Ranking and Rating the Best Genshin Impact Enemies


Genshin Impact, the open-world mostly mobile RPG by Hoyoverse, has some top-notch enemy design. As you progress through the game’s story and enter some of the newer regions like Sumeru and Fontaine, you will run into enemies that become increasingly complex. Whether it’s visual design or combat mechanics, Genshin Impact’s roster of enemies is impressive on all fronts. Here are our picks for the best Genshin Impact enemies from the world of Teyvat. 

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How Many Enemies are there in Genshin Impact?

There are 322 Common and Elite enemies in Genshin Impact that you will find in the open world. There are also 28 World Bosses in the game and 8 Trounce Domain bosses that you can encounter during gameplay. The game has also added various bosses in events that are accessible for a limited time only. There are already over 350 enemies in the game, and we won’t be surprised if the game has over 500 enemy types once all seven regions of Teyvat are available.

Best Genshin Impact Enemies

Here are our picks for the top ten best Genshin Impact enemies from all of the existing regions. We expect the list to evolve as Hoyoverse introduces more regions to the game in the coming years.

Abyss Heralds (10)

The Abyss Herald is an elite enemy in Genshin Impact from the Abyss Order faction. The Hydro Abyss Herald is one of the game’s most visually stunning enemy designs. As soon as you lower a Herald’s health bar, it becomes invulnerable for a few seconds. After the invulnerability window ends, Heralds gains a powerful elemental shield that must be destroyed to secure a kill. 


Heralds are aggressive enemies and are difficult to deal with in endgame content like the Spiral Abyss. The Cryo Abyss Herald is easy to deal with if you have Pyro characters, but the Hydro Abyss Herald can be a lot harder to deal with.

The Hydro debuff increases your characters’ cooldowns, and it becomes very challenging to break shields in time, so you want to dodge attacks from the Hydro Abyss Heralds as much as possible.

How to beat: Use a character with elements that counter Abyss Herald shields and trigger elemental reactions like Bloom and Overload to break shields quickly. Try to dodge the enemy’s attacks as much as possible to avoid enemy debuffs. 

Consecrated Beasts (9)

Consecrated Beasts are elite enemies in Genshin Impact that inhabit Sumeru and Inazuma. They are mutated versions of ordinary animals, and they gained power by consuming the remains of gods. Currently, there are five types of Consecrated Beasts: 

  • Fanged Beasts
  • Flying Serpents
  • Hoed Crocodiles 
  • Red Vultures 
  • Scorpions

All Consecrated Beasts have powerful elemental attacks and are have massive health bars. If you go up against them in the Spiral Abyss, prepare yourself for a hard fight. 

How to beat: Elemental reactions are effective at taking down Consecrated Beasts. Using Freeze reactions is one of the easiest ways to shut down the enemies and prevent them from attacking you. 

Electro Regisvine (8)


The Electro Regisvine is a boss-type enemy from the Lokpala Jungle in Sumeru. Regisvines are plant-like creatures that you will find throughout Teyvat. All Regisvien enemies have unique elements and weaknesses, and you often need to fight them for character ascension materials.

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Unlike the other Regisvine bosses that feel a little too easy, the Electro Regisvine can be challenging if you don’t have the right elements. This Regisvine is easily our favorite, thanks to its unique attacks and mechanics.

How to beat: The Electro Regisvine has a shield that you need to attack if you want to expose its core. The boss infuses itself with Electro so you can just bring a Pyro character like Hu Tao, Yoimiya, or Klee to trigger Overload reactions and break its shield quickly. 

Eremite Sunfrost (7)

Sunfrost Eremites are one the types of Eremites that roam around Sumeru and they trace their origins to the region’s ancient civilizations. All Eremite enemies are split into factions, and they are known for their combat prowess and mastery over the elements. 

Eremite Sunfrosts always move in groups around Sumeru and are some of the most dangerous enemies in Genshin Impact. Their Cryo attacks can take away massive chunks of your on-field character’s HP, and their shields protect them from damage.

How to beat: If you do not have a strong Pyro DPS, you can add Bennett to your party to break Eremite Sunfrost shields. Despite being a healer, Bennett’s potent Pyro damage application can help you disable Sunfrost shields in a matter of seconds. You should also avoid fighting the enemies close to waterbodies as you will get frozen if you do not dodge all incoming attacks.

Eye of the Storm (6)

Eye of the Storm is the first miniboss that many Genshin Impact players encounter during their adventures in Teyvat. You can run into the boss while exploring Monstadt, and it can be tricky to defeat if you do not know what you are doing. 

Source: Fandom

The boss sends out blasts of Wind energy and creates whirlpools around players. Unlike some of the other bosses in this list, the Eye of the Storm does not have fixed spawn points. You will randomly run into the miniboss while exploring areas with strong winds, such as mountains and cliffs in Monstadt.

How to beat: Bow characters are perfect for taking out the Eye of the Storm. Some well-aimed charged shots will bring down the miniboss and you can use your elemental bursts to quickly finish it off. 

