Halo Infinite Season 4 Debuts Tomorrow | 5 Things To Know

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Halo Infinite Season 4

After almost a quarter of the third season launch, the Halo franchise is all set to roll out Halo Infinite Season 4. The update will make its official debut on June 20, 2023, and it packs a lot of things that the fans are eagerly waiting for.

The game’s latest update will be available for PC, Xbox Series S, and Series X. For starters, we will see the Infection mode, a new battle pass, and extra rewards for the gamers. Moving further in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection.

Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection Mode will be the Showstopper 

We can say that the update’s Infection Mode will be the show’s star. The mode made its first appearance in Halo 2, where it became a front-runner favorite amongst the fans. 

It is based on the classic zombie fighting style. For example, all the players in the mode are on the same side, excluding the ones who belong to the Alpha Infected community. Any survivor killed by Alpha Infected becomes infected and is supposed to kill other survivors in the game.

Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection Mode
Source: Xbox

Nonetheless, the developers of the game have chosen a different, story-focused path for Infection Mode in Halo Infinite Season 4. In the latest update, the Spartans will be attacking each other due to a training simulation gone wrong. 

To spice up the game a bit more, players will also see weapons spawning from the corpses of a fallen Spartan. The last man standing in the mode will get a chance to acquire special traits, including an Overshield for protection, inexhaustible ammo, and more. The only challenge for the last survivor will be that all the infected players will know his whereabouts in the game.

New Maps

New Maps

The latest season of Halo Infinite will get two new maps, including Scarr and Forest. Talking about Scarr, it will be based on a mechanistic environment of a blackballed mining operation. It comprises a contrast between a volcanic setup and a banished (cold) setup. On the other hand, Forest is based on an ancient temple complex’s weathered ruins. The map has woodland aesthetics and emits a Delta Halo-like aura. 

New Equipment

New Equipment

The Halo Infinite fans will also witness a new piece of equipment, Quantum Translocator, in the game. It will let the players teleport to a previously explored location. A button available on the device will be used to mark the location. The Threat Seeker is another piece of equipment that will be a part of the latest update. As the name suggests, it will dispatch a pulse that will disclose the position of enemies hidden around the player. 

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass of Season 4 will get 100 Tiers, polished with new premium coatings. The new coatings will consist of versions that will work smoothly with the armor cores in the game. Currently, the information available regarding the battle pass is pretty limited. Speculations are that we will get to know in detail at the time of the official rollout.

Career Rank

The integration of Career Rank could be dubbed a major move by the Halo Infinite franchise. The integration will allow the players to prove their mantle and get a better rank, identical to what we see in the military.

The ranks of the players will increase according to their gameplay. In simple terms, the career rank of the individuals will be directly proportional to their performance in the matches. That said, progression will be awarded to the players for every match they play. 

Will it be able to balance out past mistakes?

With the latest update, it can be clearly seen that the Halo Infinite franchise wants to rectify its mistake. In the past, the game’s updates have not been impressive and disappointed the fans too. Nevertheless, this time, the expectations are already high due to content that will be a part of Season 4. Well, on a concluding note, we are excited to see the reaction of Halo fans once the update is live. 

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