All Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 is among the best titles that ever came from the house of Rockstar Games. The engaging storyline, impeccable gameplay, realistic graphics, etc., are behind the massive popularity of this game among gamers worldwide.

Those familiar with the world of RDR2 should already know about the moose. It is one of the rarest animals found in the game, and players can hunt it down.

Below, we will list out all the locations where the moose spawns and talk about how to kill this colossal animal. So, read on. 

What is the Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The moose is a gigantic animal with horns that players can find both on land and water in Red Dead Redemption 2. As mentioned earlier, it ranks among the rarest species in RDR2.

Moose in Red-Dead-Redemption-2

The moose primarily resides in the remote areas of the map, such as Lake Owanjila.  

Types of Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2

There are two types of regular moose in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Western Bull moose and Western moose, and a third type known as the Legendary Moose.

➡️ Western Bull Moose: The Western Bull Moose live in the West Elizabeth state. They follow an herbivorous diet consisting of willow and birch shoots, forbs, aquatic plants, etc.

➡️ Western Moose: The Western moose live in the remote forests of West Elizabeth, New Hanover, and Ambriano. Their diet is similar to the Western Bull moose and also comprises willow and birch shoots, forbs, aquatic plants, etc. 

➡️ Legendary Moose: The Legendary Moose is among the sixteen legendary animals in RDR2 that players can hunt and skin to obtain the Legendary Moose Pelt and Legendary Moose Antler as rewards. It resides in Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover – far northeast of the map. Similar to the Western Bull moose and the Western moose, the Legendary Moose’s diet is herbivorous and contains willow and birch shoots, forbs, aquatic plants, etc.  

Where to Find Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Let us now discuss all possible locations for moose sightings in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is the complete list:

Upper Montana River (A)

At the north of the Upper Montana River and south of Strawberry, you may spot a moose. But you have to note that only Arthur can experience these spawns, and the south side of the Upper Montana River is unwelcoming towards him. So, you should be careful. Therefore, you should ensure staying in the northern part and watch out for any potential moose targets.

Upper Montana River (A) Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Upper Montana River (B)

South of Strawberry and Owanjila Dam, the uppermost part of the Upper Montana River is another potential moose spawn location. However, as Arthur cannot freely cross the river for the majority of the game, you have to proceed with caution. This spawn is kind of tricky for its location. But it may help you hunt down a moose and make up for the trouble it might cause.

Upper Montana River (B)

Cairn Lake

Cairn Lake is a place that you have to visit for some missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. But apart from that, it is also a spawn location for moose. Thus, it is a two-for-one situation. When you go up north in search of a moose, your best bet will be to explore all three lakes in the area. It is because all of these lakes can be a potential spawn location for the massive mammal. Also, Cairn Lake is a place where you can force-spawn a moose using a Potent Herbivore Bait.

Cairn Lake

Caliban’s Seat

Caliban’s Seat does not see frequent moose spawns, but if you are patient enough, you may get lucky. Players can find a moose on the southwestern side of Caliban’s Seat, to be more precise, by the river.

Caliban’s Seat Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Roanoke Valley

The moose sometimes appear in the Roanoke Valley. Head to the northwest of Annesburg and walk along the Kamassa River. Many gamers have spotted a moose in this area. Keep walking towards the northern side of the river, and you may find yourself in luck. You may even spot a Legendary Knight Moose between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Remember that the Roanoke Valley is an excellent hunting region. Thus, even if you don’t find a moose here, you may find other animals to hunt.

Roanoke Valley

Aurora Basin

The western side of the Aurora Basin is another spot to visit for your moose-hunting expeditions in Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet, there is a catch: Players, as Arthur Morgan, cannot go to this place during the lion’s share of the storyline. The area becomes accessible only near the conclusion of the game. The Aurora Basin is home to the Legendary Rock Bass fish – one of the rarest species found in RDR2. So, in case you fail to spot a moose in this area, you can turn your focus towards a different target. 

Aurora Basin Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Tall Trees

Situated on the eastern side of Aurora Basin, Tall Trees is a place where players can find a moose. But, similar to Aurora Basin, Tall Trees also remains inaccessible to them for most of the story and becomes available during the epilogue. Also, this area is known for its frequent Grizzly Bear sightings. So, players should watch their backs while roaming the region. 