Golden Wolflord (5)

Golden Wolflord

Khaenri’ah researcher Rhinedottir (Gold) is the creator of the Golden Wolflord. Unlike other Rhinedottir creations, the Golden Wolflord was created accidentally. It is obsessed with invading worlds, and it is an intelligent being that destroys everything in sight. You can encounter the boss in one of Inazuma’s desolate islands.

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The Golden Wolflord is easily one of Genshin Impact’s toughest bosses. It not only boasts of a massive HP bar, but it also evades most melee attacks when in the air. If you do not have a healer in your team, you can easily succumb to the Corrosion damage from the Wolflord’s attacks that will deplete your HP slowly but surely.

How to beat: The Golden Wolflord fight is trivial if you have a strong healer and a Geo character. When the boss spawns four pylons around the battlefield, you should use Geo damage to break them quickly. You should also save your elemental bursts for the damage phase as the boss stops moving for several seconds before starting its next phase.

La Signora (4)

La Signora’s real name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter. She is a Fatui Harbinger who was killed by the Raiden Shogun. Before her death, Signora appeared in various story quests, and you can still fight her in a Trounce Domain


Signora is portrayed as one of the strongest members of the Fatui thanks to her ability to manipulate both the Pyro and Cryo elements. During her Trounce Domain fight, we deal with her Cryo form in the first phase, and she unleashes her Pyro attacks in phase two. In the main storyline, Signora is the first Fatui Harbinger you meet, and she leaves a lasting impression even after her death.

How to beat: During the first phase of the fight, Signora unleashes Cryo attacks that slow you and deplete your stamina. During the second phase, she unleashes Pyro attacks that drain your HP and inflict the Blazing Heat debuff. There are pylons that spawn during the fight, and you need to destroy them as quickly as possible to remove debuffs. 

Signora also teleports frequently during the fight, so you need to time your elemental bursts correctly. We recommend using Zhongli or other shielders in the fight to negate incoming damage and avoid interruptions.

Mirror Maiden (3)


Mirror Maidens are special Fatui honor guards from Snezhnaya. These elite enemies spawn mirrors to teleport around the map or trap players. Despite their small size, Mirror Maidens have massive health bars and can be difficult to take down without using elemental skills and bursts. 

Mirror Maidens are not very dangerous on their own, but if they spawn with Cryo Cicin Mages, they can freeze you repeatedly. They can also apply the Refraction debuff on you, which increases their resistance to interruption. 

How to beat: The easiest way to deal with Mirror Maidens is by using crowd-control abilities like Venti or Kazuha’s elemental bursts. Do note that you need to use your crowd-control abilities as soon as you start a fight against Mirror Maidens. You should also avoid all incoming attacks as it will place the Refraction debuff on you and make them much harder to kill.

Ruin Hunters (2)

Source: Fandom

Ruin Hunters are easily some of the best-designed enemies in the games. Every Ruin Hunter is capable of turning one of its arms into a specialized weapon. Ruin Hunters use two arms for melee attacks and the other two for ranged attacks. It also has great aerial mobility, and if you do not have a bow user on your team, it can be difficult to take a Ruin Hunter down. 

Ruin Hunters deal Physical damage and are capable of closing the gap against players who try to run away. They have 12 different attacks to choose from, making them unpredictable and scary if you are fighting them for the very first time. 

How to beat: A well-aimed charge attack on a Ruin Hunter’s eye will disable it temporarily. You should take advantage of this DPS window to use your elemental skills and bursts to kill a Ruin Hunter before it starts flying again.

Specters (1)


Specters are common enemies that are located in Inazuma, Sumeru, and Enkanomiya. They are elemental lifeforms that seem harmless at first, but they have excellent combat mechanics and are very fun to go up against. The types of specters we have in-game are: 

  • Anemo Specter
  • Cryo Specter
  • Dendro Specter
  • Electro Specter
  • Geo Specter
  • Hydro Specter
  • Pyro Specter

All Specters have Fury meters that build up towards an Enraged state. If you do not take them out before their Fury meter fills up, they can dish out surprising amounts of damage. Specters were so strong at release that Hoyoverse had to implement three different nerfs. Despite the nerfs, Specters are a lot of fun to go up against using elemental teams. 

How to beat: if you want to quickly take out a Specter, Physical damage is your best friend. Someone like Eula can easily deal with them as she does not have to worry about elemental types. If you do not have Eula, bring any character with a high burst damage like Ayaka or Hu Tao. 


These were our top ten picks for the best Genshin Impact enemies. The game’s enemy design is top-notch both visually and in terms of gameplay. With Natlan set to release in 2024, we cannot wait to see what Hoyoverse has in store for players from the land of Pyro. 

We’ve also ranked the best Genshin Impact ships, so you should check that out as well. After all, while Genshin Impact has excellent combat and enemy design, there’s a lot more to the game that’s worth exploring!

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