personality resembles Batman’s, and he prefers keeping to himself.

Kaeya is Diluc’s polar opposite and maintains his position as the cavalry captain of the Knights of Favonius. He tries to get on Diluc’s nerves all the time, but Hoyoverse makes it clear through various story quests that the brothers care a lot for each other.

Eula and Amber (8)

Eula and Amber

This ship sent temperatures soaring during the most recent Dragonspine quest that featured the duo. During the story quest, Eula wants to go get an ice bath, and Amber immediately leaves us to accompany her.

While common sense suggests that Amber was concerned about Eula’s safety, it didn’t stop the Genshin community from creating fanfics about what happens at the ice-cold lake.

Eula is treated like an outcast by many in Monstadt due to the acts of the Lawrence clan, but Amber knows Eula is different. They have wonderful chemistry, and we hope to see them together in future story quests.

Jean and Diluc (7)

Jean and Diluc

This ship is more likely to become canonical than many others on this list. Diluc hates the Knights of Favonius, but appreciates Jean’s efforts as the acting Grandmaster to protect the city. Jean knows how cold Diluc can be but genuinely cares about him.

Jean and Diluc are two of Genshin Impact’s launch characters, and both hail from Monstadt, making them easy to ship. It has been a hot minute since Hoyoverse focused on Monstadt’s storyline, and we hope future story quests in the city feature Jean and Diluc.

Keqing and Ganyu (6)

Ganyu and Keqing work at the Liyue Qixing and have an excellent working dynamic. We see them together during story quests all the time, and they would look adorable as a couple if Hoyoverse made the ship canon.

Ganyu is half-god (Adepti) and half-human and is stronger than the average mortal in Liyue. Keqing believes that the era of gods is over, and we are now in the age of humanity.

Despite their differences, they work together to serve Liyue and protect everyone around them. They are also two of the strongest warriors in Liyue, and we hope to see them soon in future Liyue quests.

Kujou Sara and Raiden Shogun (5)

Source: Reddit

Kujou Sara is devoted to the Raiden Shogun (Ei), and she cannot stop gushing whenever we bring up the Electro archon. During the patch 2.6 Irodori Festival quest, we get a glimpse at Sara’s obsession with the Electro archon. 

The relationship between the two is more akin to that of a god and a highly obsessed devotee than a romantic one. Sara’s love for Ei is outright hilarious, and we hope her Companion Quest is added to the game soon so we can know more about her.

Xiao and The Traveler (4)

The Xiao and Lumine ship started during one of Liyue’s earliest archon quests. We see Xiao save Lumine after the Guizhong Ballista is destroyed, leading fans to ship the two of them immediately. 

Xiao sees tons of character development during Genshin’s story quests and opens up to the player. The Traveler spends time at the Lantern Rite event as well as The Chasm’s questline, where they work together to uncover the area’s heinous secrets.

Xiao stays away from humans as much as possible, but he is slowly opening up and is in tune with his emotions, which makes this ship becoming canon a real possibility.

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Tartaglia and Zhongli (3)

Tartaglia and Zhongli
Source: Reddit

This is one of the wildest ships in Genshin Impact, but we had to put it here because of how funny it is. Zhongli is the Geo archon named ‘Morax,’ yet he does not seem to have any Mora. Tartaglia (Childe) seems to be rich and pays for most of Zhongli’s expenses during Liyue’s archon quest.

Tartaglia works with Zhongli during Liyue’s most important Archon quests, and they have come to a contract that involves Zhongli giving up his Gnosis.

While the duo do not share a romantic relationship, fans love to fantasize about the two, and we can’t wait to see them together in future quests.

Thoma and Kamisato Ayaka (2)

Source: Wallpaper Abyss

Thoma is originally from Monstadt but moved to Inazuma and currently works for the Kamisato clan. He is a housekeeper at the Kamisato estate and directly reports to Ayaka. While the game has shown no signs of the two being in a romantic relationship, members of the Genshin community can’t stop shipping them.

The contrast between the characters makes the ship unique. Thoma is a commoner who does not belong to Inazuma. And yet, he earned everyone’s respect despite being an outsider and is well-loved by the people of Inazuma.

Ayaka is part of one of the most powerful clans in the region and is detached from the common folk due to her status. It leads to an interesting dynamic between the two, and we hope to see them featured in future quests.

Beidou and Ningguang (1) 

Source: Reddit

This is the only official relationship on this list, and we adore how much effort Hoyoverse has put into fleshing out Beidou and Ningguang as powerful women. Beidou is a Pirate Captain who is not averse to breaking rules to get things done, while Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, making her the most important figure in the Liyue government.

The game’s early quests showcase Beidou and Ningguang in a love-hate relationship. But things have changed since then. During last year’s Lantern Rite event (Patch 2.4), it was clear that they like each other’s company a lot more than they would like to admit. 


As the game’s roster continues to grow, the fandom will come up with even more ships. We cannot wait to see how existing relationships grow in the game and how Hoyoverse improves the dynamics between existing playable characters and NPCs. 

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