O’Creagh’s Run

O’Creagh’s Run sometimes spawns a moose. But the spawns are pretty infrequent. Thus, players should save this area for a later time if they find no luck elsewhere. Players can find the little gravelly clearing on the eastern side of the lake in the O’Creagh’s Run area, south of the cabin. When here, your best move will be to manually save your game and load it repetitively. This may trigger a moose to appear in that location. Plus, you should stand on the opposite side of the lake to get a nice view of the spawn point.

O’Creagh’s Run

Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella’s west and northeast shore are two possible moose spawn locations. Besides the moose, this place features three other species – the White Arabian, the Legendary White Bison, and the Legendary Sockeye Salmon. So, it is a must-visit.

Lake Isabella Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Brandywine Drop

Brandywine Drop is a Legendary Moose location. But even after hunting the Legendary Moose, a regular moose may spawn by the falls. And if it does not work out, you can always go back to Saint-Denis and put your gambling skills to the test. 

Dakota River – Little Creek River

The Dakota River – Little Creek River region is a potential moose spawn location in RDR2. Players can spot a moose in places like east of the Dakota River, and west of the Wallace Station, among others.

Dakota River – Little Creek River

Lower Montana River

The east of the Lower Montana River, precisely the center of the Tall Trees region, is a spawn location for the moose. Like the Aurora Basin and the Tall Trees, this area also remains inaccessible to Arthur until the epilogue. Nearby, you can also find a trapper. Therefore, if you can kill a moose, you are at convenience.    

Calumet Ravine

The Calumet Ravine has a lake just southeast of it where a moose may appear. But if you are not careful enough, you may kill it in the waters and waste your opportunity to skin it by making it descend deep into the lake. FYI, you can also find the Warped Brindle Arabian Horse around the corner. 

Owanjila Dam

A moose spawns at Owanjila Dam, located west of Strawberry. Luckily, the moose spawns here are quite frequent, especially on the north or south shore. As a result, players get ample scope to bag one. 

Owanjila Dam Moose Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Cattail Pond

The north shore of the Cattail Pond features a moose. Watch out for the western side of the stream running into the lake for the moose. Unfortunately, the place experiences heavy traffic that can spook the moose. So, expect things to go south anytime.       

Donner Falls

Head towards the east from the Donner Falls along the road, and you may find a moose on the nearby hill. Provided that it will be out of reach, you should fire a shot and spook it. Then, when it comes within range, you can easily kill and skin it. 

Barrow Lagoon

Barrow Lagoon’s western shore features a moose in RDR2. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., a Legendary Snowflake Moose may also appear here during rain. If you are unlucky, at least you will have the privilege to watch a Grizzly Bear vs. Wolves or loot the deserted cabin close by.

➡️ How to Hunt the Moose, and What Weapons are Necessary to do so?

Find pristine cows with three stars using binoculars to obtain a Perfect Pelt and Prime Beef.

To make it an easy kill, it is best to utilize either a Bow with Improved Arrows or a Sniper Rifle with any ammo except something that explodes, preferably High-Velocity ammo.

How to Kill The Moose in RDR2

With that weapon, aim straight for the head of the moose to kill it smoothly.  

➡️ Strategies to Beat the Moose 

Planning an apt strategy can be beneficial for players in getting easy moose kills in RDR2. Here are a few handy strategies to consider: 

  • Utilize your pair of binoculars to keep an eye on your surrounding environs and identify a hunt-worthy moose that is otherwise missable to the naked eye.
  • Hone your headshot skills to clean and kill your targeted moose. 
  • Pick the right type of weapon when going on your moose-hunting voyages. In this case, a Bow with Improved Arrows or a Sniper Rifle with High-Velocity ammo will do the job. 
  • The Hunting Challenges in RDR2 are an underrated way of practicing and improving your hunting skills. Besides giving you satisfying rewards, they help you refine your tracking/baiting/shooting skills and make it easy for you to kill the moose.    


To conclude, killing the moose in Red Dead Redemption 2 and skinning it allows you to craft several materials. But its rarity is a bit problematic. That is why we provided you with this list of all possible locations for moose spawns to make things easier.

We also talked about the proper technique to achieve a clean kill, the right weapons to select, and tips to hunt down the moose with ease. Hope it benefits you in your moose hunts and gives you a solid RDR2 experience. Good luck!

Now that you know all the Moose locations in the game, you may also like knowing about the best horses in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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